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Cryptonym: AMFIX-1

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AMFIX-1 was probably Teodore Enrique Casado Cuervo. A memo in March of 1961 listed AMFIX-1 as being among those agents who either was known to AMIRE-1 (Emilio Americo Rodriguez), or was probably known to him.
A cable from JMWAVE in September 1962 contained a report that AMFIX-1 passed to AMWOO-1 (Jose Enrique Dausa Alvarez) on an operation by Santiago Alvarez against Cuba in an unknown boat. Alvarez's ownership of the boat, the Alisan, was mentioned later in the cable. A letter from Lawrence Houston, CIA General Counsel, in April 1963 stated that "in November 1962 this Agency provided gasoline and some arms to a small group of Cuban exiles headed by Enrique Casado who, with the use of the Alisan, exfiltrated a Cuban G-2 lieutenant and his family from Cuba. Enrique Casado has been active in maritime operations for many years, first against Batista and later against Castro."

AMFIX-1 was described as being "skilled in small boat operations." A Miami FBI report by Thomas H. Errion on July 25, 1963, on Gilberto Rodriguez Fernandez, mentioned "Enrique Casado, who is from Matanzas, Cuba, made many trips aboard small boats running arms." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=116800#relPageId=16&search=

A message from AMKNOB-1 (Pedro Fedeli Medici) in May, 1964, stated that one of Manuel Ray Rivero's (AMBANG-1) boats was "commanded by Enrique Casado, a Cuban, who seems a valiant type, who used to make clandestine trips to Cuba. No one believes that Enrique Casado is really fishing." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=67308#relPageId=2&search=

A Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE in November, 1964, stated that "Manuel Ray Rivero wanted AMFIX-1 to accompany him to the Dominican Republic but source could not go because he was planning to take the M/V THREE SEAS to the Dominican Republic." A FBI document mentioned that "it was reported in October, 1964, that Enrique Casado Cuervo (105-68231) was owner of a boat which was in the Dominican Republic (DR) in about late September, 1964, and which was related to an alleged attempt by Manuel Ray Rivero to enter Cuba." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=164994#relPageId=12&search=

124-90055-10020: No Title

10/23/58: FBI Miami Report from George E. Davis, Jr.: Titled: Teodore Enrique Casado-Cuervo, wa., Enrique Casado...Pages 12-13: "BACKGROUND INFORMATION: A. TEODORE ENRIQUE CASADO-CUERVO: Previous investigation by the Miami Office concerning Cuban revolutionary activities has disclosed that Enrique Casado, 970 Southwest 7th Street, Miami, is a friend and associate of Carlos Prio Socarras, exiled former President of Cuba, who now resides in Miami...On this application Casado admitted having been arrested in the United States for disorderly conduct by unlawful assembly, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. He was found guilty on all charges...The file contained a business card which reflected that Casado is the managing partner in 'Mines and Mining Ltd'...On November 1, 1957, Casado was interviewed by Mr. William O. Morris, Immigration and Naturalization Service Investigator, under oath. Casado claimed that he had originally left Cuba for political asylum; that he had formerly been a councilman for the City of Matanzas, Cuba, and that he was a member of the Authentic Party up to 1954. He admitted having attended political meetings of Cuban revolutionaries in Miami. He admitted having purchased a boat, the 'SS Pat Doris' to ship materials from Costa Rica to Mobile, and that Captain Ambrosio Diaz was a partner in that purchase. (Ambrosio Diaz was given a jail sentence in June, 1958, for conspiring to set on foot a military expedition in the 'Philomar III' and for conspiring to illegally ship arms on the same boat in November 1957). Casado admitted that on October 12, 1957, he had left Miami to go to Savannah, Georgia, for the purpose of contacting R. A. Forker...who had been aboard the 'Pat Doris' along with Guido Bustamente in order to see if the motor on this boat would be useful to him..."


03/06/61: Memorandum from Withheld, C/WH/A/FI to Chief, WH/4: Subject: AMIRE-1 (Arrest on 3 March 1961): "1. Reference A does not give sufficient detail to make a very realistic appraisal at this time of the damage to our operations from the arrest of AMIRE-1 (Emilio Americo Rodriguez). 2. According to AMRYE-1 (Tony Sforza), the head principal agent of our staybehind nets in Cuba, AMIRE-1 was kept fully informed of everything concerning operations and reporting. He also knew of the AMPARCH-1 (Warren E. Frank) agent net and how contact can be made with the agents. He was kept fully cognisant of all incoming and outgoing radio messages and reports. 3. Following is a list of the agents known or probably known to AMIRE-1: AMRYE-1, AMPARCH-1, AMSTOW-1, (2 cryptonyms unintelligible), AMMIOLITE, AMMIOLITE-2, AMBOUT-1, AMPASHA-1, AMALBA-1, AMBLAB-1, AMWREN-1, AMPARLOR-2, AMDOIT-1, AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso), AMFIX-1, AMPHODARCH-11, AMGLEN-9, AMPALM-4 (Angel Fernandez Varela). 4. AMIRE-1 was also in contact with counter-revolutionaries such as the following which could have been the cause of his arrest: (REDACTION). 5. AMIRE-1 was also made aware of the persons (unintelligible) staybehind (unintelligible) are cached or stashed. He was to have provided (REDACTION). He was also one of the staybehind agents (REDACTION)."


09/11/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. Re press releases pirate ship attack on two vessels Cuban waters on 11 September, AMSPELL (DRE) coordinator Pedro Ynterian Garcia denies any AMSPELL connection. 2. Radio Reloj Miami in early 11 September news flash announced that action group as Alpha 66 has claimed action. 3. AMWOO-1 (Jose Enrique Dausa Alvarez) passed following, as received from AMFIX-1: At 0900 Virguilo Perez Junior informed AMFIX-1 that Perez J.R. participated in raid on three ships off Cuban coast night 10 September. Two British ships and tugboat 'Pomton' attacked near Francis Key, approximately sixteen miles from port of Caibarien. Boat used in op owned by Santiago Alvarez former Cuban Senator departed from base in Keys, possibly Marathon. Son of Santiago Alvarez among crew. Men arrived WAVE area morning 11 September. Name and present location of boat unknown. 4. Had unconfirmed report 10 September that Perez JR purchased arms from Cuban gun dealer WAVE (Miami) area. 5. AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona) states initial thought was this Alpha 66 op, but conjectured it undertaken by Frente de Juventides Cristianos. Independent organization which on 5 August requested AMBUD-1 support of 1,500 U.S. dollars. 6. Preliminary traces JMWAVE reflect ex-Senator Alvarez has owned boats 'Alisan' and 'Mary Ann' which WAVE have been used anti-Castro activities. AMOT (network of Cubans trained by David Morales during 1960-61 to be a new Cuban intelligence service once Castro had been ousted) info shows Alvarez Santiago, J.R. was chief gunner ship 'Caribe' in April 1961 invasion. 'Alisan' was mother ship in voodoo op. 7. Perez J.R. may be I/W Subj UFGA 2256 05 September 1961) connected with Frente Internacional de Juventides Democratas."


04/30/63: CIA document: Letter from Lawrence H. Houston, General Counsel to J. Walter Yeagley, Assistant Attorney General: ..."Mr. Alvarez' boat, the Alisan, was reportedly used on many occasions by exile groups for transporting arms, ammunition and supplies to anti-Castro rebels in Cuba. In November 1962 this Agency provided gasoline and some arms to a small group of Cuban exiles headed by Enrique Casado who, with the use of the Alisan, exfiltrated a Cuban G-2 lieutenant and his family from Cuba. Enrique Casado has been active in maritime operations for many years, first against Batista and later against Castro. This has been the extent of our interest or use of the Alisan..."


08/12/63: CIA document: ..."11 Mar 63: Agent AMAPOLA (the Cuban Intelligence Service, with an outstation in Miami and an agent complex. This cryptonym also used for Jose Carbonell Marrero) was warned by Cuban IS to be careful of one Enrique Casado Cuervo...19 Mar 63: Name trace revealed Casado's file held by Interagency Source Register. FBI informed that Casado apparently of operational interest to someone in the intel community."

124-90041-10058: No Title

07/29/64: FBI Miami Report by James J. O'Connor: Titled: Secret Organization of Continental Action (Organizacion Secreta de Accion Continental) (OSAC): Pages 8-9: ..."In addition to the foregoing, MM T-1 advised that he believes that Cuban exile Enrique Casado Cuervo, Bureau file 105-68231, Miami file 105-8032 (?), may be working with OSAC out of Puerto Rico. He said he deduced this inasmuch as there had been reference by Juan Mesa to Argelio (LNU), the friend of Casado. It is to be noted that the Miami file on Casado reflects he has a close friend named Argelio Gonzalez, and also that Casado had a boat named the Escatura. The Miami file further reflects that Enrique Casado as of June, 1964, was residing at Las Flores, 4300 Santurce, Puerto Rico. On July 13, 1964, Mr. Joseph Vidal, CIA, Miami, was recontacted and he reiterated that his office had no interest in OSAC. He said his office was in process of compiling report on OSAC, copy of which would be furnished to Miami. Mr. Vidal stated his office also has no operational interest in either Juan Mesa or Enrique Casada. He confidentially stated that his office does have an operational interest in Bernard Barker..."


11/10/64: Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza). Reports Officer: Margaret R. Nankall. Approving Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman (Theodore Shackley): "Source: AMFIX-1 in AMOT report DD-1187, dated 30 October 1964. Manuel Ray Rivero wanted AMFIX-1 to accompany him to the Dominican Republic but source could not go because he was planning to take the M/V THREE SEAS to the Dominican Republic. See UFG-6169. Source and Ray agreed to meet in the Dominican Republic." - - - Page 3: CIA Field Information Report: "1. On 28 October 1964 Manuel Ray Rivera, leader of the Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (JURE, Cuban Revolutionary Junta), said in Miami that he plans to begin operations against Cuba from the Dominican Republic. He claimed that he has received permission from the Dominican authorities to engage in military operations in their country. 2. Ray said that he had to return to the Dominican Republic by about 6 November 1964."

124-10277-10002: [No Title]

02/08/65: FBI document (Radio) from San Juan to Director: Titled: Segundo Frente Nacional de Escambray (SNFE), IS-Cuba. Neutrality Act; OO: Miami: "On February 5 last Teodore Enrique Casado Cuervo (protect), arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico aboard the motor vessel 'Shark 5', from eight months in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Aboard were six members of the crew of the 'Venus', a JURE vessel, who were en route to Miami. The four remaining crew members aboard the Venus are presently en route from Santo Domingo to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela where they will await further orders from JURE. Casado states that he had spoken with Dominican General (FNU) Atila Luna, who stated that Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo and his three companions from the SNFE recently captured in Cuba, did not travel to Cuba by boat, but in fact were transported by airplane and dropped in by parachute on three successive nights about December 15, 1964. The plane used was an unmarked Dominican air force plane. Casado stated that as of February 3 last, the SNFE still has over 100 men in their base in Santo Domingo and the use of two boats, the "Mameyes", and a small Sigma type launch belonging to the MDC. Mariano Batista Falla, military leader of the MDC, is in the camp with the SNFE...The Juanin belongs to the DRE, and is moored in Santo Domingo together with a small PT type boat of the DRE named the 'Susan Ann.' Casado stated that the Susan Ann was the PT boat used by the DRE on a raid on Cuba where an Havana theater was shelled...The main MRR base is still located in Nicaragua...Source stated that Tony Cuesta, of Comandos L, was in the process of shipping a launch to the Dominican Republic from Miami and establishing a base in Santo Domingo."


02/23/65: Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Henry J. Sloman. Reports Officer: Margaret R. Nankall. Approving Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman: "Source: AMFIX-1 in AMOT DD-1266, dated 5 February 1965. AMFIX-1 recently returned to Miami after having been in the Dominican Republic from 2 December to 28 January where he had contact with the SFNE, the MRR and JURE. AMDECK-1 reported on 7 February 1965 that, according to Osiel Gonzalez, former SFNE captain, that after the capture of Gutierrez, two MIG aircraft from Cuba flew over the SFNE training bases. When the Dominican Air Force saw the MIGs, they sent up two jets which opened fire on the Cuban planes. The Cuban planes reportedly then returned to Cuba. Gonzalez claimed he obtained this information from the SFNE office in Miami, but could not say just who saw the incident in the Dominican Republic." - - - Page 3: CIA Field Information Report: Country: Cuba/Dominican Republic. Place & Date Acq.: United States, Miami (10 February 1965). Subject: 1. Trips to Cuba on 17 and 20 December by Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, SFNE leader. 2. Recruitment of Men by Emilio Vera Leyva for Overthrow of Francois Duvalier: "1. Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, military leader of the Segundo Frente Nacional del Escambray (SFNE, Second National Front of the Escambray), is said to have made his first trip to Cuba on 17 December 1964 on the 23-foot SEA BIRD. He returned to the Dominican Republic on about 20 December, he again left for Cuba. According to Cuban broadcasts, he was captured. (1) Gutierrez had planned to make the trip on a boat owned by the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE, Students' Revolutionary Directorate), but it was not possible because the duel craft was out of commission. 2. Canadian-built Dominican navy corvettes and jet aircraft painted white with a red stripe on the underside of the wings were said to have escorted Gutierrez to a point about 20 miles off the Cuban coast..."


03/13/65: Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Inghurst Acting): "SUPDATA: AMFIX-1 in AMOT Report DD 1288 received dated 11 March 65. A-1 is unidentified individual, para 1. A-1 scheduled for Panam 1105 local departure for Puerto Rico. Will report details as developed. RID: Index..." - - - Pages 4-5: CIA Intelligence Information Cable: "1. On 9 March 1965, Orlando Bosch Avila, Chief of the Movimiento Insurreccional de Recuperacion Revolucionaria (MIRR, Insurrectional Movement for Revolutionary Recovery) met with an unidentified individual skilled in small boat operations to request that the individual cooperate with the MIRR in a maritime project which would take place in the near future from a Key in the Bahamas. Bosch said the MIRR had two boats for the project, one of which would be the 'Adelaida Pereda' which is presently fishing for lobsters in the Bahamas. 2. On 10 March at another meeting with the same unidentified individual, Bosch said it was necessary that the individual go to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to pick up a boat which is owned by a native Puerto Rican who had made it available to the MIRR for the purpose of aiding MIRR activist operations. According to Bosch, the boat is a formula 225 (as received), 23 feet long, and is docked at a pier in San Juan. The boat possibly was to be taken to Planas Key (in 22-30, W 73-30); however, this is not definite. The key, according to Bosch, is abandoned and will be the place from which MIRR will operate. Bosch also said that some weapons (unspecified) would have to be picked up and taken to Planas Key along with the boat. 3. Bosch was to provide airplane tickets to Puerto Rico on 11 March and last minute instructions for the transfer of the boat. (Field Comment: Subsequent information indicates that the unidentified individual may have departed for Puerto Rico on 12 March)."

124-10206-10497: No Title

03/16/65: FBI report from San Juan: Titled: Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (JURE) Internal Security - Cuba: Page 3: ..."COMANDOS L: Source stated that Comandos L is in the process of setting up a base of operation in Santo Domingo and at the present time they have one 31 foot Bertram style launch and one 50 foot launch. Source stated that Enrique Casado Cuervo, master of the 'Shark V,' recently left Puerto Rico for Santo Domingo carrying a high test fuel to be used by the Comandos L launches. Source stated that Casado is well known in anti-Castro circles and is known to be an independent offering aid to any and all action type organizations. He stated for example Casado had about $1500 worth of repairs in Santo Domingo and that he was able to produce the money to pay for these repairs without any delay. Source stated that Casado had unlimited funds without apparent income..."


12/03/65: Cable from JMWAVE: "SUPDATA: No project. AMCHEER-1 (Julio G. Garcia aka Al Smith) from AMFIX-1 in AMOT Report DD-1696 of 1 Dec. AMFIX-1 provided general information 27 Nov and clarifying data orally 2 Dec. Request not reveal AMFIX-1 identity and preserve byline. See also NYDO 1396. DIR index Sampedro. Filed 031736Z...Subject: 1. Site in Miami which MIRR possibly is storing explosives. 2. Possibility that MIRR is still considering sabotage of a vessel in Puerto Rico." - - - Page 44: ..."SOURCE: A Cuban émigré who has many contacts among Cuban émigré groups. Previous reporting from this source has proven to be fairly reliable."

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