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Cryptonym: AMFED-1

Jorge Medina Bringuier. AMFED-1 and Ricardo Alfonso Villalva (war name "Oquendo") allegedly destroyed the DRE in Cuba in 1962. Bringuier is also known as "Mongo" and "Carlos Prado".
Jorge Bringuier's 201 number in the January 1964 CIA dispatch matches the one on the file card entry on Oquendo (Ricardo Alfonso Villalva) on December 14, 1963 (104-10178-10246). In addition, the August 1963 file card entry stated that "the subject" - Ricardo Alfonso Villalva, war name Ricardo Oquendo - and "Mongo" destroyed the DRE underground. Alfonso Villalva, aka Jorge Aedo, is probably 201-301693.


10/09/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 4:...."d. Subsequently, (REDACTION) and probably crossing with the foregoing communications, a series of letters from the National Coordinators in Cuba reported a severe blow to AMSPELL clandestine organization. Jose Medina Bringuier ('Mongo'), National Coordinator for Military Reception and Supply, reported that AMHINT-40 (Cuban National Coordinator) had been missing...."


December 1962: From the CIA's Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook: "Whatever actually remained of the DRE inside Cuba, however, was dealt what may have been a death blow in December 1962 by the penetration of a CIS agent, Jorge Medina Bringuier aka 'Mongo', who had assumed the post of National Coordinator the very day after Fernandez-Rocha's departure. By the end of December, practically all DRE members in Cuba had been arrested, with only a few managing even to obtain asylum."

104-10308-10203: LETTER

12/20/62 letter: "The following is a copy of a letter which was delivered to us to give (to) chief of intelligence at Gitmo - To the major of the Gitmo base: I, Melchor Aedo Rodriguez, attest that Jorge Medina Bringuier, war name (deleted) acted as national coordinator of the DRE...and that DRE was supported by the Cuban government in order to (illegible) or introduce spies into the US and Latin America. In conversations (between?) Mongo and a certain Jorge, a G-2 officer and Mongo's political (illegible), (Richard?) Beal's orders told him they had plans to infiltrate more personnel (deleted) the Gitmo base...When a supposed member of the DRE who in reality was a G-2 (deleted) he was being followed or tried to flee to the mountains or make a (clandestine?) trip to the US, it was always Mongo who was used. Mongo had direct (contact?) with the insurgents and also as national coordinator of the largest (movement?) in Cuba he was in contact with other movements. These clandestine (illegible) left with no difficulty and among the seven or ten who left in a boat (there?) were always two or three spies. The Cuban government also employed (its?) spies in the embassies, especially the Spanish and Western German (illegible) Mongo had contacts in the Spanish embassy and had been hidden there (illegible) Don Jaime Caldevilla/QUANTUM-51 or Mr. Bergara. The Cuban government planned to finish with the DRE as soon as Salvat (illegible) in Cuba and Mongo along with some others would make a pretense of (fleeing for?) the US. In view of Mongo's high position in Cuba, in the US he would (illegible) obtain a position of importance and for this he needed the backing of (important?) persons like ambassadors. There are spies in the embassies of (illegible) Mexico and Brazil and one in the Venezuelan embassy; also in other embassies which have broken relations with Cuba and the spies have more plans to (illegible) respective countries..."


1/22/63 memo from Ted Shackey to Bill Harvey about Jorge Medina Bringuier's work with G-2, he and fnu Aedo were part of the DRE natl executive they planned to roll up the DRE and "other groups" and then escape by boat and contact AMHINT-53 in the JMWAVE area Medina was DRE's national military coordinator for reception and supply a $25 money order for Medina was purchased in March 62 in New Orleans by Maria Teresa Medina mailed "to Carlos Prado" in Mexico City in an envelope addressed to Consuelo C. de Rivas. A note said this money order of $25 is for Carlos Prado from his mother" Prado is in Mexico studying engineering, brother is Faustino Prado Garcia, an engineer who is close to Che Guevara and is of current KUTUBE interest. Faustino is married to Clara Artime, a sister of Josefina Artime, who is a close friend of AMGLEN-9, she is also of KUTUBE interest. AMSTRUT-2 could have given this letter to AMSTRUT-1 to take out of Cuba. when Juanita Castro was in Mexico she called Prado at 249769 and said she was a friend of his mother. Jorge Maedo is probably "Aedo". Mongo who got 30 years is not id'd. (Mongo is a name used by Jorge Medina Bringuier.) The memo also mentions that Jorge Medina Bringuier is listed as using the name Carlos Prado. (Lots of marginalia to mull over.)


08/12/63, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: ..."3. JMWAVE traces on the above are as follows:...c. 'Mongo' is the nom de guerre of Jorge Medina Bringuier. JMWAVE CI Branch is debriefing a confessed former collaborator with Cuban authorities who has also named 'Mongo' as a G-2 agent..."

104-10178-10246: CUBA DESK FILE CARDS

08/19/63, File Cards: Page 3:..."OQUENDO: Sex M DOB C 41. 019-124-026/03. UFGA-10619. 19 Aug 63. PI. Cit Cuba. OCC? Cuba, Havana, Zapata between 14th and 16th/3rd floor/. AKA of Alfonso Villalva, Ricardo. Chief of the Militia Post at La Lisa. Subj and another individual named Mongo destroyed the DRE underground by penetrating it for Cuban authorities. DOI Apr 63." 12/14/63, File Card: "OQUENDO, (FNU). 201-349959. FRAN-03875. 14 Dec 63. PI. Sex M DOB? Cit Cuba. Occ ? Suspected DSE agent."


01/13/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: 201 Number at the bottom of the first page: "Headquarters File Number: 201-349959."


07/31/64, Cable from JMWAVE to WH/8: "1. AMSPELL chief has no knowledge Subjects ref, promised alert WAVE if subjs show up. 2. No identifiable WAVE traces subjs ref. Following traces IDEN with one Ricardo (Alfonso) Villalva who used war name 'Oquendo' in AMSPELL org circa 1961-62: A. UFGA 10619 43094535 48:-459 (Alfonso) Villalva using war name 'Oquendo' destroyed AMSPELL in Cuba together with AMFED-1. B. FNU Oquendo suspected DSE agent per AMFED-1. Oquendo and AMFED-1 members AMSPELL Cuba during time AMFED-1 was DSE penetration agent AMSPELL. AMFED-1 DSE superior was not interested receiving info re Oquendo. Latter was not arrested along with other AMSPELLS subsequent AMSPELL roll-up. AMFED-1 described Oquendo as white, age approx 23, five foot seven, dark eyes and hair, wore short beard. C. Per letter dated circa Sept 63 to (REDACTION) one (REDACTION) AMSPELL internal asset, reports 'Oquendo' of AMSPELL 'belongs to G-2' and is 'aided by his wife.' Address known only as Zapata. No further info. (REDACTION) stated to AMCLATTER-1 that this person same as one Ricardo Oquendo who (REDACTION) believed was DSE penetration of AMSPELL working with AMFED-1. (REDACTION) also reported that circa 1961 Ricardo Oquendo lived at Edificio Marcos Zapata in front of cemetery. Married to Elsa (Alfonso) Batista. AMCLATTER-1 noted Ricardo Oquendo IDEN with para 2 A above. 3. Marcos Oquendo and Juan Miguel Jimenez placed on local ODURGE (U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) watch list. 4. For MEXI: Ref reported Marcos Oquendo and Juan Miguel Jimenez recently left Cuba with instructions infiltrate AMSPELL. Exit dates and destinations unknown. Since MEXI likely transit points subjs perhaps Station MEXI could check re entry subjs. 5. ODURGE ODENVY (FBI and INS) traces pending. 6. Index."

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