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Cryptonym: AMFAUNA-7

Unknown identity. A cable in July of 1963 stated that AMFAUNA-1 (David Cabeza Coupau) reported that a friend of AMFAUNA-7 was planning to assassinate Cuban leader, Fidel Castro Ruz (AMTHUG).
Also, a cable in August, 1963, appeared to speculate that there was two assassination plots on Castro around July 26, 1963. The one unrelated to AMFAUNA-7 allegedly involved a machine gun attack on the Presidential Palace. The one involving AMFAUNA-7 seemed to involve car bombs. This cable stated that Efigenio Almejeiras was an "intimate friend" of AMFAUNA-7. The cable mentioned that AMFAUNA-7 was a friend of Fidel Castro's from their university days in Havana. AMFAUNA-7 was born around 1925, graduated with a Bachelor law degree, and then entered the used car business. In August 1960, AMFAUNA-7 began to voice opposition to the Castro regime, but continued to maintain relations with CIS and other government personnel. Moreover, AMFAUNA-7's 201 number was 201-332670. AMFAUNA-7 was described as being six feet two inches tall, with brown hair, blue eyes, long face, and a slender build. A dispatch in 1962 stated that AMFAUNA-7 was a old friend of AMFAUNA-1 and AMCUTLER-1.


07/23/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 5: ...."g. AMFAUNA-7: An old friend of AMFAUNA-1 and his brother AMCUTLER-1. He works closely with AMFAUNA-8 and formerly was AMFAUNA-1's cutout to (REDACTION). h. AMFAUNA-8: An old friend of AMFAUNA-1 and his brother AMCUTLER-1. He has a contact in the Interior Ministry and works closely with AMFAUNA-7..."


07/13/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Reference: UFGA-9493, 11 June 1963: "OPERATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS: 5. AMFAUNA-7: In SW message no. 108, AMFAUNA-1 reported that three friends of AMFAUNA-7 had been selected for special weapons training. It is not yet known how AMFAUNA-7 got back into the operation after a lapse of over a year; possibly he was reintroduced by Identity-14 of Reference, who appears to know him. In his radio message no. 14, AMFAUNA-1 reported that a friend of AMFAUNA-7 is planning to assassinate AMTHUG before the 26th of July and wants financial support..."

104-10308-10124: CABLE RE AMFAUNA.

08/10/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMFAUNA: (Handwritten: FI Action): "1. AMFAUNA-1 has replied to OWVL No. 36 query as FOLL in SW MSG No. 134 dated 15 July received 30 Jul: AMFAUNA-7 wanted five thousand pesos for purchase two cars. These and two others which AMFAUNA-7's unidentified friend already had to be loaded with explosives and parked on street which AMTHUG has to use when going to sleep at home of lady friend. AMFAUNA-7 already raised five thousand pesos by selling personal jewelry, and attempt to be made soon. Conspirators unaware true identity AMFAUNA-1, but do know that above details being forwarded ODYOKE (U.S. Government). 2. In SW MSG No. 143 dated 1 Aug received 5 Aug AMFAUNA-1 (Handwritten note: (REDACTION) in touch AMFAUNA-12 and also "(the Swiss", NOTE: AMKNOB-1) reports info received from (REDACTION) that attempt on AMTHUG's life had been prepared for 26 July banquet Presidential Palace. Large caliber machine gun on tripod had been discovered behind curtain. AMFAUNA-1 commented this had nothing to do with AMFAUNA-7's plan which still pending. C/S Comment: *AMFAUNA-1 has not explained how happened resume contact with AMFAUNA-7 in OWVL No. 36. Have requested this and other essential details when received. Will advise."


08/10/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMFAUNA: "1. Translation requested Ref A follows: 'MSG No. 134. AMFAUNA-35's access to Granma Base derives from fact he born near there and still has number friends in area....I have never dropped contact with AMFAUNA-7 and AMFAUNA-8 although I see them as little as possible. AMCUTLER-2 frequents place where they spend hours and hours talking with their friends, some of whom belong to regime like Comandante Efigenio Almejeiras who is intimate friend AMFAUNA-7 (201-332670). I keep away from them because they are drunks and likely attract CIS attention. AMFAUNA-7 called me to ask me to inform my friends abroad about his plan to assassinate Castro and to request financial support of five thousand pesos for purchase two cars. He said they already have another two cars and plan calls for putting explosive charges in four or five cars and parking them on street which Fidel must use when going to sleep at house of lady friend. All cars will blow up preventing his escape. I am one of five people who know identity person who organizing this but cannot reveal it even to you because these Cubans believe that U.S. policy toward Cuba had been so wrong that U.S. Govt agencies must be penetrated by traitors to democracy. I do not believe in assassination plan but report it because it my duty do so. AMFAUNA-7 has already raised five thousand pesos by selling his jewelry and act will take place any time. Conspirators do not know me at all, only AMFAUNA-7, but they do know that this info reached you.' 2. No additional info AMFAUNA-7 plan has been reported. 3. At WAVE request AMCUTLER-1 submitted report 12 July on AMFAUNA-7 based on personal knowledge. A. SUBJ was born CA 25 and is Cuban citizen. He attended University HAVA where he was friend AMTHUG, and graduated with Bachelor law degree. Subsequently entered used car business and had lot at Fifth and A, Vedado, HAVA..." (CONTINUED BELOW)


08/10/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMFAUNA: Pages 2-3: ..."Married with three-year-old son. Height six feet 2 inches, weight 190 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, long face, slender build. B. AMCUTLER-1 was introduced to SUBJ in Jan 61 at Floridita Restaurant, HAVA by architect Mario Lanza who recommended SUBJ as trustworthy... with good contacts in government circles. SUBJ collaborated with AMCUTLER-1 by furnishing info, acquiring safe houses, hiding people, and transporting weapons. Last contact was 26 Apr 61 when SUBJ came AMFAUNA-(Unintelligible) home where AMCUTLER-1 hiding, and assisted AMCUTLER-1 obtain asylum. C. AMCUTLER-1 considers SUBJ brave determined and trustworthy person. He introduced SUBJ to AMFAUNA-1 and AMCUSP-1 at ops meetings Floridita Restaurant. SUBJ once showed AMCUTLER-1 small vial which he said contained poison which he planning administer to AMTHUG on suitable occasion. 4. AMCUTLER-1 also debriefed Jorge Sante and Vicente Fernandez , owner and manager respectively Sante Motors, Miami, on 11 July. Both had known AMFAUNA-7 since CA 51 due business connections. 5. Sante reported he had known AMFAUNA-7 be personal friend AMTHUG from student days. After fall Batista AMFAUNA-7 often seen AMTHUG company and once was photographed with him at Zaragonzana Restaurant. AMFAUNA-7 subsequently kept photo in his car in case ever needed to get him out of trouble. Aug 60 AMFAUNA-7 began express self as regime opponent, but continued maintain relations with CIS and other government personnel. His wild life and gambling habit caused him participate orgies with top govt leaders including Ramiro Valdez. Sante therefore considers AMFAUNA-7 untrustworthy. CA May 63 Sante received info from uniden source that AMFAUNA-7 still frequenting bars, overindulging alcohol, and openly criticizing Communist govt without ever having been arrested."


11/10/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE: Page 2: ..."C. AMCUTLER-2. DSE aware she assisted AMFAUNA-1 in his ops. AMCUTLER-2 has apparently not been detained or interrogated by DSE. AMCUTLER-2 arrest could result roll-up of AMFAUNAS-7, 10 or 12?, 15, 18, 19, 25 and 27. WAVE plans exfil AMCUTLER-2 if possible..."


07/08/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 2:

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