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Cryptonym: AMFAUNA-14

Key part of the AMFAUNA network and a link to the AMCOG network. Taken into custody and interrogated at length by the Cuban government during October 1963. Known as "Soledad".
Identity unknown.


11/22/63 cable WAVE 8027 from JMWAVE to Director: "AMWEE-2 and AMFAUNA-14 arrived Miami 1430 hours 22 Nov. Both appear in good health. Being safehoused separately and will start debriefings as soon as rested...preliminary debriefing AMHICK team indicates pickup AMWEE-2 and AMFAUNA-14 went like clockwork..."

104-10075-10000: JMWAVE CABLE RE SOLEDAD

11/23/63 cable from JMWAVE to Director: "Message from agent: Two-two and Igor and Soledad...are safe with us and in good health (illegible) sends greetings to Victor and says he will write Magoo soon...we will have a good long talk in Mexico and agree on plans for the careful resumption of our work under security advantages which have been gained by infiltration of Igor and Soledad...(For Director Only) Igor is AMWEE-2. Soledad is AMFAUNA-14. Magoo is AMWEE ambassador. Alfa Bravo are initials of Aldo Baroni, Italian hired locally to replace AMWEE-4. AMWEE-2 reports just prior departing he went to Havana and told him story..." Ambassador and AMWEE-2 agreed he would be arrested at airport and that exfiltration was the best way out. AMWEE-2 impressed by the AMHICK operation used to exfiltrate AMFAUNA-14 and himself.

Ted Shackley, Spymaster (Potomac Books, 2005), pp. 66-67

"One of Julio's (probably AMPAL-1) subagents, a young woman I remember only as 'Betty', fell into this trap. She had begun to frequent the home of 'Mongo' and 'Polita', more formally known as Ramon Grau Alsina and Maria Leopoldina Grau Alsina, the adopted children of former president Ramon Grau San Martin. Their home had become a magnet for disaffected Cubans, and Mongo himself had become involved with one of our other nets. One day Betty told us by a burst transmission that she was in danger of arrest, so we set up an operation to exfiltrate her from Cuba...(a paramilitary team met Betty and one other agent), "our party had located the dinghy and was now well equipped to await the Rex's arrival. The pickup was finally achieved, and our two hunted agents were safe in Florida."

104-10073-10101: DEBRIEFING OF AMFAUNA-14

December 1963: AMFAUNA-14 was debriefed re being taken into custody by the Cuban G-2 between 10/7/63 and 10/10/63. She was currently in a relationship with Manuel Companioni and initially thought that was why she was in custody. She was told it was due to statements by Luis Villar Nigret (apparently identical with Luis Negre Villar). AMFAUNA-1 had trained her to pretend to cooperate with the DSE, so she did. The truth was that in mid-1962 AMCOG-2 asked AMFAUNA-14 to be the cut-out between herself and Luis Villar Negret, aka "El Negro". a member of the ARD (a successor organization to the AAA/AMEER). She told her interrogators that she had a five month affair with AMFAUNA-1 in 1962. She admitted having seen AMFAUNA-1 with a Minox camera. She focused on protected the AMCOG net. The DSE interrogators encouraged her to work with them, and she told them she would. The DSE knew about the AMCOG house. She was preoccupied thinking about AMCUTLER-2 and others, as she had learned that they had been blown to the DSE as CIA agents. She referred to herself as "Soledad" in leaving a message to AMFAUNA-39 after she got out. AMCOG-3 told her on 11/17/63 that she was to leave Cuba the next day, and he wanted AMCUTLER-2 out too. She left Cuba and reached the US on 11/21/63. She was very impressed by the AMHICK team and their precision in assisting her exfiltration. AMCUTLER-2 did not follow the orders of AMCOG-3. (on page 11): It appears she is 201-332675.

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