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Cryptonym: AMFAUNA-13

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AMFAUNA-13 was Manuel Villamanan, who was involved in the MRR and the AMFAUNA Operation.
Villamanan was also an associate of Rolando Martinez (AMSNAP-3), one of the Watergate burglars, and Alberto Beguiristain (AMANCHOR-1). Villamanan was questioned by the FBI in the 1970's in the wake of Watergate.


07/23/62: COS, JMWAVE - Chief, Task Force W: ..."m. AMFAUNA-13: An (REDACTION) company employee with contacts in the Cuban Government, he has reported information on G-2 activities in Cuba and the United States..."


01/18/63: FBI report by Robert James Dwyer from Miami: "DETAILS: ...On December 12, 1962, Manuel Villamanan, 455 N. E. 38th Street, advised that he is in charge of Intelligence for the MRR. Villamanan said he would try to establish a group of four individuals to interview recently-arrived Cuban refugees concerning political, military, and economic conditions in Cuba. Villamanan said when Cuban refugees enter the United States, they are processed by the United States Government and interviewed concerning conditions in Cuba. After the refugees are released by the government, the MRR would like to interview them for further information about Cuba, such as the welfare of the families of different MRR members, and the situation and activities of the MRR underground movement in Cuba. Villamanan felt that the resumption of airline flights between the United States and Cuba would help increase the number of people available for interview. He stated that since the discontinuing of Pan American World Airways flights between Havana, Cuba, and Miami, Florida, very few refugees now enter the United States directly from Cuba. Villamanan explained that his intelligence group would not conduct investigations, but would try to interview recently-arrived Cuban refugees for information concerning conditions in Cuba."


07/13/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: ..."7. AMFAUNA-13: Two SW messages were received from him, and none were sent to him. He was also mentioned as a source in AMFAUNA-1's (David Cabeza Coupau) SW message no. 120."


10/22/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "1. During debriefing in the JMWAVE area on 13 and 14 September 1963, AMFAUNA-13 stated that the sub-sources he used most frequently were AMFAUNA-36 and AMFAUNA-37. He also obtained information from Identities 1, 2, and 3 (Samuel F. Picard, Carol MacKenzie and Pauline Shepherd respectively), and from a number of occasional informants whom he knew as business acquaintance. 3...AMFAUNA-13 explained that AMFAUNA-37 had been unable to accept an SW system because of responsibility to his mother who is paralyzed and has to receive injections every two hours around the clock. Nevertheless, AMFAUNA-13 has found AMFAUNA-37 useful and has the utmost confidence in him..." - - - Page 3: "5. Early in 1962 AMFAUNA-13 asked AMFAUNA-36 to recommend an English language teacher. She introduced AMFAUNA-13 to Identities 2 and 3, two American ladies who used to be Dominican nuns and are now lay persons, who give private English lessons in their home to advanced language students. 6. AMFAUNA-13 began studying with Identity 2. Before long he noticed that other students appeared to be giving intelligence information to the ladies. Eventually he told Identities 2 and 3 that he had a channel for getting such information to PBPRIME if they cared to use it. They did, and AMFAUNA-13 was now receiving intelligence reports from them which he passed to AMFAUNA-1." (CONTINUED BELOW)


10/22/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "7. Reconstructing what happened subsequently, AMFAUNA-13 reasons that Identity 3 must have had some clandestine relationship with AMBIT-2, whom he suspects of being a PBPRIME intelligence agent; in any case, Identity 3 told AMBIT-2 that she was passing her reports out through AMFAUNA-13. The first that AMFAUNA-13 knew of this was in about October 1962 when AMFAUNA-36 told him that AMBIT-2 had warned her to beware of the man in the apartment below hers (AMFAUNA-13) who he said was "working for ODENVY." AMFAUNA-36 said she had told AMBIT-2 that he had gotten his facts mixed up, and that the man who had been working for ODENVY was a doctor who lived around the corner and who had already been sentenced for counterrevolutionary activities. 8. AMFAUNA-13 then consulted with AMFAUNA-1 who told him that this was a dangerous situation and that he had better stop receiving reports from Identity 2 and Identity 3. AMFAUNA-13 therefore told them that his contact had left Cuba and that he had no other way of getting their reports out. Identity 3 told him that this was all right because she had another outlet. 9. In about July 1963, AMFAUNA-13 was told by a certain "Aurelio", a stevedore in the Havana docks whom AMFAUNA-13 had originally met when he was damage control inspector at the docks, that a ship had arrived at the Muelle Hacendado in about May 1963 carrying an undetermined number of Chinese in civilian clothes. 10. About two weeks later, while taking his English lesson from Identity 2, AMFAUNA-13 heard Identity-3's pupil tell her that about 500 Chinese had arrived by ship in Havana, and that some of them were replacing Russians at the San Antonio de los Banos air base. Identity 3 picked up the telephone and relayed this information to an unknown person in English double-talk..."


12/09/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "20...She also mentioned Manolo *Villamanan, the true name of AMFAUNA-13 (whom she had known only as AMFAUNA-1's business partner but when she thought she could safely mention now that he was out of Cuba). For good measure she added a notional name and physical description."


12/09/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: ..."53. On 11 October, the day after her release, AMFAUNA-14 sent a message to AMCUTLER-2 via AMFAUNA-15 and the mother of Manolo Villamanan, warning her that she had been arrested..."


01/24/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "1. The following information was received on 3 January 1964 from AMFAUNA/13, who received it from Samuel F. Picard, a Havana businessman, in a letter dated 19 December 1963. "I am going to give you a report which I do not know how you are going to interpret. It happened in a bus station rest room. A person was in one of the booths. Three old-time Communists came into the rest room talking together about the death of Kennedy (one of them was Ordoqui's driver). Ordoqui's driver was bragging to the others that it was a good thing that Kennedy was dead, and that he was not surprised because he (the driver) knew that Kennedy had been under observation for over a month." 2. It is believed that the Ordoqui mentioned above is identical with Joaquin Odin Agapito Ordoqui Mesa (201-20481), a member of the National Directorate of the ORI and a key figure in the Cuban Communist movement."


07/08/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: ..."3. The Station instructed AMFAUNA-1 (David Cabeza Coupau) to concentrate on a search for new KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA) leads. He complied with these instructions, with the assistance of AMFAUNA-13, and the results are now beginning to be felt..." - - - Page 2: ..."8. AMFAUNA-1 and his son moved out the apartment which they had shared with AMFAUNA-13, and are now living with AMCUTLER-1...The Station remains in indirect contact with him through AMCUTLER-1, and to a lesser extent through AMFAUNA-13, but is reluctant to use these two agents as more than casual sources of information on his activities."


08/11/67: FBI document: ..."On 4/23/63, Manuel Villamanan (protect identity), Cuban exile in Miami, said that Artime still was undisputed head of the MRR; that about 75% of Brigade 2506 was sympathetic with the MRR; that Erneido Oliva of Brigade 2506 was very close to Artime and in agreement with Artime on both the military and political aspects of the fight against communism in Cuba; and that the MRR was not making clandestine trips to Cuba at that time. (Details set out)..."


06/30/72: Memo from Peter S. Jasutis: ..."IUSTEER-1 noted that the Chief of Latin American Sales (?) of this firm, Manuel Villamanan, is very much up-to-date on Cuban exile matters. IUSTEER-1 commented that he ran into Villamanan recently and they engaged in a conversation about the Washington Break-In Scandal. IUSTEER-1 found Villamanan very sympathetic to Barker (one of the individuals involved) and IUSTEER-1 felt he hurt Villamanan's feelings when he (IUSTEER-1) was critical of the affair). 06/30/72, memo for the record from Peter J. Jasutis ..."Also employed as a salesman at this firm is Alberto Beguiristain (AMANCHOR-1) who was at one time associated with Eugenio Martinez (of the Washington Break-in affair) in the capacity of a frogman for the Agency under the cover firm (REDACTION). Chief of Security for Anthony Abraham Chevrolet is Tony Iglesias, identified by IUSTEER-1 as the military chief for the Torriente Group."


10/18/73: FBI document: SA William F. Guilfoile interview of Manuel Villamanan (dictated 10/19/73): "Manuel Villamanan, Anthony Abraham Chevrolet Company, telephonically contacted SA William F. Guilfoile at the Miami office of the FBI and stated that he wanted to furnish additional information concerning the matter discussed with him on October 16, 1973. Villamanan was interviewed at the Bilbao Restaurant, 5910 S.W. 8 Street, Miami, Florida. He stated that he wanted to furnish additional information concerning the efforts to secure Rolando Martinez's car at Miami International Airport. He stated he had discussed this matter with his associate, Alberto Beguiristain and that while both of them did not wish to do or say anything that would be at all harmful to Rolando Martinez, they also did not want to do anything that could be considered in any way to impede or obstruct the U. S. Government. Villamanan stated that the first inquiry concerning Martinez's car actually came from the Clara Barker, wife of Bernard Barker, who had been arrested in Washington with Rolando Martinez. He stated he was contacted by Clara Barker on either Monday, June 19, 1973, or Tuesday, June 20, 1973, and she advised that Yolanda Toscano, daughter of Martinez, would be calling him to ask for help in securing her father's car from the parking lot at the airport. He stated Clara Barker indicated that both he and his associate, Alberto Beguiristain, should be desirous to be of assistance to the daughter of Rolando Martinez..."

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