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Cryptonym: AMFACET-1

Umberto Figueres Gonsalez


AMFACET-1's identity is revealed in this 23-page "decoding" HSCA research document to be Umberto Figueres Gonzalez. Additional crypts and pseudos may be found within or in the slightly-later document attached above. Also see the 2018 version, which lifted further redactions. This decoder may have some additional crypts and pseudos https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/180-10143-10180.pdf


5/31/61 Oliver Corbuston/William Kent lunch meeting with AMBUD-1/Miro Cardona and AMFACET-1. "AMBUD-1 still upset with (CIA) dealing with Cubans without his knowledge...still further upset with our dealing with ALABAU Trelles re the judges. On this point he says he has no objection for the present to our passing funds to the judges, but insists that we do not pass these funds to the judges through ALABAU, wants us to do it through AMFACET-1 or MORELL Romero (a judge)." AMBUD-1 was trying to get in touch with "Mr. Sheridan" about getting funds to three men stuck inside the Argentine embassy in Cuba seeking asylum.


3/30/61 cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "Following report received from AMFACET-1: A. There exists conspiracy sponsored by Batista followers and directed by Batista himself from Madeira. Support comes from presidential aspirations of Jose I. Rivero and Chief of Army ambitions of Manuel Artime. B. Plan consists of three stages. Discrediting of anti-Castro groups in exile by Batista followers alleging to be first fighters for Communism and at same trying create feeling that Batista and his men represent peace and order for investors...2 (A) Political control of groups in camps through Artime and his followers with aid of MDC members and former Batista officers in charge brigades and others who act as advisors for Artime, Rasco, etc. e.g. Col. Larrea, Col. Cosme Varas and others. Also, infiltration of of former Batista officers and ex-military personnel in camps, under orders of Sanchez Mosquera who in turn receives orders directly from Batista.,,(B) meetings held by FRD groups, Batista factors and Jose I. Rivero resulted in agreement...3. Once invasion of Cuba and overthrow of Castro effected, these elements will proceed with imprisonment and possible assassination of members of provisional government before it can become firmly established...Following persons in charge (of) ops for Batista group: Francisco Cajigas, Luis Humberto Vidana, Maria Luisa Bonafonte, Carmelina Bonafonte, Santiago Rey, Rolando Masferrer. During last few days ex-Col. Orlando Piedra has become liaison between Batista group and Diario La Marina elements on basis his personal contact with Batista." His sources were Dr. Manuel de Jesus Larraz, court lawyer Havana during Batista regime; Dr. Frank Ramos, who received info from Enrique Lamar, member FRD Planning Comm. and ex-member Batista government; ex-members Artime group, e.g. FNU Argilegos, Maria Antonia Garcia.

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