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Cryptonym: AMEMBER-1

Julio Lobo, sugar magnate in Cuba and later an exile and donor to the anti-Castro cause. Known in Cuba as "Mr. Sugar".

104-10308-10121: AMEMBER OPERATION

This memo for the record describes the AMEMBER operation thusly: "This was an FI [Foreign Intelligence] operation concerning the collection of economic information on the Cuban sugar industry. This operation centered around AMEMBER-1 (Julio LOBO 201-0215813) exiled Cuban sugar magnate."


This 1977 memo for the record concerning Antonio Veciana Blanch (AMSHALE-1) notes Veciana's employment as "CPA and Manager of Banco Financiero, Havana, Cuba, a loan company owned by Julio LOBO AMEMBER-1, former Agency contact."

180-10142-10307: 180-10142-10307

According to this HSCA record, Lobo was involved in the 1963 AMWORLD operation, having met with Nicaraguan dictator Somosa in July regarding "certain Cuban refugees who seemed to be gearing up for action in regard to Cuba."

124-90055-10081: No Title

June-July 1959 FBI report: "NY T-1 advised that he had spoken with Doctor Francisco Rodriguez Cruceiro and his cousin, Captain Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo of the Rebel Army, who recently defected from the Cuban Government...in conversation...he learned that his opposition group and the opposition group headed by Doctor Rodriguez and Captain Rodriguez, which is known as the CRAC, are receiving financial assistance from Julio Lobo, a very wealthy Cuban, who, in Cuba, is known as "Mr. Sugar".

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