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Cryptonym: AMDENIM-14

Antonio ("Tony") Cuesta Vallee, aka Lobanillo, military operations officer for Alpha-66 and other militant anti-Castro organizations.
CIA general counsel Lawrence Houston claimed that Cuesta himself was known as Commando L, and that his organization Alpha-66 was of no operational interest to the Agency.

180-10143-10175: 180-10143-10175

This document is a listing of documents related to Antonio Cuesta Valle. On page 13 there is an entry for a 1961 request for approval, and the associated note is "Crypt assigned: AMDENIM-14."

104-10244-10126: ANTONIO CUESTA VALLE

This is the March 17, 1961 request for approval listed in the above document, and it includes the AMDENIM-14 crypt. JS Piccolo is listed as the case officer, and Jacob Esterline as branch chief.


This memo records some of Antonio Cuesta Valle's history with the MRR.

124-90107-10242: No Title

1/4/63 memo from CIA General Counsel Lawrence Houston to Assistant AG Walter Yeagley: "This agency has no operational or contact with Alpha 66, which at present has no psychological exploitation value because of its serious discrediting in the Cuban exile community by the disclosing of its secret alliance of its leader, VECIANA, and Eloy GUTIERREZ Menoyo, head of the SFNE...the dissident element of Alpha 66 is referred to at different times as Command L, meaning Commando Liberty or Lobanillo, the nickname for Antonio CUESTA del Valle, the Alpha 66 military operations officer; Commando Ponce, the place where Alpha 66 was founded; and L 66, presumably Lobanilla 66...this Agency has no current or pending operational interest in (Alpha-66)...and has no objection to investigation...by the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

180-10118-10069: 180-10118-10069

Cuesta was active in Comandos L, and these men were as well: Lawrence LaBorde, Luis Balbuena, Santiago Alvarez Fernandez, Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez.

Peter Dale Scott

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