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Cryptonym: AMCORE-1

Abel Mestre, former owner of television and radio station "Circuito CMQ" in Cuba.

104-10165-10185: ROUTING RECORD SHEET

This 1975 memo about Louis Conte Aguero notes that Aguerro was "working for an Agency asset AMCORE 1 (ABEL MESTRE) 'on propaganda for the FRD'."


This FBI report concerning Orlando Bosch included an interview with a Miss Delia Carballo, an employee of Abel Mestre's at "Station CMQ in Havana, Cuba."

124-80041-10128: Jose Ignancio Rasco Bermudez file

Circuito CMQ, an 8-station network, was confiscated by the Ministerio de Recuperacion de Bienes Malversados (Ministry of Misappropriated Assets) and became operated by a bureau of the Ministry of the Treasury...the next page explains how Luis Conte Aguero angered Fidel in March 1960 and was forced to seek asylum in the Argentina embassy. On 3/31 "Abel Mestre, who together with his brother Goar Mestre, headed CMQ, insisted on the right of free expression in an unusual telecast on his own program Ante la Prensa...as a result, Channel 4, 65% of which was owned by the Mestre combine, was intervened on the same date and the Government froze the personal assets of the two Mestres." This was the first time the government had seized the assets of a media corporation not allied with the forces of former President Batista.

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