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Cryptonym: AMCOG-3

Ramon Grau San Martin, uncle of AMCOG-2 and AMCOG-1 (later foster father of AMCOG-1). Former (1944-48) Cuban President.
Brother of AMCOG-2 and AMCOG-1; 12/9/63, 104-10073-10101. AMCUTLER-2 "Carmina," received instructions [circa 1/30/61] from AMCOG-3, 104-10075-10150. JMWAVE (after not receiving letters from AMLASH-1) asks AMCOG-3 “determine soonest whereabouts” of “pro-regime” doctors, including Julio Martinez Paez (former Health Minister of Castro regime); 104-10215-10205. AMCOG-3 reported: “According to what AMCOG-5 tells me, Oswald was in Havana between 2 and 7 October 1963. A lady saw him in shirt sleeves, wearing good shoes and smoking American cigars accompanied by Clemente Morera, an employee of Terminales Nambisas who belongs to the DSE. He (Oswald) was seen by the sister of Commandante Miranda,” her name is possibly “Ofelia Miranda,” a source for AMCOG-5; 104-10021-10047.
John Newman • Arnaldo M. Fernandez

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