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Cryptonym: AMCOG-2

Mrs. (Maria) Leopoldina Grau Alsina de Aguero, aka “Polita.”
Niece of Ramon Grau San Martin, circa 5/6/65, 104-10181-10460 and 104-10181-10461; uncle is aka “the Doctor,” Sister of AMCOG-1 and AMCOG-3, 12/9/63, 104-10073-10101. Wife of Jose Aguero; 104-10073-10101. A Rescate contact, sent by Antonio Varona to work with Alberto Cruz Caso, his brother Ramon, and Manuel de Jesus Campanioni Souza (an associate and friend of Santo Trafficante) to assassinate Castro with poison pills.

104-10181-10460: CABLE: PRIOR REF A TRIP

Review and Analysis of AMFAUNA Operation; the ailing former Cuban President (Ramon Grau San Martin) was being coerced to remain in the AMCOG residence while his nephew, AMCOG-3, and niece, AMCOG-2, were being held in a Cuban prison for a ransom of one million dollars.

104-10181-10461: CABLE: IDEN -1

Cable Iden

104-10073-10101: DEBRIEFING OF AMFAUNA-14

Debriefing of AMFAUNA-14; See Fabian Escalante, The Secret War (pp. 132-133); see also document at end of Shackley Deposition to SSCIA, 157-10014-10046.

John Newman

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