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Cryptonym: AMCOG-1

Brother of AMCOG-2 and AMCOG-3
Nephew of Ramon Grau San Martin (former President of Cuba), circa 5/6/65, 104-10181-10460 and 104-10181-10461; uncle is aka “the Doctor,” 12/9/63, 104-10073-10101. AMWEE-1 is temporary case officer for AMCOG-1, 5/6/65, and AMCOG-1 is knowledgeable of certain “phases” of AMCOG-3 case, and familiar with two CIA staff officers, knows various field agents and knows true name and vital data of PBPRIME (U.S.) contact agent AMPAL-1, 104-10181-10460; as of 5/6/65.
John Newman

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