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Cryptonym: AMCLUCK

AMCLUCK was the cryptonym for Miguel Nadal Conte. A cable in April of 1959 stated that Ref B was assigned the cryptonym of AMCLUCK. The name Miguel Nadal Conte was handwritten in alongside Ref B.
Ref A was assigned the cryptonym of AMCLATTER (Bernard L. Baker). In addition, a cable in July, 1959, stated that AMCLUCK had attended a 30 July meeting at the home of William Morgan, of the Segundo Frente Nacional de Escambray (SFNE). Reinaldo Blanco, former army captain, and others were allegedly conspiring against the regime of Fidel Castro Ruz. William Morgan was not at this meeting. AMCLUCK was the source for this cable.


04/09/59: Cable from Havana to Director: "REF A. HAVA 1154...(Handwritten: Bernard L. Barker). B. HAVA 1151...(Handwritten: for Miguel Nadal Conte). "SUBJ Ref A assigned crypto AMCLATTER; SUBJ Ref B assigned AMCLUCK. CS Comment: *No record in cable secretariat as of 2215, 8 Apr 59."


07/30/59: Cable from Havana to Director: Slugline INTEL: "SUPDATA Source AMCLUCK who attended the 30 July meeting mentioned in text...Source member of the counterrevolutionary movement (F): 1. Under the leadership of Major William Alexander Morgan of the Second National Front of the Escambray (SFNE, Segundo Frente Nacional de Escambray), many officers of the latter organization have joined the conspiracy against the govt of Fidel Castro Ruz and are using as HQs an intervened house which the Cuban Govt has assigned Morgan. These officers are collaborating with former military officers who were discharged after Castro assumed power. Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, head of the SFNE, knows of the conspiracy but has not yet given it his open support. 2. At a 30 July meeting at Morgan's house, SFNE officers discussed a strategic plan to cut Cuba in half by gaining control of Las Villas Province. Reinaldo Blanco, former army captain and a leader of a group of former military officers who are conspiring against Castro, attended the meeting. Morgan himself was not there. (Field Comment: SFNE battle experience during this fight against Batista was almost entirely in Las Villas Province. Thus its officers know the province well and could probably renew many sympathetic contacts made while fighting the last regime)..."

Gavin McDonald

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