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Cryptonym: AMCLATTER-6

Associate of Bernard Barker (AMCLATTER-1); identity unknown.
In 10/59 the Alberto Bayo operation (“Mendizabal affair”) against Venezuelan President Marcos Perez Jimenez for Cuba, AMCLATTER -1 (Barker) disclosed sensitive information (about Dave Phillips and others including aliases they used) in front of ODENVY (FBI) informant (possibly Catherine Taaffe) endangering AMCLATTER-1 and AMCLATTER-6; AMCLATTER-6 is a woman who went to Miami and had the name of an (redacted) FBI agent as emergency contact.

It helps to review all of these docs together: 104-10215-10416; 104-10215-10417; 104-10215-10055; 124-10205-10370 (FBI report); 104-10237-10101.
John Newman

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