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Cryptonym: AMCLATTER-1

Bernard Leon Barker, Cuban exile and a contract agent for CIA. Barker worked with E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Rolando Martinez - all four men were part of the team of Watergate burglars. His pseudonym was Spencer O. Terteling.


This Memo for the Record makes reference to "AMCLATTER-1 (Bernard Barker of Watergate fame)."


A CIA biography of Bernard Barker notes the AMCLATTER-1 crypt, discusses his recruitment of AMCLATTER-5 (Alberto de Jesus Garcia), and provides a wealth of biographical information.

180-10144-10221: 180-10144-10221

These HSCA notes provide many details of Barker's career. 201-251689.


Chrono discusses a 9/20/63 Barker progress report: He and Frank Fiorini are successful in keeping JMWAVE informed about the Diaz Lanz brothers' plans to conduct a bombing raid over Cuba which enabled the thwarting of these plans. Also turned up potential lead towards penetration of Julio Lobo's activities.

180-10144-10221: 180-10144-10221

Personnel File, reveals that Bernard Barker's pseudonym is Spencer O. Terteling. Page 9 of 24 shows that Twicker (Howard Hunt) was an AMRASP (FRD) ops officer and Barker was his assistant. Page 22 of 24: David Morales told Chris Hopkins in 1972 that "Barker will tell authorities everything he knows. Because he is such a loudmouth Morales recommended he be terminated in 1962." Terteling's identity as AMCLATTER-1 also shown at 104-10194-10059.

124-10289-10440: No Title

6/22/72 FBI report by William Mayo Drew: (Artime) saw that the person calling him was 'Musculito', who is actually Eduardo R. (Rolando) Martinez, a business associate of Barker. Artime said that he has known Martinez since about 1959 or 1960 and that Martinez was employed as a pilot of the boat 'Prowler', which was used as a supply vessel and for carrying men prior to the Cuban exile invasion attempt in April, 1961. Artime described Martinez as a first-rate navigator. He said that he did not believe that Martinez had any experience or background in electronics. For this reason, he was at a loss to explain how Martinez could have been involved in the attempt to 'bug' the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington." Note: "Musculito" is Spanish for muscleman, which is the probable reason that Martinez was part of the Watergate burglar team.

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