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Cryptonym: AMCLATTER-1

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Bernard Leon Barker, Cuban exile and a contract agent for CIA. Barker worked with E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Rolando Martinez - all four men were part of the team of Watergate burglars. His pseudonym was Spencer O. Terteling. Also known as "The Mule".
104-10260-10332: AMCLATTER-1 is described as "The Mule". He is 201-251689.


This Memo for the Record makes reference to "AMCLATTER-1 (Bernard Barker of Watergate fame)."


A CIA biography of Bernard Barker notes the AMCLATTER-1 crypt, discusses his recruitment of AMCLATTER-5 (Alberto de Jesus Garcia), and provides a wealth of biographical information. See p. 3: "(Dave Morales) said that REDACTED, now retired, recruited AMCLATTER-1 in Havana in 1959, as a support agent. AMCLATTER-1 provided Havana Station information on the police and political matters. He was also used to transport our agents to the harbor for exfiltration. The Agency exfiltrated AMCLATTER-1 to Tampa in 1959, and put him in touch with the FRD in Miami. He had a job in the FRD recruiting candidates for the invasion. He worked with Cardona on propaganda. Howard Hunt became AMCLATTER-1's case officer on (covert action) matters in the JMWAVE station. Dave said we can be sure AMCLATTER-1 tells the authorities everything he knows. He tells all to everyone. Because he was such a loudmouth Dave recommended in 1962 that he be terminated. According to Dave the AMOTS have a lot on AMCLATTER-1." Also see 104-10110-10460.

180-10144-10221: 180-10144-10221

These HSCA notes provide many details of Barker's career. 201-251689. Page 2: Described as stateless. Also see 104-10163-10054: Barker joined the Cuban police force in 1950, which resulted in the loss of his US citizenship.

104-10163-10079: CONTRACT FOR AMCLATTER-1

4/6/60 cable from Miami to Director: Chief of Station comment: "Suggested AMCLATTER-1 handle Artime." Cable states: "Based (on) decision establish AMCLATTER-1 as Frank Bender (aka alias for Gerard Droller) Miami rep...he be paid $300 per month...Further details his briefing on his position be contained (in) Parlett/Gerard Droller pseudonym reporting. Marginalia states - "contract agent, full time, effective 4/4/60"


4/28/60 cable from C/WH/4/PA Gerard Droller to Miami: "During last Bender-AMBIDDY-AMCLATTER meeting AMBIDDY/Manuel Artime mentioned again his Mexican short-wave broadcasting effort. Wonder whether this the same as (MEXI-5437). Please have AMCLATTER follow this thru soonest after his return from New York. Would like to know: Precise location, names of owner of station, script writers, political line to be followed, attributability, and who cutout between AMBIDDY and "Mex radio station"." Also see redacted version in folder: 1994.03.08.08:15:51:120007 - p. 119.


Chrono discusses a 9/20/63 Barker progress report: He and Frank Fiorini are successful in keeping JMWAVE informed about the Diaz Lanz brothers' plans to conduct a bombing raid over Cuba which enabled the thwarting of these plans. Also turned up potential lead towards penetration of Julio Lobo's activities.

180-10144-10221: 180-10144-10221

Personnel File, reveals that Bernard Barker's pseudonym is Spencer O. Terteling. Page 9 of 24 shows that Twicker (Howard Hunt) was an AMRASP (FRD) ops officer and Barker was his assistant. Page 22 of 24: David Morales told Chris Hopkins in 1972 that "Barker will tell authorities everything he knows. Because he is such a loudmouth Morales recommended he be terminated in 1962." Terteling's identity as AMCLATTER-1 also shown at 104-10194-10059.

124-10289-10440: No Title

6/22/72 FBI report by William Mayo Drew: (Artime) saw that the person calling him was 'Musculito', who is actually Eduardo R. (Rolando) Martinez, a business associate of Barker. Artime said that he has known Martinez since about 1959 or 1960 and that Martinez was employed as a pilot of the boat 'Prowler', which was used as a supply vessel and for carrying men prior to the Cuban exile invasion attempt in April, 1961. Artime described Martinez as a first-rate navigator. He said that he did not believe that Martinez had any experience or background in electronics. For this reason, he was at a loss to explain how Martinez could have been involved in the attempt to 'bug' the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington." Note: "Musculito" is Spanish for muscleman, which is the probable reason that Martinez was part of the Watergate burglar team.

157-10014-10120: OSWALD IN NEW ORLEANS

11/7/75 memo from Jim Johnston to Paul Wallach: "Dr. Harrison, who is working on a history project with Senator McGovern, called to pass on information he obtained about an assassination plot against Kennedy. A woman he talked to claims that the CIA and OAS (the OAS was the French Secret Army Organization opposed to deGaulle) plotted to assassinate Kennedy and DeGaulle in 1961 during Kennedy's trip to Paris...A hit man was selected and his name is Romundo (phonetic). The woman had planned to interview Romundo in October or November of 1972 for CBS because Romundo identified Bernard Barker and another of the Watergate conspirators as two of the people who contacted him about the plot. She claims Romundo identified these two from photographs of a group of people, none of whom were identified for him. General Salan, head of the OAS, called off the assassination."

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