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Cryptonym: AMCARBON-2

A Miami Herald journalist who introduced Shackley to Al Burt/AMCARBON-1 in late 1962 to ensure that CIA always had access to a Herald reporter. One possibility is Dom Bonafede, who was the chief Latin American correspondent until mid-1963.


A-2 told Shackley - let me introduce you to a backup, "in the event that AMCARBON-2 were out of town or unavailable at such times as Reuteman/Shackley might require assistance from the Identity 3 (Miami Herald - as revealed on final page).


Routing slip: "Both AMCARBON-1 & AMCARBON-2 are US citizens and newspaper reporters. Before they were social contacts of Reutman (COS Ted Shackley), but some type of clearance would seem appropriate here. As they are US citizens, believe that an OS number is uncalled for."

1994.05.03.10:59:35:850005: Reel 13, Folder N - NUNEZ PORTUONDO EMILIO.

12/28/59: The anti-communist periodical Latin American Events reported that shortly after Castro took power, Buchanan was arrested and sentenced to 14 years hard labor. His sentence was suspended on the condition that he return to the United States within 24 hours.

FBI 105-82555 Oswald HQ File, Section 69

12/4/63, Frank Fiorini told the FBI that Jim Buchanan, reporter for the Pompano Beach Sun-Sentinel should not be confused with James Buchanan of the Miami Hearlad.


5/10/61, WAVE to Director: It should be said that the Agency was not happy with his reporting during the Bay of Pigs, with articles such as "CIA Duped Kennedy", and another story about how the CRC leaders were rounded up during the Bay of Pigs and told they would be shot if they tried to escape from the bungalow they were being held in. However, Shackley did not arrive in Miami until a year later.

124-10350-10093: NO TITLE

Dom Bonafede described as chief Latin American correspondent for the Miami Herald in late 1962.

Dom Bonafede, NY Herald Tribune, "The Picture with a Life of its Own", 5/23/64

Bonafede, who left the Miami Herald in late 1963 for the NY Herald Tribune writes a fascinating article on researcher Jones Harris' discovery of a man looking like Oswald outside the Texas Book School Depository, and employee Billy Lovelady's claim that he was that man. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/White%20Materials/White%20Assassination%20Clippings%20Folders/Chronology/Chron%20120.pdf

Dom Bonafede, Miami Herald, "US Curb Angers Exiles", 4/1/63

Story on how exile leaders react to Administration's ban on planning Cubsn raids from within US borders, particularly leaders such as Manuel Salvat/AMHINT-2 of DRE/AMSPELL. LatinAmericanStudies.org/belligerence/angers.htm

FBI Cuba 109-12-210 - Volume 6 - Serials 292-450

5/24/59, Dom Bonafede, Miami Herald, "Cloak and Dagger Arms Story Told": Two FBI men masqueraded as gun runners, which resulted in arrest of 11 men and 1 women in "conspiracy to arm the enemies of Cuban Premier Fidel Castro".

1994.06.23.16:03:23:600005: Reel 68, Folder J - ((DELETION)) - CONTACTS, MIRO, (CRC), ETC.

11/7/62, PASSAVOY memo #380, Meeting with Ernest Aragon, Treasury Department: "In November 1961, Dr. Miro Cardona was visited by a man representing himself as a retired detective of the Miami Beach Police Force, who offered to fabricate for the Revolutionary Council a large quantity of Cuban counterfeit pesos...(Ernest) Aragon had been in his office talking with his Press assistant, Mr. Boza, and then had talked with him, the subject being primarily the news article by Dom Bonafede in the Sunday, 5 November, Miami Herald, in which there was a discussion with Dr. Miro's meeting with Dr. Prio...many of the things that Dom Bonafede said in the article were fabrications of his own and untrue and that this was a characteristic of this particular writer." It appears this discussion took place in Nov. 1961, and PASSAVOY wrote about it a year or more later. Why? In this meeting, Aragon asked PASSAVOY if he was in close contact with "Jack Bowman", apparently a figure in Pentagon circles like PASSAVOY. PASSAVOY didn't know much about Bowman other than his name being "familiar". Aragon also talked with Passavoy about this in Dec. 1961, in Memo #113: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=112402&search=counterfeit_AND+PESOS#relPageId=2&tab=page

Deadly Secrets, Warren Hinckle and William Turner (Thunder's Mouth Press, New York: 1992), pp. 182-183

"Interpen made the papers following an unsolicited announcement by Senator George Smathers, an irrepressible booster of anti-Castro raiders, that Cuban exiles were training in Florida for a second invasion. This prompted Dom Bonafede, the national security-conscious Latin American expert of the Miami Herald, to write that he knew all along that Interpen was involved but, 'feeling that the story is within the sensitive area of national policy, withheld publication until after the matter was aired in Washington.' Bonafede said that Hemming insisted for the record that Interpen was giving a civil defense course."

Bill Simpich

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