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Cryptonym: AMCANOE-9

Juan Amestoy Dominguez. He was killed in a gun battle on 29 September 1963.
CIA states that Amestoy is correct name, Armestoy is misspelling. Cables in December 1963 stated that Israel Kurda Oliva (201-740202), was a long-time friend and operational colleague of AMCANOE-9. Israel Kurda Oliva was a former administrator of Cuban cattle farms, and a former member of INRA.


Memo from Juan Amestoy/AMCANOE-9 folder states: "8 April 1963 - Juan Armestoy (sic) told me: He works with Ricardo Cabrera/Cayo chief of infiltration from CIA...an internal uprising is being prepared and six men, four Cubans and two foreigners, have already arrived in Cuba to assassinate Fidel. Ricardo told Rin last night that from now until December many things are expected in Cuba and that the American government will take advantage of the opportunity of the attack on the Russian boat (note: Probably Baku attack of 3/63) to control the gusanos (worms) who work on their own and then in the work of CIA in its job of infiltration." The next page states, "On 21 July 1963 AMAPOLA received a radio message which said that Juan ARMESTOY, Ricardo CABRERA and Jesus GONZALEZ are members of a network of agents; that it is necessary to have data on these men and the names of each one of the remaining members of the network; the group with whom it has contacts; and the degree of friendship AMAPOLA has with ARMESTOY and the others. On 5 August 1963 WAVE reported that ARMESTOY and AMAPOLA had been in Sam Severino (prison) at the same time, and WAVE believes that ARMESTOY may have been allowed by the Cuban IS to come to the US to provide counter-revolutionary contacts for AMAPOLA."


ZRKNICK summary provides more info on aforementioned April 8 message: "The FBI REDACTED message from ZRKNICK agent to CUIS Headquarters in Havana. Said Juan ARMESTOY (should read AMESTOY) (CIA Agent) told ZRKNICK agent about a trip he planned to Cuba with other Cubans. That an internal uprising was being prepared and six men, four Cubans and two foreigners, had already arrived in Cuba to assassinate Fidel...(COMMENT: ZRKNICK at request of CUIS Havana, continued to report on AMESTOY. AMESTOY was later arrested and killed in a gun battle or executed by the Cuban Gov't).".....The discussion then turns to a Sept. 3, 1963 letter, which states that "AMAPOLA (crypt for CUIS) with outstation located in the Miami area, has for its main objective the penetration of CIA and exile operations directed against Cuba." When looking at the original document, AMAPOLA is not described as CUIS, but rather as an "agent or agent complexes", along with others such as "Serabin in Puerto (Rico?)". See: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=16985#relPageId=2&tab=page

198-10005-10104: LANDINGS IN CUBA

Report from REDACTED, "a boat captain...(the report was) developed by an Air Force representative": During June 1963, Juan Armestoy Dominguez (AMCANOE-9) (watched by AMAPOLA) and Antonio J. Ramirez Mendez (AMCANOE-3) were infiltrated into Cuba and then extracted two weeks later. Described as members of a determined and disciplined action group. Page 5 shows that the report was received by Dorothy Matlack of OACSI and the Caribbean Admissions Center/JMFIG - and from there to Major General Alva Fitch, ACofS for Intelligence: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=112456#relPageId=6&tab=page

104-10308-10029: MEMO FOR: AMCANOE

This memo on Cuban resistance project AMCANOE lists Juan Amestoy Dominguez as AMCANOE-9. It also notes that he was killed in a gun battle on 29 September 1963. Carbonell later discussed the death of Armestoy in a secret writing. 104-10308-10255


12/02/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE: Slugline TYPIC AMCANOE: "Request Station traces Israel (Kurda) Oliva, 201-740202. DPOB 25 February 1935, Sagua la Grande, Cuba. Residing 218 S.W. 13th Avenue, Miami. Subject former administrator of Cuban cattle farms and former member of INRA. 2. Subject is (REDACTION), friend of AMCANOE-9."

104-10077-10418: DIRECTOR CABLE

12/12/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE: "1. HQs interest (REDACTION) (201-740202) based his personal and ops association with AMCANOE-9 and our intent utilize him in AMCANOE ops when POA received. 2. (REDACTION) and wife were exfiltrated by AMCANOE boat (see UFGW 2694 ATT. B). For considerable time prior exfil (REDACTION) had been personal and ops colleague AMCANOE-9."

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