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Cryptonym: AMCANOE-7

Benjamin Acosta Valdes. Acosta was executed by a firing squad on September 15, 1963.

104-10308-10029: MEMO FOR: AMCANOE

Undated CIA document: Memorandum from Jane Zerance, Researcher: "1. Description: This project concerns U.S. contacts for a resistance group in Cuba. Support of the Unidad de Liberacion Nacional (ULN) and their plans and efforts to overthrow Castro. Principle players are: AMCANOE-1 (201-283570) - Eduardo Garcia Molina. AMCANOE-2 (201-726572) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-3 (201-727185) - Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez, captured and executed in Jan 64; AMCANOE-4 (201-729621) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-5 (201-727186) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-6 (201-729610). AMCANOE-7 (201-729080) - Benjamin Acosta Valdes, captured, tried, and killed by firing squad 15 Sept 1963. AMCANOE-9 (201-SPACE) - Juan Amestoy Dominquez, killed 29 Sept 63 in a gun battle..."


12/05/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCANOE: "1. Late developments AMCANOE op. A. 4 Dec. Oscar Fernandez and Freddy Garcia called Manganello to clarify addition, unclear, portions 3 Dec call between AMCANOE-3 and Freddy Garcia. In A-3/Garcia conversation, A-3 stated 'make certain you tell my wife that Emelina me Abrazo repeat Emelina me Abrazo.' A-3 wife in Miami advised this private code phrase between husband and wife meaning A-3 in imminent danger, that he arrested or about to be.' According to Garcia, it obvious that A-3 could no longer use case officer challenge i.e. hair dying, two left feet, since AMCANOE-7 also given same challenge and it prob known now to DSE..."


03/03/64: Memorandum for the record from Carl E. Trettin, SAS/EDE: DATE: 2 March 1964: ..."2. Knowledgeable refugees arrive Miami: AMCANOE-1 reported that two refugees had arrived in Miami area and had brought with them a considerable amount of information about the Junta (Junta Revolucionario Civica Militar). These men were presently staying with AMCANOE-5 and were being debriefed by AMCANOES-5, 4 and 2 and Oscar Fernandez. According to AMCANOE-1 the men brought with them a lengthy report and a considerable amount of information about the activities of AMCANOE-3 and AMCANOE-7. I asked AMCANOE-1 to be sure that an orderly and thorough debriefing take place and to prepare a complete report to be sent to me as soon as possible. AMCANOE-2 is in charge of the debriefing and AMCANOE-1 promised that he would make sure a thorough job was done. (The arrival of these refugees was reported by WAVE in WAVE 2806 (IN 29117), 29 February 1964)..."

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