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Cryptonym: AMCANOE

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Project of U.S. contacts for a resistance group in Cuba, incl. support of Unidad de Liberacion Nacional (ULN). Paulino Sierra worked with this group in an effort to unify exiles.
See 124-10225-10026, p. 4: Contact Jose Cardoso in Chicago was with the Cuban Anti-Communist Army. docId=48097&relPageId=2&search=%22operation_stateside%22 Echevarria was considered a possible suspect in JFK's assassination by the Secret Service in late 1963 - but the CIA's CI/OA Edward P. Brown then decided to seek provisional operational approval to use him during 2/65: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=48092#relPageId=3&tab=page

In early 1965 Homer Echevarria was the subject of an operation known as Operation Stateside, where CIA informed FBI of its intention to contact certain people within the United States: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?

Also, a cable in November, 1963, stated that AMCANOE-4 had been polygraphed on November 7, 1963, over allegations made by AMCANOE-8 against A-4. The investigation resulted in AMCANOE-1 and 4 being instructed to terminate AMCANOE-10 by CIA headquarters. AMSWIRL-1 (Cesar Diosdado) was involved in the investigation.

104-10308-10029: MEMO FOR: AMCANOE

"This project (AMCANOE) concerns U.S. contacts for a resistance group in Cuba. Support of the Unidad de Liberacion Nacional (ULN) and their plans and efforts to overthrow Castro." The memo goes on to list identifies, some redacted and some not, for AMCANOE-1 through AMCANOE-7, and AMCANOE-9. Paulino Sierra worked with this group in an effort to unify exiles.

Church Committee testimony of Harold Swenson, 10 May 1976, p. 17.: TESTIMONY OF HAROLD SWENSON, 10 MAY 1976

In his Church Committee testimony, Harold Swenson of the Special Affairs Staff made brief mention of AMCANOE.

House Select Committee on Assassinations Final Report Current Section: 3. The Committee believes, ..., that anti-Castro Cuban groups, as groups were not involved...

Paulino Sierra was the head of JGCE, a coalition of anti-Castro groups formed in April 1963, based in Chicago and engaged in arms sales. A Secret Service report thought that there was a group in the Chicago area that might have a connection to the JFK assassination, based on comments made by Homer Echevarria in relation to an illegal arms sale.


Circa May 1963: JRCM page in the Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook. JRCM was the abbreviation for Junta Revolucionaria Civica-Militar de la Unidad de Liberacion Nacional: "The JRCM was created by the member organizations of the ULN to govern and direct the ULN." The founder of the Junta in Cuba, delegate, and legal representative of the Junta in Exile was Antonio J. Ramirez Mendez (AMCANOE-3). Three pages later, Ramirez is depicted as attending the May 1963 Miami meeting with Sierra.


The AMCANOE files show that Sierra met with 43 exile groups in Miami on 5/7/63 claiming he had $30 million to overthrow Castro. Allegedly received money pledge from businessman William Trull. Lansky and Trafficante interests part of this group. Attached 2/6/64 memo from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, SAS: AMGUN-1 reports Sierra "said nothing constructive and appeared to want to take an active role in the Mambises organization...Sierra wanted to purchase arms from one (fnu) Lauchli, and on his return to Miami contacted Steve Wilson to bring the arms from Illinois to Florida...AMGUN-1 has been instructed to avoid contact with subject." AMGUN-1 continued to work with case officer to "add to the further confusion of the Castro government as different outlets are used for propagandizing 'Mambises' actions." See June 77 cover memo identifies Sierra as 201-739652 and President of the Illinois Bar Association.

HSCA Report, Volume X Current Section: XI. Junta del Gobierno de Cuba en el Exilio

When the "government in exile" was created in July 1963, Sierra was Secretary General and Bosch's ally Felipe Rivero Diaz was Vice Secretary General. William Trull was contradictory and vague, and said he felt he was used as an "actor" to sell Cubans on Sierra's plans. The FBI's Chicago office closed its file during June 1963, concluding that Sierra was a con artist that wasn't engaged in anything. But Sierra and Rivero were busy purchasing arms and setting up a military base outside the US. Sierra was allegedly told to turn over his assets to Alpha 66/SNFE during Nov. 1963 by Browder at Union Tank Car, and the CIA described Sierra on 11/20//63 as a "mystery man".


10/15/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director, WAVE 5817: Information obtained from AMLINT-1 and source Manuel Lozano Pino re Paulino Sierra's preparations to destroy the Esso refinery in Havana.


10/23/63 Field Information Report based on source Tomas Cabanas Batista: Sierra's executive committee member Manuel Lozano Pino sought out. "Cabanas (to be in) command of the military forces which the Sierra associated group was gathering for operations against Fidel Castro Ruz. Lozano added that the training of the men would be undertaken in some Latin American country; Lozano was quite definite in assuring Cabanas that the venture had financial backing from American industrial interests...(in particular) the Cuban Economic Corporations in Exile." Felipe Rivero is identified in this document as a veteran of the Bay of Pigs. Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo (El Mexicano) and del Valle were among the founders of FAYCA, a military action group that ran infiltration teams in and out of Cuba. (p. 283)


11/13/63, Cable from Director to JMWAVE: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCANOE: REF UFGA 11964: "1. Charges levied by AMCANOE-8 and upheld by AMCANOE-10 in ref were of such significance that steps were required to determine advisability of continued association with any of persons involved. To this end AMCANOE-4 was LCFLUTTERED on 7 Nov 63. Nominal basis for LCFLUTTER was unspecified security investigation of AMCANOE Op. Questions based on ref report were intermingled with other routine security questions. LCFLUTTER operator was satisfied that results examination substantiated that AMCANOE-4 had not plotted to kill and rob anyone as reported ref. 2. Believe emergence ref report was consequence of recent differences between AMCANOE-8 and AMCANOE-4. These resulted in separation AMCANOE-8 from AMCANOE group. Basic problem was AMCANOE-8 failure observe security rules imposed by AMCANOE-1 and AMCANOE-4. AMCANOE-8 attributed separation to personal differences with AMCANOE-4. 3. FYI re para 1 B ref AMCANOE-8 and 10 were not aware details AMCANOE-9 of plan which, contrary to their statement, called for AMCANOE-9 travel Havana. 4. Further, AMCANOE-1 and 4 have been instructed to A. Terminate AMCANOE-10 amicably. B. Not disclose to anyone that they aware allegations reported ref. (Both AMCANOE-1 and AMCANOE-4 were told substance report but source not revealed. They nevertheless suspect that AMSWIRL-1 is originator. C. Maintain courteous relations AMSWIRL-1 but not discuss any ops matter. 5. HQs considers matter closed but will pouch WAVE full report in view involvement AMSWIRL-1."

124-10280-10002: No Title

2/11/64 FBI report from Willam Mayo Drew, Jr. to Director: "On October 23, 1963, MM T-1 advised that earlier that month Dr. Diego Medina had been in contact with Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, military leader of the SNFE...MM T-1 advised that Medina told Gutierrez he had been talking to a person named "Cardoso" (apparently in Chicago), who is now connected with "Dr. Sierra". Medina said Cardoso claimed that "the thing" was moving along; that Sierra is backed by a lot of money; and that he did not believe the funds were coming from the gangster element...Jose Cardoso...is known to have been involved in anti-Castro organizations and activities in the Chicago area...Medina heads the SNFE in Chicago. It is also noted that Paulino Sierra is a Cuban lawyer from Chicago who is engaged in anti-Castro activities...on October 30, 1963, MM T-2...furnished the following: The SNFE had plans for an operation against a target on the coast of Oriente Province, Cuba...the estimated date of departure for this operation was between 25 and 30 days...another operation being planned by the SNFE...to sabotage the bridge of Bacunayagua, on the Via Blanca, near the city of Matanzas, on the north coast of Cuba. This plan has been worked out by Antonio Veciana and the engineer who designed the bridge...on November 29, 1963, MM T-4 made available information...according to (Aurelio) Nazario, the SNFE "Plan Omega" would be activated sometime before November 30, 1963...this plan was to involve landings and infiltrations at three points in Las Villas province, and guerrilla activity and sabotage in other parts of Cuba."


5/11/64 dispatch from Chief of Station, JMWAVE to DC/WH/SA: Byron Cameron, co-owner of the Antillean Marine Shipping Corp. in Miami, had three CIA assets as employees - one of these employees was friends with the AMCANOES. Cameron was in contact with a group interested in assassinating AMTHUG-1, AMLOUT-1 and AMQUACK-1 (Fidel, Raul and Che).


1965: The handbook identifies Felipe Rivero Diaz as National Director of the ANC (Asociacion Nationalista Cubana), and allied with Paulino Sierra's JGCE. Rivero is 201-281688, described as an attorney who has never practiced law, member of Brigade 2506, comes from a wealthy Cuban family. The ANC includes the brothers Guillermo and Ignacio Novo Sampol, best known for their bombing campaigns and Guillermo's conviction for his role in the death of Chilean dissident Orlando Letelier. Sierra's JGCE (p. 314 of this document) describes Felipe Rivero as his second in command. The group sprung out of Chicago in April 1963, and was ordered to turn over its assets to SNFE-Alpha 66-MRP by November 1963 for allegedly not bringing the fight to Cuba. By Feb. 1965, Felipe Rivero and Eladio del Valle of FAYCA (201-216018) were planning an attack on a British ship. (p. 174) Also see 124-10286-10463, p. 35: During 1963, del Valle had also been active with the EIC (Ejercito Invasor Cubano), and had been offered bases in the DR.

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