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Cryptonym: AMCALL

ADR, the Accion Democratica Revolucionaria. Formed in mid-1960 with members of Catholic Action (Agrupacion Catolico Universitaria) AMWAIL (Agrupacion Montecristi - industrial leaders), Manuel Ray and others.
Everything indicates that Stannard K. Short is a true name and not a pseudonym, based on this: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=5874&relPageId=163&search=%22stannard%22_AND%20%22DECEMBER%201960%22


6/23/60: Memo by WH/4/Political Action Martha Tharpe: Serafino Romauldi (a CIA agent with the AFL-CIO) may have been involved in the formation of this group, as he was active with CTC organizers: 104-10167-10001.

104-10193-10319: AMCALL OPERATIONS

12/14/60 dispatch from the Acting Chief of Station, Habana to Chief WH: MRP is relying to a great extent "on the AMCALL and AMOURETTE-B organizations for personal and financial support...the objective of (both groups) is to create an active body of anti-Communists in the labor movement." MRP and AMCALL-1 are both receiving.considerable support from the private organization JMCLIPPER which is supported by ODYOKE/USA.

104-10217-10378: cable: Headquarters Raided by DIER Night of 25 Sept

9/28/60 memo from Havana to Director: AMCALL HQ was raided by DIER on 9/25..."other indication (of) crackdown on Catholic Action was termination half hour CMQ weekly TV show 24 Sept".


Re April 1961: 1/5/62 memo from C/WH/4/PA-PROP Stannard K. Short to WH/4/Finance: Funds were passed to AMCALL-1 by the principal agent for use in the AMCALL project. However, as conventional political action on the labor front became more and more difficult, these funds made their way increasingly into the MRP war chest since AMCALL-1 was national co-ordinator for this organization...In April, 1961, Gordon BINIARIS, principal agent with whom AMCALL-1 was in contact was arrested and ultimately deported. There was no further contact with AMCALL-1 following the arrest of BINIARIS."


11/4/61 cable from JMWAVE to Director: "AMCALL-1 reported to have been confined in refrigerator for 18 days and almost certain to face Castro's firing squad. Former head of UTC and internal coordinator of MRP gave loyal service (to) AMCRACKLE and (Cuban) station (Project AMCALL).

1994.04.26.09:46:28:100005: Reel 52, Folder J - REINOL GONZALES

Mid-Nov. 1961: After Reynoldo Gonzalez was captured by the government, he was interviewed on television. When asked about the Pentagon, CIA and State Dept., he emphasized that there were differences among the three. "(The MRP) received little aid, because our leader then and the whole movement maintained relations mainly with State Department and the group of Latin American political leaders headed by Romulo Betancourt, Munoz Marin, Jose Figueros, Raul Haya de la Torre, German Arciniegas, Norman Thomas of the Socialist Party - all those who gather around State Department...(the CIA) never said anything about the plans (for Cuba) and only were giving the material for sabotages and more sabotages." When asked about the sabotage, Gonzalez replied, "we burned El Encanto, the Ten Cents, tbe piers, one of the pier towers, the tobacco factory, the paper plant of Puentes Grandes. The tobacco plant here in Havana...we had a plan to attack Fidel and the Ministers Council. Then we had the equipment, the bazookas, etc necessary for this attack...then a plan was made of a chain of sabotage action in the stores of Havana, Sears, J Valles, Fin de Siglo, La Epoca and several more. In total we were planning to burn 15 stores. This plan failed because of the vigilance in the labor centers, where the people who went to place the pencils were arrested. Then, in spite of all this the act in the Palace was held but inexplicably the principal organizer of the attack took a boat and went to the US so the attack failed and today all the equipment is in the Department of State Security." (page 132 of 296) Gonzalez ended by stating, "I simply believe that it is fruitless and suicide to maintain the internal struggle...I am pleading (to) all of my comrades still left of my organization that they cease all their activities and return to their homes..." (page 136 of 298)

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