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Cryptonym: AMBUD

Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC), Cuban exile organization formed on 22 Mar 1961 under U.S. guidance to unify various exile groups.
In late 1965, JMWAVE asks HQ what should be done with the disposition of the AMBUD files. A long list is provided, with the file numbers apparently redacted: 1994.05.19.15:24:25:280005, or see http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55619&search=%22berta_ferrer%22#relPageId=4&tab=page In Peter Dal Scott's Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, Scott describes Carlos Bringuier as the CRC minister of propaganda in New Orleans, going back to mid-1962.

John Newman, Oswald and the CIA p.250

"Eleven days after Oswald stepped off the plane in Fort Worth, an anti-Castro group from the Florida Everglades, including Gerry Hemming, came to New Orleans with the help of Frank Bartes, the AMBUD delegate there. AMBUD was the Agency cryptonym for the Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC), a CIA-funded and controlled organization that had extensive operations in New Orleans."


A unity formation brought together in the weeks before the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. "File smacks of exile disappointment in U.S. government's policy which seemed to abandon plans to liberate Cuba".


"In late 1960 or early 1961 the CUBAN REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL (CRC) was forced to coordinate and direct FRD actvities and this group was headed by Agency and White House sponsored Dr. Jose MIRO Cardona, assisted by Manuel ARTIME and Dr. Antonio VARONA. Both the FRD and the CRC continued to function until October 1961 when the FRD was completely absorbed by the CRC in order to avoid the confusion resulting from duplication of personnel, activities and funding. The CRC also had direct access to President Kennedy and top White House aides."

1994.06.23.13:18:33:750005: Reel 68, Folder B - AMBUD [DELETION] MEMOS.

Hal Hendrix, Miami News, 3/1/62: "The formation of the (Cuban Revolutionary) Council, headed by Dr. Jose Miro Cardona, was at best a "shotgun wedding", a forced merger of two anti-Castro groups - the Democratic Revolutionary Front (FRD) and the People's Revolutionary Movement (MRP) under pressure by Central Intelligence Agency representative subsequently identified as Frank Bender. Soon after the ill-fated invasion of Cuba last April under the auspices of the Council, the organization began to pull apart at the seams. First, the MRP withdrew in a huff. Later, there were additions and subtractions to and from the Council roster."


An August 1961 New Orleans police memo states: "Layton Martens is second in command to one Acacha Smith...who is conducting a counter revolutionary movement in New Orleans against Fidel Castro of Cuba. Also connected with this organization is one Captain David Ferrie...who was driven to Smith's residence..." Office of Security commented that "the above reference is believed identical with Sergio Arcacha Smith, OS #523 948" and earlier in the memo that Martens admitted to another source that he was "employed by the FRD" in New Orleans. After the Bay of Pigs, the FRD (AMIRON) was absorbed into the CRC.

HSCA Report, Volume X, Current Section: V. Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC): New Orleans Chapter

Gaeton Fonzi, investigator, wrote that Arcacha Smith set up a CRC office at 544 Camp Street from 1961-62 and claimed he never met Oswald. Luis Rabel (brother of AMLEO-3) was the CRC delegate from Jan-Oct 1962 and claimed he never met Oswald. Frank Bartes (AMSERF-1) was the CRC delegate during 1963 and briefly met Oswald outside the courthouse in August 1963.

HSCA Report, Volume X HSCA Report, Volume X, Current Section: IV. Cuban Revolutionary Council: A Concise History

"All the groups within the CRC maintained their separate identities...the regrouping included the following exile leaders: Chairman, Dr. Jose Miro Cardona; Board of Directors, Antonio de Varona (Rescate), Justo Carillo (Montecristi), Carlos Hevia (former Cuban president), Antonio Maceo (noted Cuban surgeon), Manuel Ray (MRP), Manuel Artime (MRR). CRC committees were organized in key cities in the United States and delegation appointed in Latin American countries...After the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962), the policy of the United States towards Cuba changed drastically...although individual groups received aid from the US government, the effectiveness of the CRC as a unifying organization deteriorated. In April 1963, Jose Miro Cardona resigned his position as president in a clash with the Kennedy administration over policy (invasion vis-a-vis coexistence)...The credibility of the CRC then took a severe blow. In June 1963, the Miami News revealed that a highly publicized commando raid on Cuba, purportedly made on June 21, was actually a hoax...(in the months following) the Cuban Revolutionary Council quietly disintegrated."

1994.06.24.13:51:54:310005: Reel 69, Folder I - AMBUD PUBLICITY

Circa 1/62, both Nestor Carbonell Sr. and Nestor Carbonell Jr, as well as Jose Rasco/AMPALM-5 went on an AMBUD trip to Punta del Este, apparently to lobby for strong anti-Castro action. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=25645&search=%22punta_del+este%22#relPageId=2&tab=page


Memo from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, WH re TYPIC/AMBUD Disposition of Files: The AMBUD files are numbered as 19-124-25. The subdivisions include Organization, Policy, PASSAVOY memos, Military Activities, Publicity and Propaganda, Delegates, Medical Program, Brigade 2506 and more.

1994.08.11.15:54:51:540028: Reel 62, Folder G - Cuban Revolutionary Council - General

2/21/63 memo from C/SAS/PA-PROP Seymour Bolten to C/SAS: Good capsule history of CRC. Describes how FRD chief Tony Varona became Cardona's deputy after merger. Four chapters: New York, Washington, Miami, New Orleans. 300K each month to distribute to Brigade families. 83K each month for administrative support due to large payroll. 25K for Miro's use to support anti-Castro groups inside Cuba. Remainder to propaganda.

124-90049-10010: No Title

Memo, 5/21/62, by FBI agent James J. O'Connor: "JERRY GLUCK heads an organization called the William Morgan Brigade which appears to consist primarily of GLUCK and followers of (former Army Colonel) OSCAR DIAZ (MARTINEZ). MM T-1 subsequently advised that GLUCK was the head of the CRC (in Miami)...(MM T-2 reports) GLUCK operates from an office in the Congress building in Miami and claims to have 7,000 members in his organization, which members are called "Minutemen". GLUCK practices shooting at the Magnum Range in the Everglades and DIAZ has accompanied him there to shoot." It is described as a full-fledged training camp 50 miles out in the Everglades with 25 men there at a time. Americans involved include Roy Hargraves, Joe Gorman, and Steve Wilson. Steve Wilson was described as Hemming's bodyguard. (p. 26 of 30) Hemming thought Gluck was a left-winger, favoring Fidelismo without Fidel. (p. 17 of 30) Another memo shows that Gluck tried to entice HEMMING to join him in shooting practice during July 1962. See 104-10218-10275.

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