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Cryptonym: AMBRAY-1

Unknown identity. AMBRAY-1 was a Cuban defector. According to AMBRAY-2, in a March 10, 1966, cable AMBRAY-1 was a good friend of AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubelas Secades).
In a cable on March 10, 1966, AMBRAY-2 had apparently spoken to AMBRAY-1 in Havana, over the latter seeking permission to return to Beirut. There were also references to AMBRAY-1's committee and to the Red Cross. AMBRAY-2 was a female, and she apparently hated AMZIP-1. In addition, in a cable on March 29, 1966, AMBRAY-1 listed among his friends those who he believed were anti-Communist. They included Antonio Carrillo (Cuban Ambassador to Paris and UNSNAFU-19), Carlos Maristany Sanchez (Cuban Ambassador to the Netherlands and AMCRUMB-1), and Camejo Argudin (based in Geneva as U.N. representative and probably INDEVOUT-3). Also, this cable mentioned that AMBRAY-1's brother was a doctor, and there was another reference to Beirut in terms of A-1. Furthermore, in October, 1966, a AMSCROLL Progress Report stated that defectors, AMBRAY-1 and AMBINGO-1, had produced statements on the problems with the Cuban sugar crop.


03/10/66, Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline TYPIC PBRUMEN AMBRAY: "1. AMBRAY/2 reported that A/1 in phone conversation from Cuban capital city said no decision taken 8 March concerning permission for A/1 travel BEIR (Ref A). P.M. told A/1 committee would decide this matter but gave no time schedule. A/1 again insisted A/2 have Red Cross request A/1 presence BEIR for A/2 operation. Sprange again (Ref A) said could not get involved with Red Cross. A/1 said he seen AMZIP/1 cable which minimized importance A/2 operation. This not helpful. 2. At urgent request of Dr. Fuad Khuri, Sprange visited hospital. Khuri said A/2 is 'cracking up'(Ref A & B). 10 March operation cancelled at insistence A/2. A/2 had contacted friend at Red Cross who came see Khuri who said Red Cross could take case but A/2 must leave his hospital. Red Cross did not want to get involved as no logical reason. 3. As AMZIP/1 expected at hospital, Khuri had A/2 come his office to see Sprange. A/2 very emotional and tearful. Whole case reviewed. A/2 was told it originally at her suggestion (Ref C) we use hospital cimmick (sp). Now as it had not worked out satisfactorily we must protect A/1 and Khuri. In short A/2 should go through with operation which in reality is minor. In meantime Khuri, in front A/2, would tell AMZIP/1 that because emotional effect on A/2 that A/1 unable be BEIR for 10 March operation had advised postponing operation until 15 March. AMZIP would be asked to so inform Cuba. A/2 argued that after operation she would have no excuse not to return Cuba. When it pointed out Cuban authorities had not ordered her back in last 5 months and if she took long convalescence out of sight embassy she would probably again be forgotten. A/2 agreed. In meantime it would be up to A/1 to get out on his own."(CONTINUED BELOW)


03/10/66, Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline TYPIC PBRUMEN AMBRAY: Page 3: "4. A/2 very outspoken in her hatred of AMZIP/1 and 'those people' in Cuba. Several times said 'how foolish we were.' Hopefully she has been calmed down and will profit by resting in hospital. But she thinks and talks about nothing else. Breakdown still very possible. 5. Of interest A/2 spoke about news article appearing in most Beirut papers 9 March concerning identity plotting against AMTHUG. A/2 said IDEN was good friend of A/1 and last time A/1 saw him in Paris A/1 had to wear IDEN's overcoat as A/1 not warm enough. 6. Guidance would be appreciated. Specifically, if A/2 ordered return Cuba do you want her go to the U.S. join family and what consideration can we offer?" - - Page 5: "IDEN: Major Roland Cubelas."


03/29/66, Cable from Beirut to Director (Sprange Acting): Slugline TYPIC AMBRAY ZRPERUSAL MHAPRON: "1. In three-hour meeting at Sprange home 29 Mar AMBRAY/1 reluctant come to formal agreement but very willing cooperate. A/1 anxious make press conference to denounce Cuba in general and AMTHUG/1 in particular. Has been persuaded do nothing until we form definite plan of action. 2. In own handwriting A/1 listed following friends he could contact and who anti-commie: A. Antonio Carrillo (France) who scheduled return Cuban capital city early April to become Deputy Foreign Minister. B. Rafael Hernandez (France). C. Amado Palenque (Austria). D. Jose Luis Galbe (Greece) who now sick in Cuba but will most likely return to Greece...F. Severino Mansur (Italy)...H. Carlos Maristany (Holland) still in Cuba but believes he will return. (Handwritten note: "amcrumb-1" alongside). I. Armando Entralgo (Ghana). J. Camejo Argudin (Geneva U.N.). K. (Unintelligible) Mora (India). L. Raul Amado Blanco (Lisbon). M. Miguel Alonso (U.N.). N. Arturo Barber Orozco (Handwritten note: Now in Havana as Deputy Director of Politica II (Soviet & Bloc countries). O. Name forgotten Amb to Canada who a playboy (Handwritten: Unintelligible Fernandez Unintelligible). 3. A/1 described Argudin as most important along with Entralgo and Amado Blanco. All very anti-commie. Blanco's brother Heigan is Deputy Minister of Trade and father is Luis Amado Blanco Amb to Vatican. 4. When asked if he could get reinstated in foreign service A/1 explained he had 'very serious' arguments with Roa and as a result he gave in resignation (Handwritten note: 'About what?')...A/1 said 'some believe' that one day Roa will be run over by Auto. This the way AMTHUG/1 gets people out of the way without bringing them to trial..." (CONTINUED BELOW)


03/29/66, Cable from Beirut to Director (Sprange Acting): Slugline TYPIC AMBRAY ZRPERUSAL MHAPRON: Page 3: "6. Concerning Rolando Cubela's affair: A/1 said it is believed that a certain (few names scored out) (Handwritten: AMHAM-1/Felafiel) who is an AMTHUG agent visited Cubans in Miami where his brother is active in anti-Cuban affairs. At this time he heard of Cubela's plans from brother and reported them to AMTHUG/1 on his return to Cuba. 7. A/1 said he definitely knows to be arrested: A. Cubela. B. Guin. C. Waldina Restano (commie). D. Jose Maria Aguilera (bank union). E. Rogelio 'Pao' Iglesias Patino (port union). F. Major 'Pilon' (Handwritten note: Felix (Unintelligible) Ramirez - badly wounded while fighting alongside Ameijeiras in the Sierra Escambray). G. Captain Miguel Guitart. (Handwritten: Former aide to Ameijeiras). 8. A/1 said following rumored to be arrested: A. Lazaro Pena, leader Central Confederation of Workers. B. Major Tony Castells. (Handwritten: Friend of AMLASH-1). C. Major (Unintelligible) Jimenez...12. Re Guantanamo Bay. A/1 said only repeat only one person has this in hand - AMTHUG/1 who has no present plans. AMTHUG/1 realizes the inherent dangers if Guantanamo Bay is attacked and thus nothing will happen there. 13. Few days before A/1 left BEIR AMTHUG/1 made his offer for anyone to leave Cuba. BEIR Embassy - presumably all others - received instructions to make big propaganda play to effect Cuba a free and open country where people come and go. On arrival Cuban Pres Dortico explained to group of chiefs of missions then on consultation that AMTHUG/1 thought about 100,000 would apply to leave and this would be good publicity..." Reference to AMBRAY/1's brother being a doctor (page 6).


10/19/66, Memorandum from PW/Marchbank to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: TYPIC/OPERATIONAL/AMSCROLL Progress Report, 1 July - 30 September 1966: Page 3: ..."To these ends, prominence was given to problems with the sugar crop, statements prepared especially for AMSCROLL by such defectors as AMBRAY-1, AMBINGO-1, and selected defectors from the Cuban merchant marine..."

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