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Cryptonym: AMBOA-3

Captain Manuel Blanco Rodriguez. Cables on December 4, 1963, confirm that AMBOA-3 was Captain Manuel Blanco Rodriguez. JMWAVE was eager for Madrid Station to agree to AMBOA-3 being debriefed by Henry J. Sloman (Tony Sforza).


12/04/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Sluglines MADR INFO DIR CITE WAVE 8500: RYBAT KEYWAY PBRUMEN AMBOA: "1. 30 Nov AMBOA-1 received phone call from AMBOA-3 (IDEN) from Gander informing her he would be in Madrid for period 30 hours starting 14 Dec. 2. AMBOA-3 recruited agent who periodically send reports and passenger manifests from Gander while enroute PRAGU. 3. AMWARM-1 in SW MSG dated 15 Nov received WAVE 39 November reported Cubana flights Madrid scheduled every fortnight beginning Saturday 30 Nov. Flight scheduled leave HAVA 1000 arrive Madrid 0900 Sunday with return FLT leaving MADR 1400 Monday. FLTS numbered 470 East and 471 West. This indicates AMBOA-3 probably due arrive MADR Sunday morning 15 Dec and will remain until next afternoon. 4. Sloman briefed on background op and able establish bona fides for contact AMBOA-3. If can be securely done and subject Madrid concurrence would very much like have Sloman met with AMBOA-3 for purpose debriefing current line, retraining in SW and microdot and devising means improve current irregular commo with AMBOA-3."

104-10076-10035: CABLE RE IDENTITY

12/04/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Sluglines MADR INFO DIR CITE WAVE 8501: RYBAT TYPIC PBRUMEN AMBOA: REF WAVE 8500 (IN 73675). "IDEN Captain Manuel (Blanco) Rodriguez."

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