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Cryptonym: AMBLOOD

Luis Torroella y Martin Rivero, former Cuban Treasury minister who was executed in 1962 for his role in planning to kill Fidel Castro.

The Secret War: CIA Covert Operations Against Cuba, 1959-62, by Fabian Escalante, p. 93.

Escalante identifies AMBLOOD as Luis Torroella y Martin Rivero

Chicago Tribune, 11/8/62, p. 20

Luis Torroella's wife says her husband was executed on October 31, 1962 for allegedly trying to kill Castro. http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1962/11/08/page/20/article/u-s-woman-says-mate-executed-falsely-in-cuba

CIA Diary by Philip Agee, pp. 122-123; pp. 195-196.

Agee identifies one network that tried to move assassination plans forward was AMBLOOD, run by former Cuban government official Luis Toroella. Ecuador military intelligence chief Lt. Col. Roger Paredes helped network this operation, which was run from JMWAVE in Miami.

Deadly Secrets, by Warren Hinckle and William Turner, pp. 116-117.

Hinckle and Turner agree that Torroella was the leader, and that the exiles were trained by the CIA inside Guatanamo naval base itself. The network was rounded up on or before September 24, 1961.

Mary Ferrell Database Entry for AMBLOOD

Describes Torroella as former employee in Cuba's Ministry of the Treasury.

Bill Simpich

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