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Cryptonym: AMBANG-4

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Rogelio Winceslao Cisneros y Diaz, one of the leaders of MRP inside Cuba; shortly after his arrival in the US, the MRP group split off and became JURE.
Rogelio Cisneros Diaz, 201-353107, was a member of Manuel Ray Rivero's MRP (Movimento Revolutionario del Pueblo). Ray announced a new group named JURE (Junta Revolucionaria Cubana) in July 1962, and Rogelio Cisneros Diaz was among its key leaders.

See 1994.03.09.09:24:05:060005: Reel 4, Folder C - CISNEROS DIAZ, ROGELIO - The microfilm portion of the CIA "Segregated Collection" has 3 entire folders on Rogelio Cisneros, each a few hundred pages long. This is one of them (use "breadcrumb trail" to go to parent folder to find the other two). 3/25/64 dispatch gives his full name as Rogelio Winceslao Cisneros y Diaz (p. 165 of 293).

An Intelligence Information Cable in August of 1964 stated that Reinaldo Padron was a close associate of Rogelio Cisneros Diaz: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=225152#relPageId=2


This cable lists AMBANG-4 among other persons, and in faint but readable handwriting next to the crypt is "Rogelio Cisneros."


6/1/61 memorandum for the record by REDACTED, initials JAN (possibly Jack Stewart/Andrew Merton): "...I personally feel very strongly we should do nothing to support the plan, whatever it is, until we have received from the White House and the Department clear-cut, unequivocal policy guidance on the overall plan. I also feel now is the time, if we are going to support the MRP unilaterally, to insert a non official cut out into the operation. I would recommend that consideration be given to using Mr. Harry Pieper (a contract WAVE employee) on this job...Also, I would like to point out the security risks inherent in any arrangements with the Ray-Betancourt-Cisneros trio. These fellows have had easy access to the White House and the Department, are notorious for their 'planned leaks', will probably presume all the Department officials they deal with are privy to the arrangement, and before we know it the whole exile community will be well aware that we are providing financial and material support to the RAY group."

Joseph B. Smith, Portrait of a Cold Warrior (Ballantine Books, 1975), pp. 342-343.

June 1961: The Goodwin-Schlesinger task force was formed after the Bay of Pigs. "In the wake of the CIA's failure, the White House advisers seemed to think they should tell the Agency how to spend its covert funds...(WH officers) didn't like the idea of Dick Goodwin trying to run the Hemisphere and WH Division. Goodwin's claim to area expertise was that he had written some editorials on Latin America occasionally for the Washington Post...what bothered (WH) almost as much as the Goodwin task force was that Cord Meyer (of International Organizations, the covert action wing) might hear about it...if Cord Meyer and they get together on something like this proposal, they'll put old WH out of business."


7/18/61 - This cable states: "The latter signed by 14 members of the external committee of MRP, including AMBANG-4." Rogelio Cisneros held that role. See 104-10243-10107: Chief of Base, JMWAVE Stanley Zamka/David Morales reported that Cisneros was in charge of Camaguey province. See 104-10193-10215, p. 25 of 28: Members of the MRP steering committee were Rolando Barquin, Jorge Beruff, Ernesto Betancourt, Raul Chibas, J. Duarte, Jose M. Estevez, Rufo Lopez Fresquet, Felipe Bazos, and Andres Valdespino. Note that HSCA Report, Volume X: XIV. Manuel Ray Rivero (MRP-JURE) refers to his role as "JURE military coordinator".

104-10243-10072: Rogelio Cisneros, Name de Guerre Eugeni

Rogelio Cisneros and his interpreter Jorge Volsky met with Richard Goodwin at the White House on 8/25/61. Goodwin referred them to the CIA's Cuban division WH/4. When the CIA officer said that the US would not engage in counterfeiting, these men assured him that Goodwin approved of it. "Cisneros agreed that it would be foolish of them to start printing without the approval of ODYOKE/US Government, and that he would pass this on to the printer. Cisneros was given the Hayslip box to use in sending these proofs." See 104-10217-10331: By 10/15/61, after AMCALL-1/Reynoldo Gonzalez's arrest at the Odio Farm, the initial plan was to infiltrate Cisneros/AMBANG-4 into Cuba. That plan was ultimately not carried out.


9/14/62 cable from JMWAVE to Director: (REDACTED) recounts discussion between friend and Cisneros, who told friend "he is here to prepare the way for meeting 15 Sept in Miami which is to be attended by Ray for purposes of forming the 'Integration Front'(note: This marked the formation of JURE). Object will be to select 50 people who will go to Cuba immediately following the fall of Castro so as to infiltrate into leading positions in Cuba." This sounds like the description for the role of the AMOTS, AMFASTS and AMCHEERS. Intriguing marginalia refers to (CIA officer Martha) "Tharpe for AMBANG", and another note saying "see Mr. Bolten PSA?" signed by WKH (William K. Harvey). It is a reference to C/TFW/PA-PROPS Seymour Bolten, and whether Bolten might be willing to provide some preliminary approval to use of Cisneros.

124-10220-10367: No Title

12/21/63, FBI memo from SAC Miami to Director and SACs Dallas and San Juan: Interview with Mrs. Rogelio Cisneros, whose husband is overseas. He is executive director of JURE. ",,,stated her husband went alone to Dallas last June to form JURE delegation there, and to her knowledge no other member has gone to Dallas from Miami since then." Jorge Rodriguez, the head of JURE in Dallas, should know of any JURE members visiting Dallas. When "Leopoldo" called Odio a few days after their visit, he said they were leaving Dallas, presumably to return to Miami or Puerto Rico. Leopoldo said he would not deal with Oswald any more as he was "loco". Note that Leopoldo is a Polish name - note that Cisenros was also of Polish descent with the middle name "Winceslao" - note that there is a question whether Odio's visitors were setting up Cisneros. There is even a reference to him being one of the visitors at one point. Final footnote: Edward Steig of Dallas claimed Oswald was at a "Student Directorate" meeting in Dallas on 10/13/63, with further investigative information.

Warren Commission Hearings, Volume XXVI Current Section: CE 2943 - Letter dated May 5, 1964, from Secret Service to Commission, concerning interview of Father Walter J. McChann.

4/30/64: Father McChann (despite his name, a man of Polish extraction - and not found in the Catholic priest directory) interviewed Sylvia Odio on 4/30/64 . In the interview McChann told Secret Service officer Thomas Kelley that Odio said that besides the man who used the code name Leopoldo (a Polish name), the second man she "could identify as Eugene Cisneros" (who was a Polish Cuban with the middle name Winceslao), and a man named Leon (the president of JURE had the matronym of Leon). Also see HSCA Report, Volume XI, p. 170, where Warren Commission attorney David Slawson puts his own spin on McChann's report by writing that Eugenio Cisneros was "probably" one of the men who visited Odio in Sept 1963.

Commission Document 946 - SS Aragon Report of 5 May 1964 re: Sylvia Odio, Rogelio Cisneros Diaz

5/5/64, report by Ernest I. Aragon to Chief, Secret Service: "Fatber Walter MacHann's name did not appear in the official Catholic Directory, according to Monsignor Fitzpatrick of the Catholic Diocese of Miami. MacHann was of Polish extraction. Cisneros was interviewed and said he went to Dallas to Odio's home to be introduced to a Uruguyan for the purchase of small arms. His name was Juan Martin, and he ran a do-it-yourself laundry in Dallas known as Dixie. Cisneros told Aragon that his "war name" was Eugenio, and that JURE's Miami office was at 1878 West Flagler. Juan Martin had admitted to FBI agent Jim Hosty knowing Odio but denying everything else months earlier: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=57745&relPageId=36&search=%22juan_martin%22 Odio's friend Lucille Connell said Martin was an airplane engineer and a major source of guns, frequently traveling outside USA: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=40390&relPageId=225&search=%22john_martin%22%20AND%20ODIO


Draft by Alfonso Rodriguez, "Autonomous Operations, The Future of AMBANG-1", 6/16/64: Harvey Summ of the State Dept. told Cisneros that he should base his operations outside the US or face the prospect of material losses as well as initiative. Nonetheless, JURE continued during 1963-64 to operate within the continental US.

Warren Commission Exhibit 3148 - FBI report dated September 8, 1964, at Miami, Fla., of investigation pertaining to Sylvia Odio.

9/8/64 FBI memo: Cisneros actually came to the attention of the Warren Commission, because he knew Sylvia Odio, who was involved with JURE. Manuel Ray was also interviewed.

104-10165-10019: ROGELIO CISNEROS

This 1965 memo contains some background information on Rogelio Cisneros. Displays his bio number as 201-353107.

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