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Cryptonym: AMBADGER-1

Dr. Julian Gallo, head of legal department of Cuban telephone company.


(p. 73 of 190) HSCA legal staffer Leslie Wizelman requested the identity of AMBADGER-1 - the CIA's response was "Dr. Julian Gallo".

124-90100-10339: No Title

12/30/59 memo from Havana Legat to FBI Director: "Cuban telephone company agreeable to furnishing Doctor Julian H. Gallo, head of legal department of company, speaks English, has passport and visa, willing to cooperate. Company is seeking permit from government intervenor since company intervened."

104-10180-10060: CIA FILE ON RAY, MANUEL.

7/8/66 memo by CIA officer Harry Mahoney re Manuel Ray: "I debriefed (Ray) on his Madrid trip and intentions generally before I introduced him to AMBADGER-1. I had first asked him if he would mind reporting to us via a trusted Cuban exile now living in San Juan and, after I had identified AMBADGER-1, he replied that he knew him and respected him and liked him...it was agreed that (Ray) would keep AMBADGER-1 completely informed of his plans and that AMBADGER-1 would convey them to me in Washington."

104-10180-10060: CIA FILE ON RAY, MANUEL.

November, 1967: C/WH/COG David Phillips wrote to the Office of Security: "Mr. Gallo has been a most valuable contact of this Agency for a number of years, reporting on the Cuban exile community in Puerto Rico. Previously he was a productive contact in the Havana Telephone Company in Cuba.

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