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Cryptonym: AMARROR-1

Unknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1963 stated that AMARROR-1, 2, and 3 received $725 in OOA for two months. AMDENIM-1 was working on Operation DOGGO I and preparing for DOGGO II in July.
Also, the dispatch mentioned above stated that the AMARRORs were three fishermen, and AMTOBY-12 was also working on the DOGGO operation, and was scheduled for infiltration in July of 1963. A memorandum in late August, 1963, from Bruce B. Cheever, Acting Chief of Special Affairs Staff, on a meeting of the Special Group, stated that three members of the DOGGO team had been executed (presumably in Cuba). In addition, a dispatch in October of 1963 mentioned that AMARROR-1, 2, and 3 had been lost on DOGGO II, after an apparent equipment failure led to their capture by Cuban helicopter(s). The dispatch added that this was a serious blow to AMDENIM-1. Moreover, a dispatch in December, 1964, stated that the cost of medicine and medicine treatment for relatives of AMARROR-1 in Cuba, requested by AMDENIM-1, was $200. Were the three executions mentioned in Bruce Cheever's memo in August of 1963 a reference to AMARROR-1, 2 and 3, or did AMARROR-1 survive and his family needed help with medical costs, or is there another explanation?

104-10172-10122: DISPATCH: AMDENIM-1. PROGRESS REPORT 31 MAY 1963

06/28/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 4: ..."4. The group of agents which AMDENIM/1 manages and or has provided to WAVE was adjusted considerably in the reporting period. AMDENIM/13 was put on the payroll after having contributed his services gratis for over six months. Radop AMTOBY/12 was definitely placed in the DOGGO operation with three fishermen (the AMARROR/s) and is scheduled for infiltration in July..." Page 6: ..."8. Costs:...G. AMARROR/1, 2 and 3 OOA for two months: $725.00...9. Plans: AMDENIM/1 is currently occupied with Operation DOGGO Phase I and will be further occupied with the debriefing of the agents on their return and their relaunching back into the target area with a radop AMTOBY/12 on DOGGO II in July. He is using AMDENIM/13 as a helper in this activity..."

104-10306-10003: SPECIAL GROUP

08/30/63: Memorandum for the record from Bruce B. Cheever, Acting Chief of Special Affairs Staff: Subject: Meeting of the Special Group 29 August 1963: Page 2: ..."5. The after-action report on the Casilda/Santa Lucia operations was briefly discussed. Mr. Johnson questioned the motives for the amount of material abandoned on the scene. Mr. Cheever commented that while it was unfortunate that the material had been left, it was explainable in terms of the reaction of soldiers under fire and especially those in their first fire fight. The Guatemala press release on 'Commando Mambises' was favorably commented on by Mr. Johnson (Note: U. Alexis Johnson). Mr. Bundy asked about the comment in the after-action report that 'One cannot predict what Castro's ultimate reaction or reprisal will be.' Mr. Cheever stated some of the people who closely study Castro believed that he would be personally furious over the attacks and that one could expect more reaction than had appeared to date. In response to Mr. Bundy's question whether there would be additional operations of this type next month, Mr. Cheever advised that several were in the planning stage, but that until he talked to our people coming up from Miami this weekend, he could not be certain but that he doubted we would ask to mount any the next moon period. Mr. Cheever mentioned the cancellation of the scheduled South Coast Caching operation due to the Cuban alert, the execution of the three members of the DOGGO team, and the probable doubling of the ATHENA team. Mr. Bundy asked if the Attorney General had been briefed on Casilda/Santa Lucia. When advised to the contrary, he asked that this be done when the Attorney General returns to Washington next week (week of 3 September)."


10/14/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: ..."2. Operational Developments: 2. Operations DOGGO I and II occupied the majority of A-1's time during June and July 1963. These efforts to develop a concept for utilizing fishermen refugees to obtain internal assets with 'legal status were worthwhile, despite the eventual loss of AMARROR's-1, 2, and 3 on DOGGO II. The confirmation that internal fishermen are willing and anxious to work against Communism, despite the known loss of friends engaged in the same activities, forms a foundation for proceeding. Actually the loss of these men thru an equipment failure, which led to their eventual capture by helicopter, represented a serious blow to A-1 who is basically a sentimentalist. Following a thorough review of the operation, he was asked point blank if he preferred to cease activities, to which he replied, 'no, that would represent bad faith to the AMARROR's.'"


12/01/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 2: ..."Operational Expenses: 4. Cost of medicine and medicine treatment for relatives of AMARROR-1 in Cuba requested by AMDENIM-1: $200.00..."

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