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Cryptonym: AMAPACHE-2

Iglesais Pons, JMWAVE FI asset, arrived Key West 6/16/61 on boat PANMAJA.


Undated CIA document: ..."Iglesias Pons, Isaias Alejandro: Apache agent see FI files. AMAPACHE-2 shot by G-2 (Unintelligible) Jan 62. Iglesias Pons, Isaias Alejandro: AMOT-11 memo, 21 June 61. DPOB: 6 Jul 24 in San Juan in Martinez, Pinar del Rio Province. Arrived Key West on boat PANMAJA 16 June 61. Active in underground work in Cuba. Worked with Mr. Norberto Martinez Garcia in Pinar del Rio Province. Brother, Antonio Iglesias Pons, one of Playa Giron invaders, now imprisoned. 201-307876. POA requested 6 Oct 61....POA granted."

104-10236-10327: MEMO FOR: AMAPACHE-2

03/06/63: Memorandum from Henry J. Sloman to Chief, PW Branch: "1. Writer has been informed that your Branch has been questioned by AMBUD-1 concerning subject and certain monies due to subject's wives and children. 2. Subject left instructions with AMOT-2 when he departed for Cuba, to deliver his salary, which was $200.00 monthly, to his sister-in-law in Miami. The sister-in-law is the wife of subject's brother who was a prisoner of the Playa Giron Invasion..." Mention of AMAPACHE-1. Page 2: ..."8. AMOT-2 has been instructed to furnish the writer with a complete report of this whole case and to deliver copies of receipts and money orders of all funds which he has delivered to relatives of subject."

John Newman

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