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Cryptonym: AEDOGMA-1

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AEDOGMA-1 was the cryptonym for Michael Korzhan. Korzhan was a former Abwehr intelligence operative, and was formerly AECAPELIN-1.
According to the document below: "AEDOGMA/AEBATH (1947-61), which supported the activities of the Principal Agent (PA), Michael Korzhan, was designed to produce CI/CE information on two Ukrainian nationalist groups in Germany; positive intelligence on other Ukrainian groups in Germany and Western Europe; information on Soviet penetration of Orthodox churches; and miscellaneous CE and other support activities beginning in 1947. In 1959, the PA was transferred to Paris to report on the efforts of the Soviet Services in emigre circles; and to act as a spotter in Soviet emigre circles for REDSKIN opportunities. The PA was not very productive in Paris and the project was terminated in 1961."


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 4: ..."Term: AEDOGMA-1. Definition: Michael Korzhan ..." (Note: Page 2: AECAPELIN-1 was also a cryptonym for Michael Korzhan. Page 20: CARRYALL was Zsolt Aradi. Page 3: AECAVATINA was the cryptonym of either Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - OUN - or Foreign Section of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Zch/OUN). Page 2: AECAPELIN-2 was Volodymyr Bohdan Slymakovsky).


03/05/59: Memo from Chief, SR/3 to Chief, SR/2: Subject: Transfer of Action, Project AEBATH: "1. Action for SR Division for AECAPELIN-1 (REDACTION), and Project AEBATH (74-6-63) has been transferred from SR/3/CE to SR/2/CE, as of 5 March 1959, and should be listed as permanently charged to that office. 2. SR/2/CE has assigned the cryptonym AEDOGMA (29-6-106) to the new Paris project utilizing AECAPELIN-1, and they have assigned him the new cryptonym AEDOGMA-1. 3. For any additional information on Project AEDOGMA please contact (REDACTION), Room 2607 J, Extension 593, or 8251."


06/24/60: Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, WE (Attention: Chief, SR): Subject: REDWOOD REDSKIN AEDOGMA/1: Pages 2-6: AEDOGMA-1 PRQ Part II: "Subject was first contacted in 1946 in Salzburg, Austria, by an alleged ODOPAL (U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps) agent, an American of Hungarian descent, called 'Uncle Tom.' (Uncle Tom was probably a CARRYALL (Zsolt Aradi) unit staff member). Several months later, Subject was turned over to a Dr. Novak, ostensibly in ODOPAL, Salzburg. In 1947, Dr. Novak turned Subject over to (REDACTION), who arranged for his transfer to (REDACTION) in Munich, on 21 January 1948. Since August 1950, (REDACTION) has handled Subject...Subject's basic motivation is probably his desire for Ukrainian independence, since he was active in this cause long before being connected with KUBARK (CIA). As a priest and being from a good middle class family, he is completely opposed to the Communist ideology. In addition, he makes a relatively good income from his connection with KUBARK...Subject knows he is working for an ODYOKE (U.S. Government) IS and has probably concluded that it is KUBARK. Subject has previously been involved with the AECAVATINA (either Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - OUN - or Foreign Section of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Zch/OUN) security section and with UPHILL (BND)...AECAPELIN/2 (Volodymyr Bohdan Slymakovsky) probably knows definitely Subject is connected with KUBARK, while various Ukrainians and members of UPSWING (BND) may suspect it...Subject was trained by the Abwehr, and it is obvious that Subject has exceptional qualifications based on years of practical experience...Subject has been in contact with the Munich Operating Base since 1946 continuously and has produced mainly CE/CI information...No derogatory information other than the fact that he was an agent leader in Prague, organizing customs officials into agent groups..." Pages 7-8: Summary of AEDOGMA-1's dealings with German IS.

104-10209-10019: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

11/10/60: Cable from Paris to Director: Slugline REDWOOD AQUATIC LCIMPROVE AEDOGMA: "1. Ref B letter in which MKTOPAZ suspects SW content postmarked Philadelphia 6 Sept from IDEN 1 (handwritten: Semen Pohoriliw) to IDEN 2 (handwritten: Anton Nyczyporuk) care of IDEN 3. Overt content in Ukrainian apparently innocuous. 2. FYI: IDEN 2 brilliant but mentally unbalanced professor Ukrainian literature. AEDOGMA/1 met in refugee camps ca 1945. Frequently heard rumors he never held regular job but had money allegedly provided by Sov Emb. In PARI put in contact with Visiliy Myakushko by IDEN 3 (Dmytro Unintelligible). In May, IDEN 2 advised by Myakushko repatriate USSR immediately. IDEN 2 agreed on condition Sov Emb locate his family in Noginsk, USSR...IDEN 3 reluctant personally deliver two letters to IDEN 2 since both had had contact with Myakushko, who disappeared after Demydczuk arrest, requested AEDOGMA/1 to visit IDEN 3, learn address sanatorium, then deliver. AEDOGMA/1 can delay as long as necessary under pretext letters already old, he busy settling in new apartment. 4. STA sees following alternatives: A. AEDOGMA/1 deliver letters now. (REDACTION). B. (REDACTION) then have AEDOGMA/1 inform IDEN 1 and 2 he had no time make trip to sanatorium, simply dropped in mail box. (REDACTION) Because of known interest in Myakushko contacts. C. Possibly reproduce letter (REDACTION). 5. Please advise ASAP."

104-10209-10019: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

05/12/61: Dispatch from Chief, SR via Chief, WE to COS, Paris: Subject: REDWOOD/LCIMPROVE/AEDOGMA: "Action Required: Show attached photo to AEDOGMA/1...1. (REDACTION). 2. ODENVY (FBI) has furnished us with the attached photograph of Semen Pohoriliw. We suggest that this photograph, unidentified, be shown to AEDOGMA/1 for possible recognition. We are sending this photograph to MOB, also, for showing to appropriate sources. Shelby K. Lipnott. Mortimer F. Bingham." Originating Officer: Rita Perkins, SR/2/CE. Coordinating Officer: John Gerry, CSR/2. (Signature), WE/3. Releasing Officer: (Signature), CWE/3. - - - 2022 release, page 27: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10209-10019.pdf

104-10209-10019: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

06/02/61: Dispatch from COS, Paris to Chief, WE (Attention: Chief, SR): Subject: REDWOOD/LCIMPROVE/AEDOGMA: "1. AEDOGMA was shown the photograph attached to Reference and said he did not recognize the face. 2. AEDOGMA stated that he knew no one other than Nyczporuk in contact with Pohoriliw, when the subject was raised later, in another context. Wallace H. Havedon."

104-10209-10018: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

08/03/62: Dispatch from COS, Austria to COS, Paris (Info: Chief, SR; Chief, EE; Chief, WE): Subject: REDWOOD/LCIMPROVE/AEDOGMA/1 Semen Pohordiliw: "In accordance with a recent request from ODENVY (FBI), we queried (REDACTION) in regard to Subject and his contacts in Austria. A copy of their reply, which has been passed directly to ODENVY in Bern is attached for your information. Christine R. Kerbe." - - - 2022 release, page 11: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10209-10018.pdf

104-10209-10018: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

10/10/62: Dispatch from COS, Paris to Chief, SR (Info: Chief, WE; Chief, EE): Subject: REDWOOD/LCIMPROVE Josef Kozak: "1. According to Paris Station files: Joseph Kosak, DPOB: 10 May 1901, Szndoriben, USSR. Possibly a Soviet citizen. Address: La Seine, France. Russian refugee. Was listed (REDACTION) as potentially dangerous during the visit of Nikita Khrushchev to France, 15-30 March 1960. Approximately two thousand other individuals were also listed (SOURCE: OFP-8178 of 27 April 1960, page 35). 2. Since Paris Station has terminated AEDOGMA/1, it will not be possible to obtain further information on Subject from him. 3. We are querying UNBOUND for information on Subject. Robert G. Lamprell." - - - 2022 release, page 6: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10209-10018.pdf

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