CIA Cryptonyms: AM

The CIA cryptonyms on this page show those which are begin with the two-letter bigram AM. Bigrams are used to group cryptonyms into sets related to a particular category, based on characteristics such as geographic location (AM => Cuba) or other methods of grouping (KU => organizations of the CIA itself).

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AMOperations, organizations, and individuals relating to Cuba.
AMABLE-1Unknown identity. A cable in November of 1964 mentioned that CIA asset, AMABLE-1, had derived the impression, after speaking to two high-ranking Cubans in Western Europe, that Cuban diplomats may have been ordered to be receptive to any opportunities to engage in rapprochement talks with the U.S. Government. [status: Unknown]
AMACME-1Jorge Mantilla. AMACME-1 was an informant of CIA operative Stanley M. Figolak in the Christian Democratic Movement (MDC) in 1964. [status: Speculative]
AMACRATICGeorge Nobregas, a Cuban exile and Executive Committee member of the Montecristi Group. [status: Probable]
AMADAGE-1According to cables in November and December, 1966, AMADAGE-1 was a close friend of LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto), and had a serious heart attack in October of 1966. [status: Unknown]
AMADDERAMADDER was a JMWAVE infiltration sabotage team. A dispatch in October of 1963 mentioned that AMDENIM-1 (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria) was responsible for assembling the AMADDER team.
AMAGONIZE-1Vera Borodowksy Jackiewich. A dispatch in January of 1968 mentioned that Vera Borodowsky Jackiewich's 201 number was 201-298225. A HSCA document stated that AMAGONIZE-1's 201 number was 201-298225.
AMAGREE-1Identified as "Mario Ramirez", possibly an alias. AMAGREE-1's ties with the CIA began in April 1963 as a radio operator trainee. Identified as a 33 year old Cuban exile during January 1964. [status: Unknown]
AMAGRESSLibertad Antigua Arencibia. [status: Probable]
AMAKA-1Used alias Antonio Garcia, true name unknown. One of the radio men working on the AMTRUNK personnel during November, 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMALBA-1Unknown identity. A memo in March of 1961 listed AMALBA-1 as being among those agents who either was known to AMIRE-1 (Emilio Americo Rodriguez), or was probably known to him. [status: Unknown]
AMANCHOR-1Alberto Beguiristain, frogman for the CIA in the 1960s, and an associate of Rolando Martinez (the anti-Castro Cuban activist who was one of the Watergate burglars in 1972). He was also an associate of Manuel Villamanan (AMFAUNA-13).
AMANTHEMPossibly Mario del Ferrer, the number two man after Tony Varona in the Rescate organization, also known as RDR (Rescate Democratico Revolucionario). [status: Speculative]
AMAPACHE-1This person may be Mario del Canal, member of RESCATE and right-hand man to Jose Miro Cardona. Or he may be Luis Balbuena. Also known as AMOT-110. [status: Speculative]
AMAPACHE-2Iglesais Pons, JMWAVE FI asset, arrived Key West 6/16/61 on boat PANMAJA. Pons worked with Norberto Martinez Garcia in Pinar del Rio Province.
AMAPOLAThe Cuban Intelligence Service, with an outstation in Miami and an agent complex. This cryptonym also used for Jose Carbonell Marrero.
AMARGO-1Unknown identity. Was asked by JMWAVE to find out what happened to one of the exiled Cubans (Luis Mario Cantin de Nacimiento), who went missing in the failed Operation Tilt/Bayo Pawley raid, in early June 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMARIAUnknown identity. AMARIA was a CIA source/asset from at least December, 1958 to May, 1964. AMARIA reported on Manuel Ray Rivero (AMBANG-1) and Manuel Artime Buesa (AMBIDDY-1). [status: Unknown]
AMAROMA-2Unknown identity. A cable to ISOLATION (CIA's Camp Peary, also known as "The Farm") in March of 1965 stated that AMAROMA-2 was known as "Raul." [status: Unknown]
AMARROR-1Unknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1963 stated that AMARROR-1, 2, and 3 received $725 in OOA for two months. AMDENIM-1 was working on Operation DOGGO I and preparing for DOGGO II in July. [status: Unknown]
AMAUTO-1Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez was a Cuban official and a Cuban intelligence officer. He was also the cousin-in-law of Cuban exile leader Antonio Veciana Blanch.
AMBABBLE-1A sister of either Jose Miguel Ramos or Gilberto Fundora Alcazar. [status: Probable]
AMBADGER-1Dr. Julian Gallo, head of legal department of Cuban telephone company.
AMBALD-1Humberto Arcocha Barcelo, Cuban engineer in the US by 1965.
AMBALD-2Juan Arcocha Barcelo, worked for the CIA Paris station during 1965.
AMBANGMRP until 1962 - during 1962, the MRP outside of Cuba became JURE. The Cuban group within Cuba was much smaller by 1962 because of the arrests in 1961.
AMBANG-1Manuel Ray Rivero, leader of the Revolutionary Movement of the People (MRP) and later Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (JURE).
AMBANG-2Ignacio Mendoza y de la Torre.
AMBANG-3Jose Antonio Duarte Oropesa
AMBANG-4Rogelio Winceslao Cisneros y Diaz, one of the leaders of MRP inside Cuba; shortly after his arrival in the US, the MRP group split off and became JURE.
AMBANG-5Oswaldo Rodriguez Moura.
AMBANG-8Orlando Rego Borrego, an auditor of the MIRR. He was also an FBI informant in late 1965, and was still a source for the FBI in April 1967. [status: Speculative]
AMBANTYParamilitary operation of internal resistance in Cuba during 1965-64 before Castro shut it down. Originally called AMCOBRA in 1962.
AMBANTY-1Esteban Marquez Novo. His oft-used pseudonym was Colonel Francisco Abad. By late 1961, he was acting chief of MRR in Cuba. Active until his death in 1964.
AMBARBPropaganda project to place DRE members in universities throughout Latin America.
AMBARB-19Nephew of AMFACET-1 (Umberto Figueres Gonzalez). Name unknown. [status: Unknown]
AMBARB-22Rolando Fernandez Corredera, a Cuban Revolutionary Council representative based in Lima, Peru in 1962.
AMBARB-27Unknown identity. A dispatch in July of 1962 mentioned that AMBARB-15 and AMBARB-27 were in Bolivia. Also, a cable in July, 1963 stated that AMBARB-27 knew Miguel Napoles Infante, CRC representative in La Paz, "quite well." [status: Unknown]
AMBARB-32Carlos Valdesuso Rodriguez. President of Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil in Brazil.
AMBARB-41Rafael Tremols Fresneda, DRE member in Caracas.
AMBARB-53Juan Manuel Chinea Verez. Two cables on December 4, 1963, confirm that Chinea was AMBARB-53.
AMBARB-54Jose Maria Lasa Urrutibeascoa [status: Probable]
AMBARB-70Martin Morua Arrechea, national coordinator of DRE 1962-63. Joined propaganda unit within TFW in April 1962; by Oct 1962, a TFW "ops specialist". During 1961 and 1962 he was trying to purchase detonators in Chicago with Jorge Salazar who hosted Alpha 66 meetings at 3126 Harlandale, Dallas.
AMBARB-90Unknown. [status: Unknown]
AMBARK-1Hernandez (first name unknown). AMBARK-1 reported in December of 1958, in a cable that reported on Ernesto ("Che") Guevara's movement westward. [status: Unknown]
AMBASAL-1A CIA asset working mainly on propaganda activities, and was part of one of JMWAVE's psychological projects directed against the Castro regime. He was recommended by Luis Aguero Conte (AMCORE-2) to accompany him in 1966 on a proposed trip to Central America. He was 42 years old in 1966. Possibly Francisco Alabau, a former justice on Cuba's Supreme Court. [status: Speculative]
AMBASEJMWAVE psychological operation involving mail from at least 1963 to 1966. [status: Probable]
AMBASS-1Anis Felaifel, the chief of intelligence for the MRR.
AMBEACHOperation from Miami involving anti-Castro Cubans in December of 1963, in the aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy.
AMBEDEW-1Orlando Castro Hidalgo, an officer from the Cuban DGI, who defected to the United States on March 31, 1969. In a September of 1969, CIA document, Castro mentioned Orlando Prendes Gutierrez (pseudo "Oberto"), Rogelio Rodriguez Lopez, Justo Cesar Gelbert Martinez and "Rolo Martinez." [status: Probable]
AMBELLOW-1Justo Quijano Martinez. A cable on January 22, 1963, mentioned AMBELLOW-1 as IDEN. Another cable on the same day stated that IDEN was Justo Quijano Martinez, a member of the CRC who was still in Guatemala, and attempting to evade expulsion from that nation.
AMBEND-1Robert M. Geddes. A dispatch in March, 1964, stated that in February, 1963, AMCARBON-1 (Al Burt) had reported that AMBEND-1 was back in Miami after being released from a Havana prison, and was the object of a great deal of media interest. A UR document stated that Geddes was released in February, 1963, matching AMBEND-1. [status: Probable]
AMBIDDY-1Manuel Artime Buesa, a prominent Cuban exile who was in the Bay of Pigs invasion, in 1963 moved to Nicaragua as leader of operation AMWORLD. In 1963, he used the pseudonym "Ignacio".
AMBIG-3Ricardo Adelis Cobos. Also known as Ricardo Adolis Cobos and Ricardo Adelis Cobos-Ricardo. Being sought for questioning by the Dallas FBI office at the time of the assassination. Close allies with the Pino Pino brothers - at least one of them lived at the House at Harlandale as of 11/22/63.
AMBIG-4Unknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1964 stated that Daniel Rodriguez Santos, the owner of the M/V ADA, recruited Armando Blanco Lorenzo, Romelio Lopez Sosa, and AMBIG-4 for an infiltration mission to Cuba which left Key West in May, 1964. [status: Speculative]
AMBLAB-1AMBLAB-1 is Domingo G. Silverio, aka "Alligator." Alligator is another messenger (besides AMULAR) used by Silvio Cardenas as a channel to William Pawley. Cardenas was the contact person for Rubio Padilla to communicate with Pawley. Rubio, Cardenas, and Pepin Rivero were active in the anti-Castro Accion Democratica Christiana (ADC) group in Cuba.
AMBLEAK-1Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris, UR's chief of public relations, also known as Frank Dutton. Also known as Estaban Joaquin Blanco Sanchez, an official of Rescate.
AMBLEAK-2AMBLEAK-2 may possibly have been Alicia Eugenia de la Luz Navarro Navarro. A cable in May of 1961 stated that the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) were sending Navarro to Cuba as a courier to determine details of the remaining UR organization. [status: Speculative]
AMBLESS-1Alberto del Junco Mesa, head of the internal wing of MDC from June 1961 until his defection January 1962; afterwards, he led a major faction in the US. Also known as "Julian Diego" and "Jesus".
AMBLESS-2Fermin Fleitas Arozamena. A dispatch in June of 1962 stated that AMBLESS-2's 201 number was 201-302892. A Field Information Report in May, 1963, mentioned that Fermin Fleitas Arozamena's 201 number was 201-302892, matching AMBLESS-2.
AMBLESS-3Violeta del Junco Mesa, mother of Alberto del Junco Mesa.
AMBLINK-1Jack Stewart, also known as Henry Pachankis, "Joe", Andrew Merton, and Jack Warren. [status: Probable]
AMBLOODLuis Torroella y Martin Rivero, former Cuban Treasury minister who was executed in 1962 for his role in planning to kill Fidel Castro.
AMBLYGONRolando Masferrer Rojas. Was a casual informant - not an employee - from 1948-1950. [status: Probable]
AMBOA-2Marta Teresita de Jesus Couce y Yinas. A cable on November 26, 1963, requested that AMBOA-2 (IDEN C) be given a entry visa. IDEN C was Marta Teresita de Jesus Couce y Yinas.
AMBOA-3Captain Manuel Blanco Rodriguez. Cables on December 4, 1963, confirm that AMBOA-3 was Captain Manuel Blanco Rodriguez. JMWAVE was eager for Madrid Station to agree to AMBOA-3 being debriefed by Henry J. Sloman (Tony Sforza).
AMBOARMitchell Livingston WerBell, III, an arms merchant based in Powder Springs, Georgia. [status: Probable]
AMBOGY-1Vicente Munero Rojas, an economist by profession, who was arrested in 1964 in Cuba. [status: Speculative]
AMBOLT-2Dr. Orlando Bosch, General Coordinator with the Ejercito Cubano Anticomunista, also known as the ECA or the Anti-Communist Army. This group was formed in mid-1961 when Bosch merged his MIRR group with Evilio Duque Miyar's organization. In mid-1963, the two men separated their forces again. [status: Probable]
AMBRAY-1Unknown identity. AMBRAY-1 was a Cuban defector. According to AMBRAY-2, in a March 10, 1966, cable AMBRAY-1 was a good friend of AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubelas Secades). [status: Unknown]
AMBRONC-1Colonel Eduardo Martin y Elena
AMBRONC-5Juan Manuel Guillot Castellanos aka Renato M. Lopez Zamoka. Alias "Monty". Described as an "Agency asset" in failed effort to lead uprising in Cuba in 1961-62, which resulted in his execution.
AMBRUSHIntel Section of the FRD (Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front). Later described as the CRC's security and counter-intelligence team.
AMBUCKLE-1Ana Tomeu de Miller, head of the women's group known as the CFC.
AMBUDCuban Revolutionary Council (CRC), also known as "the Consejo", was a Cuban exile organization formed on 22 Mar 1961 under U.S. guidance to unify various exile groups. By late 1963, Henry Ruiz-Williams was the titular liaison between the moribund organization and the Kennedy Administration.
AMBUD-1Jose Miro Cardona, first Prime Minister of Cuba under Castro, who left Cuba and headed the Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC) exile group.
AMBUD-3Dr. Antonio Maceo. Several CIA accounting bills for late 1964 make it clear that Dr. Vicente Lago Pereda was the scriptwriter for AMBUD-3. Receipts mentioned Dr. Antonio Maceo giving Lago $45 for his services.
AMBUD-5Dr. Andres Blanco Ferreiro. A handwritten note, on a cable in March of 1962, on the extension of POA's for AMCROW-1 (Oscar de la Vega Torres) and AMBUD-5 respectively, stated that the latter was Dr. Andres Blanco Ferreiro.
AMBUD-7Pedro Aponte Mendez. Was a member of the Cuban Revolutionary Council (AMBUD), and was also an official of FORDC (AMICE).
AMBUD-8Maximo Sorondo Quintana. Sorondo was a CRC delegate in Colombia, Dominican Republic Brazil in the 1960's, and became a CIA asset in early 1963.
AMBUNNY-1Unknown identity. AMBUNNY-1 was to be sent to Paris, to be a French-English-Spanish speaking secretary, at the suggestion of Sidney P. Di Ubaldo, in 1965. The aim was to penetrate UNSNAFU-19's (Antonio Maria Carrillo Carreras) office. [status: Unknown]
AMCALLADR, the Accion Democratica Revolucionaria. Formed in mid-1960 with members of Catholic Action (Agrupacion Catolico Universitaria) AMWAIL (Agrupacion Montecristi - industrial leaders), Manuel Ray and others. [status: Probable]
AMCALL-1Reinol Gonzalez Gonzalez, head of the Catholic-based MRP in Cuba until arrested at the Cesar Odio farm in October 1961. Also referred to as "Reynoldo". His war name was "Antonio". Also used alias "Joaquin Gomez".
AMCALL-2Known as "Pepe Alegria", and possibly the man known to Antonio Veciana as "Melton". HIs actual identity may have been CIA officer James O'Mailia, described as a cutout to AMCALL-1/Reynoldo Gonzalez. O'Mailia was also known as "Pepe". [status: Speculative]
AMCANOEProject of U.S. contacts for a resistance group in Cuba, incl. support of Unidad de Liberacion Nacional (ULN). Paulino Sierra worked with this group in an effort to unify exiles.
AMCANOE-1Eduardo Garcia Molina, owner of the Garcia Shipping Lines.
AMCANOE-3Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez aka Tony Ramallo.
AMCANOE-7Benjamin Acosta Valdes. Acosta was executed by a firing squad on September 15, 1963.
AMCANOE-9Juan Amestoy Dominguez. He was killed in a gun battle on 29 September 1963.
AMCAPE-1Tad Szulc, confidant of JFK, New York Times journalist involved in AMTRUNK project.
AMCARBON-1Al Burt, Miami Herald journalist used as source and "operational support" for CIA's JMWAVE station.
AMCARBON-2A Miami Herald journalist who introduced Shackley to Al Burt/AMCARBON-1 in late 1962 to ensure that CIA always had access to a Herald reporter. One possibility is Dom Bonafede, who was the chief Latin American correspondent until mid-1963. [status: Speculative]
AMCARBON-3Donald Dean Bohning, Latin American editor of Miami Herald and CIA source.
AMCHALK-1Gustavo Villoldo, chief of the intelligence service of Brigade 2506 in Guatemala in 1960-1961. After the Bay of Pigs, he spotted Cubans for recruitment and was a principal agent in paramilitary teams. Played a key role in the destruction of Che Guevara's guerrilla band in Bolivia in 1967. [status: Probable]
AMCHALK-5Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue served as a Team Leader for several black infiltration groups targeting Cuba during the 1960s.
AMCHEEP-1Unknown identity. AMCHEEP-1, along with AMBOGEY-1, reported on Alpha 66 for the CIA in 1962. [status: Unknown]
AMCHEERThe AMCHEERS were a group of approximately 100 older, non-political Cubans, who received training from Dave Morales at JMWAVE as reserve intelligence personnel—80 had been trained by April 1961.
AMCHEER-1Julio G. Garcia, the training instructor for the "Black Falcons" or "Halcones Negros". Had the pseudonym of Al Smith, also referred to as "D-81" and "C-90".
AMCHEER-25Unknown identity. A cable in early December 1963, stated that AMCHEER-25 became a naturalized U.S. citizen on December 21, 1962, and was being utilized as P/A interpreter for the AMBANTY operation. [status: Unknown]
AMCHEETAHAMCHEETAH was a male United States citizen, and hotel manager - probably at the Hotel Vasco de Quiroga in Mexico City. Unknown identity.
AMCHIRP-1Ramon Barquin Lopez of the MRP; the CIA considered him a key figure.
AMCHITTERUnknown identity. AMCHITTER reported on comments made by Eusebio Azcue, the former Cuban Consul in Mexico City, in December of 1959. AMCHITTER was described as a "person with good contacts in the Cuban Government." [status: Unknown]
AMCHUB-1Unknown identity. AMCHUB-1 discussed with CIA Special Affairs Staff (SAS) officer Stanley M. Figolak in late January, 1964, a tour of Mexico, Central America and Caribbean that the former was about to take. [status: Unknown]
AMCIGARFrente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD) Executive Committee; changed name in November 1960 to AMPORT.
AMCIVICCivic action project connected with Manuel Artime Buesa and the MRR in Latin America during the AMWORLD program.
AMCLANGUnknown identity. A cable in December of 1962 stated that AMCLANG was in the Miami area, doing preliminary photography work, for an hour long NBC special on Alpha 66, and its associated splinter groups. [status: Unknown]
AMCLATTER-1Bernard Leon Barker, Cuban exile and a contract agent for CIA. Barker worked with E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Rolando Martinez - all four men were part of the team of Watergate burglars. His pseudonym was Spencer O. Terteling. Also known as "The Mule".
AMCLATTER-4Pedro Fernandez
AMCLATTER-5Alberto de Jesus Alberty Garcia.
AMCLATTER-6Unknown identity. AMCLATTER-6 was probably an associate of Bernard Barker (AMCLATTER-1). [status: Unknown]
AMCLATTER-8Unknown identity. AMCLATTER-8 told AMCLATTER-4 (Pedro Fernandez) in June 1960 that he had learned that police in Havana were probably investigating the activities of William Pawley of Miami. [status: Unknown]
AMCLAY-1Emilio Adolfo Diaz Cobo. A document in April of 1962 stated that Emilio Diaz's C-Number was 84033, and his 201 number was 201-280999. An undated memo on the cancelling of OP's stated that AMCLAY-1's C-Number was 84033, and his 201 number was 201-280999.
AMCLEMENT-1Unknown identity. AMCLEMENT-1 translated the manifesto from the UR Chief of the Chinese Sector, Chao Kuo Tse, in May or June of 1962. The latter was apparently arrested in Cuba in July, 1962, and sentenced to ten years in prison and forced labor. [status: Unknown]
AMCLEVE-15Luis Posada Carriles, aka Luis Clemente Faustino Posada, Luis Clemente Posada, Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles, El Bambi, Father Frank Roddson, Jr., Pete.
AMCLOCKEspionage net of Cubans. [status: Unknown]
AMCLUCKAMCLUCK was the cryptonym for Miguel Nadal Conte. A cable in April of 1959 stated that Ref B was assigned the cryptonym of AMCLUCK. The name Miguel Nadal Conte was handwritten in alongside Ref B.
AMCOAX-1Jose Pujals Mederos. His patronymic is also seen as Pujol and Pujols. Aliases included Chacho and Ernesto. [status: Probable]
AMCOBRAParamilitary operation of internal resistance in Cuba, renamed AMBANTY, rolled up by Castro in 1964. One of the two teams infiltrated into Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis.
AMCOGA “complex” operational net inside Cuba.
AMCOG-1Ramón Grau Alsina, a.k.a. Mongo. Brother of AMCOG-2. Nephew and later adopted son of AMCOG-3.
AMCOG-2Mrs. (Maria) Leopoldina Grau Alsina de Agüero, aka “Polita.”
AMCOG-3Ramon Grau San Martin, uncle of AMCOG-2 and AMCOG-1 (later foster father of AMCOG-1). Former (1944-48) Cuban President.
AMCOG-5Unknown individual. Alleged sighting of Oswald in Cuba by a woman who was a source for AMCOG-5. [status: Unknown]
AMCONCERT-1Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso, AKA "Pancho," AKA "Paco." No relation to FRD chief Tony Varona.
AMCONCERT-4Unknown identity. A cable in October, 1963, described AMCONCERT-4 as a former employee of a Cuban ministry, who although reliable had produced little information in the past two years (therefore, A-4's reporting probably began around October of 1961). A-4 obtained information from a friend, Jose Antonio Lugo Abreu. [status: Unknown]
AMCOODelia Failde, the “Dragon Lady”, operator of commercial boats including the Veramar used in CIA exfiltrations.
AMCOOP-1Miguel Xiques Macias. Allied with AMCALL-1 during 1961. Also used the alias DIMPLE.
AMCOREA political action/propaganda operation using radio commentators to promote resistance, harassment, and sabotage against the Castro government.
AMCORE-1Abel Mestre, former owner of television and radio station "Circuito CMQ" in Cuba.
AMCORE-2Luis Ernesto Conte Aguero, former radio and TV commentator in Cuba who subsequently "worked on propaganda for the FRD" under AMCORE-1.
AMCOUP-1Ralph Brent aka Rolf Brent, president of WRUL and in charge of programming. [status: Probable]
AMCOVEAn "operation centered around an FI (Foreign Intelligence) net in Cuba to report intelligence information via Secret Writing."
AMCOVE-1Alejandra Sanchez. An undated CIA document from Virginia Renshaw, a researcher for the LAD/JFK Task Force, stated that AMCOVE-1 was Alejandra Sanchez, 201-299293.
AMCRAB-1Rolando Santana Reyes
AMCRACKLE-1James Joseph O'Mailia. His pseudonym was Gordon Biniaris. His alias was Joe Melton. [status: Probable]
AMCRAG-1Francisco Bilbao Alvarez, MRR chief, Oriente province, 1960-61. Worked with ONI intelligence officer Harold Feeney at Guantanamo Naval Base in the early sixties.
AMCREW-1Mario Nordio. Fabian Escalante named him as a CIA agent who was sent to Havana to rent an apartment above the Chinese news agency Xinhua. [status: Speculative]
AMCRIB-1Jesus Angulo Clemente. Was formerly a member of the Cuban Communist Party, and was from the radical left wing of the anti-Castro Cuban movement in the U.S. Participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961, and was active in the COJCE and MDC in particular.
AMCROAK-1Bernardo Milanes Lopez, Castro’s mother’s doctor, recruited by Tony Sforza in Madrid in 1963. Part of a late 1963 plot to assassinate Fidel, Raul, and Che.
AMCROW-1Oscar de la Vega Torres.
AMCRUMB-1Carlos Maristany Sanchez, Cuban Ambassador to the Netherlands. A memo in April, 1965, stated that Ricardo Madan Rivas, who was then living in Miami, knew AMCRUMB-1 well. Madan's brother, Jorge, was Vice Minister for Foreign Commerce in the Cuban Government at the time. Also, in a cable in March, 1966, AMCRUMB-1 was written alongside Carlos Maristany's name.
AMCRUMP-1Laureano Batista Falla. AMCRUMP-1's true name appears in a August 1966 CIA Field Information Report in a Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC) file. [status: Speculative]
AMCRUMP-5Unknown identity. In June 1970, AMCRUMP-5 was the current proprietor of a marine services company. Probably a member of the MDC. [status: Unknown]
AMCRUMP-7Angel Hernandez Rojo was a member of the DRE and the MDC in the 1960's. He was a boat operator.
AMCUBE-1Pedro Jose Lucas Alvarez Tio. During 1961, received in Cuba all equipment targeted for delivery to MDC. [status: Probable]
AMCURVE-1DGI officer, Jose Antonio Rabaza Vasquez.
AMCUTLER-1Brother of David Capeza Coupau. Courier for the AMFAUNA network. [status: Unknown]
AMCUTLER-2AMCUTLER-2 was a courier, and wife of AMCUTLER-1. AMCUTLER-2 was known as Carmina. [status: Unknown]
AMDAMP-3Francisco Botifoll. AMDAMP-3 was executed sometime between December 1963 and December 1965. A cable and field information report in July 1963 described AMDAMP-3 as a "Cuban professional man in Camaguey who travelled frequently to Habana." [status: Speculative]
AMDECK-1Close friend of Santiago Alvarez Fernandez, Jr.; a Cuban exile with good access to activities of emigre activists groups. [status: Probable]
AMDEL-1Andrew St. George. Principal agent in program after JFK's death aimed at penetrating Cuba. His wife states that he was Army Intelligence during World War II. His original name was Andrew Szentgyorgyi. [status: Speculative]
AMDENIM-1Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria, aka Echevarria, Cuban exile whose boat Tejana was used in anti-Castro activities. Leader of the paramilitary wing of the Unidad Revolucionario (UR). A source on CIA unsanctioned exile missions such as those conducted by Alpha 66. Former head of the Sugar Institute in Cuba.
AMDENIM-11Eduardo Perez Gonzalez, aka Eddie Bayo
AMDENIM-13Antonio Blanco Fernandez. A cable in early December 1960 asked for biographic data for a POA request on both Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria and Antonio Blanco Fernandez, possibly indicating that they worked closely together. [status: Speculative]
AMDENIM-14Antonio ("Tony") Cuesta Valle, aka Lobanillo, military leader of Comandos L and other militant anti-Castro organizations such as Alpha-66, the UR and the MRR.
AMDENIM-2Possibly Robert Clark Stevens, captain of the Tejana. A cable in February, 1961, requested crypts for the individuals who maintained the Tejana. The ones listed first, fourth, eleventh and fourteenth became those AMDENIMS. [status: Speculative]
AMDENIM-3George Michael Kappes - also known as Mickey Kappes, engineer and operations officer of the Tejana. A cable in February, 1961, requested crypts for the individuals who maintained the Tejana. The ones listed first, fourth, eleventh and fourteenth became those AMDENIMS. [status: Probable]
AMDENIM-4Larry Laborde, captain of the Tejana III for many years. The vessel was used for resupply and infiltration operations until Laborde was laid off in 1962.
AMDESK-1Ricardo Anibal Morales Navarrete, aka Monkey Morales.
AMDESK-2Angel Manuel Benitez Benitez. A memo in October, 1964, stated that AMDESK-2's 201 number was 201-744305. A CIA document in November, 1964, stated that Angel Manuel Benitez Benitez had a C-Number of 744305.
AMDIAL-2One possibility is Aldo Pedro Margolles Duenas. In July 1962, AMDIAL-2 reported to AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo) the remarks of Juan Falcon Tamar on Cuban radio following Falcon's arrest. [status: Speculative]
AMDIP-1Tony Varona, full name Manuel Antonio de Varona Loredo. He was president of the CRC (Cuban Revolutionary Council). During 1948-50, he was the Prime Minister and Senator in government of Carlos Prio Socarras.
AMDIP-2Jesus Exposito Lorenzo [status: Unknown]
AMDIP-3Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez, aka Comandante Augusto, Cesar, and Tandi.
AMDIP-4Efrein Hernandez Cao, aide to Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez (AMDIP-3). A cable in January of 1963 stated that AMDIP-4 left Cuba in March, 1961, with AMDIP-3 (Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez). AMDIP-4 was also AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona)'s chief assistant on boats. [status: Probable]
AMDIP-5Unknown identity. A contact report in June of 1961 described AMDIP-5, along with AMDIP-4, as being a lieutenant of AMDIP-3 (Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez). AMDIP-3 requested that his case officer discipline them to work harder for him. [status: Unknown]
AMDITTOMIRR - Movimento Insurreccional de Recuperacion (Insurrectional Movement for Revolutionary Recovery). The exile group was led by Orlando Bosch.
AMDITTO-23Orlando Bosch Avila, a famous Cuban exile who led the MIRR. The MIRR engaged in a number of raids directed at the sugar industry in Cuba during 1963 in an effort to disrupt the economy. Bosch was linked to a number of bombing attacks directed at Cuba, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s.
AMDOFF-1Juan Orta, Director of the Office of the Prime Minister from 1959-1961. Described as Fidel Castro's private secretary. A probable double agent of the US government. [status: Probable]
AMDOG-1Jose Puente Blanco, the coordinator of JURE's youth wing. [status: Probable]
AMDOODLE-1Unknown identity. Worked with AMCOOP-1 and AMIRE-1 in the Staybehind net in Cuba. [status: Unknown]
AMDOODLE-3Unknown identity. According to a cable in November, 1963, AMDOODLE-3 was a Latin American diplomat who had maintained close relations with Gustavo Marin, secretary to General Miguel A. Ramirez, Dominican Minister of Agriculture. [status: Unknown]
AMDOROTHY-1Unknown identity. A cable on November 22, 1963, described AMDOROTHY-1 as "a Cuban national who held a minor administrative post in a foreign diplomatic installation in Santiago de Cuba." AMDOROTHY-1 was also described as a "long time" friend of Teofilo Babun. [status: Unknown]
AMDOSE-1Unknown identity. AMDOSE-1 sent a SW message on December 7, 1962, stating that "the majority of us hope that Kennedy finishes with Fidel before Christmas." [status: Unknown]
AMDOTAn Army team that conducts training at Eglin Air Force Base. CIA officer Norman Kiggins (possibly Bob Wall) was one of the trainers. [status: Probable]
AMEAT-1Unknown identity. AMEAT-1 was described as a small scale farmer from Havana Province. [status: Unknown]
AMECRU-1Guillermo Alonso Pujol, who was Vice-President of Cuba from 1948 to 1952 in the government of Carlos Prio. His son was among the exiles captured at the Bay of Pigs. Served as negotiator to rescue anti-Castro exiles from prison - CIA later identified him as a Cuban intelligence service agent.
AMEERThe AAA, or "Triple A", a wing of the Autentico party. Autentico led Cuba between 1944-1952, the first four years by Ramon Grau Martin and the latter four years by Carlos Prio.
AMEER-1Aureliano Sanchez Arango, head of the AAA, a wing of the Autentico party in Cuba. Sanchez was associated with Gerry Hemming and initially endorsed the anti-Castro activities of Hemming's Interpen group.
AMEMBER-1Julio Lobo, sugar magnate in Cuba and later an exile and donor to the anti-Castro cause. Known in Cuba as "Mr. Sugar". Until his departure, he was the most powerful man in Cuba. He hired Antonio Veciana to be his accountant.
AMEPOCH-6Unknown identity. A cable on June 30, 1962, stated that AMDENIM-1 recommended AMEPOCH-6 of refs as Cuban receptionist for agents and supplies. A POA was requested on Silvia de Los Delgado. [status: Unknown]
AMESCORT-1Manuel Vega Abril. A dispatch in June, 1961, from Stanley R. Zamka (David S. Morales) stated that AMESCORT-1 was Identity E, which was Manuel Vega.
AMETROPIA-1Roberto Rodriguez Llompart. Close friend of defector and former Cuban intelligence officer, Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez (AMMUG-1) and target for defection by the CIA in the 1970's.
AMFACET-1Umberto Figueres Gonzalez
AMFASTThe apparent core of Operation 40. A hundred selected Cubans trained to serve as counterintelligence (CI) officers and future government leaders. In a revolt such as the Bay of Pigs, their role was to penetrate inland as fast as possible and to identify and seize documents of the Castro government - and then serve as the intelligence arm of a temporary civilian government of Cuba.
AMFAST-112Unknown identity. According to an undated CIA document, AMFAST-112's 201 number was 201-288214. [status: Unknown]
AMFAST-13Vicente Vasquez Dominquez.
AMFAST-18Manuel Rodriguez Fleites (or Fleitas). [status: Speculative]
AMFAST-35Radio technician. [status: Unknown]
AMFAST-6Jose Garcia Valdez, aka Pepe Gatillo, Pepe Iglesias and "Luciano". 201-299287. [status: Probable]
AMFAUNANetwork of in-Cuba agents, nearly all women, providing military, political, and economic reporting, including reports on attempts to kill Castro.
AMFAUNA-1David Cabeza Coupau.
AMFAUNA-12Unknown identity. A cable in August of 1963 had a handwritten note at the bottom stating that "Withheld in touch AMFAUNA-12 + also Swiss" (probably a reference to AMKNOB-1 - Pedro Fedeli Medici, who was known as "the Swiss"). [status: Unknown]
AMFAUNA-13Manuel Villamanan was involved in the MRR and the AMFAUNA Operation. He was also an associate of Rolando Martinez, one of the Watergate burglars, and Alberto Beguiristain. Villamanan was questioned by the FBI in the 1970's in the wake of Watergate.
AMFAUNA-14Key part of the AMFAUNA network and a link to the AMCOG network. Taken into custody and interrogated at length by the Cuban government during October 1963. Known as "Soledad" and as "Betty". [status: Unknown]
AMFAUNA-26Unknown identity. In a January, 1964, dispatch AMFAUNA-26 was alleged to be the sister of Olga Rosquete Rodriguez. The latter was also alleged to be the wife of AMFLORA-1.
AMFAUNA-3Hortensia Orizondo Meneses. A cable on January 5, 1965, stated that AMFAUNA-3 was "ACSI source No. 180, under whose net Jose Vasquez Nerey worked until A/3 (was) exfiltrated by AMTRUNKS in September, 1963."
AMFAUNA-7Unknown identity. A cable in July of 1963 stated that AMFAUNA-1 (David Cabeza Coupau) reported that a friend of AMFAUNA-7 was planning to assassinate Cuban leader, Fidel Castro Ruz (AMTHUG). [status: Unknown]
AMFED-1Jorge Medina Bringuier. AMFED-1 and Ricardo Alfonso Villalva (war name "Oquendo") allegedly destroyed the DRE in Cuba in 1962. Bringuier is also known as "Mongo" and "Carlos Prado". [status: Probable]
AMFIFE-1Agusto Domingo Casamayor Castro. A document in April of 1962 stated that Agusto Casamayor's C-Number was 84121, and his 201 number was 201-281279. An undated memo on the cancelling of OP's stated that AMFIFE-1's C-Number was 84121, and his 201 number was 201-281279.
AMFIX-1Unknown identity. Was described as being "skilled in small boat operations." Reported on MIRR, SFNE, and JURE. [status: Unknown]
AMFLORA-1Unknown identity. AMFLORA-1's wife was alleged to be Olga Rosquete Rodriguez, who was also alleged to be the sister of AMFAUNA-26.
AMFOX-1Juan Falcon Tamar, aka Juan Esteban. Also known as "Montes". [status: Probable]
AMFRAME-1Rafael Rivas Vasquez was a prominent member of Artime's MRR from 1959 onward. A highly valued propaganda asset in UR's projects in the 1960s. By 1965 he was chief of the UR Economic Warfare section.
AMGABE-1Julio Gaspar Hubert Rico. Among a small group of agents supposedly asked to determine if pro-Castro Cubans or anti-Castro Cubans were involved in the killing of JFK.
AMGAME-1Unknown identity. A cable in February of 1969 stated that AMGAME-1 knew Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (AMETROPIA-1), and assessed the latter "as being a worthwhile target and possibly recruitable." [status: Unknown]
AMGIRAFFEAn unknown CIA asset involved with Cuban exiles members of the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). [status: Speculative]
AMGLADThis network of UR agents provided foreign intelligence, with Andres Zayas (aka "Justo") at the center of it.
AMGLAD-1Ralph Diaz Hanscom, aka Rafael Diaz Hanscom. Planned to assassinate Fidel Castro on 3/27/61. Was captured with Humberto Sori Marin on 3/18/61 and executed during Bay of Pigs period.
AMGLAD-2Aureliano/Aurelio Fernandez Diaz. A dispatch in June, 1961, from Stanley R. Zamka (David S. Morales) stated that AMGLAD-2 was Identity A, which was Aureliano Fernandez Diaz.
AMGLAD-3Luis Vega Moreno. A dispatch in June, 1961, from Stanley R. Zamka (David S. Morales) stated that AMGLAD-3 was Identity B, which was Luis Vega.
AMGLAD-4Hector Febles (Barreto). Exfiltrated illegally from Cuba to the U.S. in August 1962. Granted a POA in October 1962. UR coordinator for action and sabotage. Also known as "Horacio". Head of the UR in the US.
AMGLEN-1Jesus A. Valdes Cardenas.
AMGLEN-9Probably Emilio Cardenas Pinera, also referred to as Emilio Cadenas Adan. In 1960, he was known as "DWAKIQ", a radio operator covering some of the boats. For at least one operation, AMGLEN-9 was known as "Ink". May have used the alias "Emilio Carbo", had close relations with Clemente Inclan/AMSIGH-2, and exfiltrated about the same time as AMCANOE-3 in late 1963. [status: Probable]
AMGLOSSYComandos Mambises - a CIA infiltration team designed to set up an intelligence network and a resistance organization inside Cuba during 1963. Members of the team were captured on 10/21/63. [status: Probable]
AMGORILLA-1Rafael Guas Inclan, Vice President of Cuba, 1954-58, fits the description of the man described as a "rightist Cuban exile" who had been an official in the Batista regime and a trained reporter. [status: Probable]
AMGOSH-1Contact of Margot Pena and Tony Varona, known under the alias of Frau Marsal Barbarossa Lorenzo. [status: Unknown]
AMGUN-1Unknown identity. [status: Unknown]
AMGUPPY-1Ricardo Rafael Sardinas Sanchez.
AMHALFAction involving Uruguay in Cuba. [status: Probable]
AMHALF-2German Roosen, Second Secretary at the Uruguayan embassy in Havana. Willing to assist in helping people defect for a fee. [status: Speculative]
AMHAM-1Juan Felaifel Canahan testified against Rolando Cubela and others at the 1966 criminal trial in Cuba.
AMHAWKManuel Antonio (Tony) de Varona, a leader in the Cuban Revolutionary Council and other anti-Castro exile groups.
AMHAWK-2Jesus Exposito Lorenzo. Also known as "Ralph".
AMHAZEA post-Bay of Pigs CIA operational group consisting of exiles initially recruited for the 2506 Brigade. This brigade was the anti-Castro Cuban exiles and allies that participated in the Bay of Pigs.
AMHAZE-2523Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Sanchez, war name Eduardo Sanchez, nickname "Batea"
AMHAZE-2524Jorge Giraud Leiva. Early exile volunteer (April 1960) for military action against Cuba, along with Carlos Hernandez (AMHAZE-2523) and Felix Rodriguez. He was asked to be part of AMWORLD. Completed full military training including maritime operations and parachute drops. In 1963 recommended by JMWAVE Operations (Morales) for AMWORLD project.
AMHAZE-2563AMHAZE-2563 was Jose Rojas Castellanos. A memo on October 12, 1961, had 2563 in brackets after Rojas' name. Carlos Hernandez had 2523 in brackets after his name, and he was AMHAZE-2523. Therefore, Rojas was AMHAZE-2563.
AMHAZE-2736Unknown identity. AMHAZE-2736 was a trainee, who in New Orleans on April 20, 1961, was given $100 and a ticket to his home in New York City. [status: Unknown]
AMHELM-1Antonio Perez Quesada. His 201 number, 201-328512, matches that of AMHELM-1's. He was a captain of vessels, a fisherman guide, and a gun runner. He was officially a CIA asset or agent for only a few months, from around February 1963 to May/June 1963.
AMHICKA paramilitary operation based on infiltrating individuals into Cuba and exfiltrating other individuals from Cuba. [status: Unknown]
AMHICK-1Unknown identity. Agent monitoring the Saavedra missile site during November 1963. A cable in September of 1963 stated that AMHICK-1 and AMHICK-2 were due to undertake a short term infiltration/exfiltration operation on September 16, 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMHICK-2Unknown identity. A cable in September of 1963 stated that AMHICK-1 and AMHICK-2 were due to undertake a short term infiltration/exfiltration operation on September 16, 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMHICK-4Fernando (Alvarez) Morales. Cables on December 9, 1963 (WAVE 8714 and WAVE 8715) stated that AMHICK-4 was Fernando (Alvarez) Morales.
AMHICK-5Domingo Muro. Cables on December 9, 1963 (WAVE 8714 and WAVE 8715) stated that AMHICK-5 was Domingo (Muro).
AMHIMThe Agencia de Informaciones Periodisticas (the Agency for News Information) was a news service financed by CIA. A project for the "distribution of news and information bulletins and radio newscast tapes to addresses throughout Latin America". Used by Frank Sturgis' International Anti-Communist Brigade for its bulletin.
AMHIM-1Maybe Fernando Carrandi, the president of AMHIM. He was the one who obtained funding for AMHIM. [status: Speculative]
AMHIM-2Augustin Alles Soberon, worked under AMHIM project and also for Juana Castro's radio program.
AMHINTA branch of the DRE that conducted paramilitary and infiltration operations in Cuba. Their case officer was JMWAVE chief of operations David Morales. [status: Probable]
AMHINT-1Alberto Muller Quintana, also known as AMING-3. 201-286050.
AMHINT-12Jose Antonio Gonzalez-Lanuza Mena. Referred to in CIA memo on 11/22/63 as "Jose Llanusa Gobel" - accidental or purposeful?
AMHINT-13Ernesto Fernandez Traviesa (or Travieso). A handwritten note on a memorandum in March, 1961, gave Ernesto Traviesa's 201 number as 201-291751. A cable in May, 1961, cited AMHINT-13's 201 number as 201-291751, matching's Traviesa/Traviesco's.
AMHINT-14Julio Hernandez Suarez. DRE member, who was infiltrated into Cuba prior to the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. A CIA cable in May 1964 stated that he had been in a Cuban prison for three years.
AMHINT-18George Nobregas aka Jorge Nobregas. AMHINT-18 used the names George and Jorge as an indigenous instructor. [status: Probable]
AMHINT-19AMHINT-19 was probably Raul Villaverde. [status: Probable]
AMHINT-2Juan Manuel Salvat Roque.
AMHINT-21Jose Jesus Basulto Leon. AMHINT-21 was infiltrated into Cuba before the Bay of Pigs invasion in April, 1961. In addition, AMHINT-21 took part in a raid on Cuba in April of 1962. [status: Speculative]
AMHINT-24Victor Espinosa Hernandez aka Victor Papucho Espinosa.
AMHINT-26John Koch Gene, aka Jose R. Alsina Vazquez
AMHINT-27Manuel Baro Esteva, military coordinator for the MRR.
AMHINT-28Angel Alfredo Fontanills y Miguel
AMHINT-29Luis Cowan Fernandez. A cable in September of 1961 stated that Luis Cowan Fernandez was AMHINT-29. However, he may only have had this crypt a short time, as the cable mentioned that the crypts would be assigned after completion of training (he possibly only had this crypt provisionally).
AMHINT-3Miguel A. Garcia Armengol, head of the action and sabotage wing of the DRE until arrested in Cuba after the Bay of Pigs invasion. Spent many years in Cuban prison.
AMHINT-30Albor Ruiz Salazar, used the war name "Raul".
AMHINT-33Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Sanchez. According to a January 1964 dispatch on Jorge Medina Bringuier (probably AMFED-1), AMHINT-33 was a black-belt Judo champion. In addition, a dispatch in February 1963 stated AMHINT-33 was an old friend of Bringuier's. [status: Probable]
AMHINT-39Delio Alberto Gonzalez Riba (201-308442). A cable in October 1961, included Delio Gonzalez among those who were to be assigned an AMHINT cryptonym. A dispatch on September 14, 1962, listed AMHINT-39, along with AMHINT-57, as DRE intelligence officers.
AMHINT-4Antonio Garcia Crew.
AMHINT-40Julio Hernandez Rojo, used the war name Cesar. Took part in Operations GORDO, PEPE and PATRICIO. Arrested in October 1962, probably due to the double agent activities of Jorge Medina Bringuier.
AMHINT-42Leslie Nobregas, captain of the Susan Ann. A progress report on the DRE for April of 1962 stated that AMHINT-42 was part of the crew for a raid on Cuba. Also, a dispatch in May 1962, mentioned that AMHINT-42 was the captain of an infiltration mission into Cuba. [status: Speculative]
AMHINT-5Isidro 'Chilo' Borja, early member of the DRE. He controlled the group's boats and headed the group's military section in 1963. Clare Boothe Luce referred to him as a boatman she called 'Julio Fernandez'. When CIA director Bill Colby followed up this story in October 1975, he was fired within days - with Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney taking over leadership positions in the Ford Administration.
AMHINT-53Luis Fernandez-Rocha, Secretary General of the Revolutionary Student Directorate (DRE).
AMHINT-56Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez, participated in DRE raids on Cuba. Head of the DRE's military section.
AMHINT-57Unknown identity. A dispatch on September 24, 1962, stated that AMHINT-57 was a AMSPELL (DRE) intelligence officer. Another dispatch earlier in that month listed AMHINT-57 and AMHINT-39 (Delio Alberto Gonzalez Riba) as DRE intelligence personnel. [status: Unknown]
AMHINT-58Jose Angel Lozano y Lozano [status: Probable]
AMHINT-8AMHINT-8 was the cryptonym for Carlos Duquesne Wylryez. A cable on April 11, 1961, stated that Carlos Duquesne's 201 number was 201-283951 (the first three digits in the second part are hard to distinguish but the last three are definitely 951).
AMHOBONewsletter in Mexico that received funds from CIA. [status: Probable]
AMHOOK-1Unknown identity. A CIA document in September of 1963 referred to "much conflict in the MRR" between AMHOOK-1 and AMBRONC-5 (Juan Manuel Guillot Castellanos) towards the end of 1961. [status: Unknown]
AMHOSEAMHOSE was a project that involved a cruiser broadcasting radio propaganda as it drifted off the Cuban coast. Its first broadcast was made on October 7, 1960. CIA officer Ross Crozier worked on this project.
AMHOSE-1Unknown identity. A CIA cable in October of 1960 noted that AMHOSE-1 had been given repeated warnings over his apparent advertising of his connections to the U.S Government for his "own political/operational aggrandizement." [status: Unknown]
AMICARUS-1Julio Garcia Olivera. A cable in May of 1968 cited AMICARUS-1 as the identity for Mexico only. A cable the same day stated that the identity was Julio Garcia Olivera, the Cuban Ambassador to North Viet Nam, and member of the 13 Marzo Directorio Revolucionario.
AMICEFORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano. The English translation is Labor Revolutionary Democratic Front of Cuba.
AMICE-1Pascasio Linera Lopez, leader of FORDC. Also referred to as Pascasio Lineras. [status: Probable]
AMICE-10Unknown identity. Cables in late March and early April, 1961, stated that AMICE-10 worked with AMDIP-3 in sending, receiving and reporting SW messages. [status: Unknown]
AMICE-14Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue, a "principal" in the AMTRUNK operation. Used the alias "David Pardo".
AMICE-27Dr. Nestor Moreno, a "principal" in the AMTRUNK operation.
AMICE-3Mario Fontela Alfonso. A cable in 1965 stated that Fontela was AMICE-3, with the 201 number of 201-288243. Fontela was Chief of Press and Propaganda for FORDC, Cuban Revolutionary Democratic Workers' Front, and was also the treasurer in the 1960's.
AMICE-31Reinaldo Pico Ramon, captured at the Bay of Pigs.
AMICE-8Unknown identity. Appeared to be in close contact with Jose Miro Cardona (AMBUD-1), who headed the CRC, and JMWAVE in 1962. [status: Unknown]
AMIFF-1Unknown identity. AMIFF-1 was described in a CIA document in August of 1962 as an "airline executive" and was a contact of AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo). [status: Unknown]
AMIGGY-1Espino Lopez Rieto, director of CRC's radio program on WRUL.
AMINGProbably the predecessor to the AMHINT group, which conducted in paramilitary and infiltration operations in Cuba. AMING members included AMING-1 (identity still unknown) Enrique Huertas (AMING-2), Alberto Muller (AMING-3, later AMHINT-1) and Juan Salvat (AMING-4, later AMHINT-2). [status: Probable]
AMING-1Cuban exile leader, made decisions over use of Luis Conte Aguero/AMCORE-2. [status: Unknown]
AMING-2Doctor Enrique Huertas Pozo. A cable in June of 1962 stated that AMING-2 was IDEN A, and another cable the same day mentioned that IDEN A was Doctor Enrique Huertas Pozo, President of the Cuban Medical Association in Exile.
AMING-3Alberto Muller Quintana.
AMING-4Juan Manuel Salvat Roque. Salvat was later AMHINT-2.
AMIRE-1Emilio Americo Rodriguez.
AMIRONThe Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD), aka Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front. The FRD Executive Committee was known as AMCIGAR. Sergio Arcacha Smith led the New Orleans branch - his second in command was Layton Martens and David Ferrie worked with them.
AMISLE-2Unknown identity. AMISLE-2 was described in a December, 1963, Information Report as "a veteran Communist, well versed in economics, and employed by the Cuban Government." [status: Unknown]
AMJAGAgrupacion Montecristi from December 1960 on.
AMJAG-1Justo A. Carrillo Hernandez. Changed from AMWAIL-1 after breach of security in December 1960.
AMJAG-10Unknown identity. According to a CIA cable, AMJAG-10 sponsored Operation RUTH just prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. [status: Unknown]
AMJAG-4Unknown identity. AMJAG-4 was an acquaintance of Tony Varona (AMDIP-1). [status: Unknown]
AMJAG-7Max Lesnik, aka Max Lesnick, from 1965 on.
AMJAG-8Orlando Ray Rivero, brother of Manuel Ray Rivero, leader of JURE. He was assigned the AMJAG-8 cryptonym in August 1963, previously having been AMWAIL-9.
AMJAM-1Jorge Bosch, son of Jose Pepin Bosch, head of Bacardi Rum Company. [status: Speculative]
AMJAVA-1Jorge Recarey Garcia-Vieta. [status: Unknown]
AMJAVA-2Probably Edgar Sopo, aka Joaquin Varela Vieytes. Worked with Jorge Recarey in urban terrorism in weeks before the Bay of Pigs and leading pilot with the Bay of Pigs force. During 1963-64, director of the Tridente radio program, and Artime's director of public relations. Contact of Evilio Duque and Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez/AMDIP-3. [status: Probable]
AMJAVA-3Contact of Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez. [status: Unknown]
AMJAVA-4Rafael Quintero, aka Rafael Aureli Quintero Ibarbia, aka Jose M. Hernandez Valdes, aka "Omar".
AMJOKE-1Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia. Influential Cuban exile.
AMJUTE-1Arnesto Napoleon Rodriguez y Gonzalez. Worked with ONI in the 1930s. Father of Arnesto, Jr., an FBI informant that was in communication with Lee Oswald in New Orleans during the summer of 1963.
AMKAKA-7Miguel Casas Rodriguez Limonta, a member of the CRC as late as 1963 and a compatriot of the agent known as AMBELLOW-1. A student leader, described as a skilled propagandist.
AMKHAN-1Unknown identity. AMKHAN-1 was described in a cable on November 22, 1963, as "an educated Cuban of western European extraction who lives in Habana, source has reported military information acquired by personal observation. Source's reliability has not yet been established." [status: Unknown]
AMKHAN-2Carlos Martin Ahrens Temple, Western Union employee in Cuba recruited by CIA agent Bernard Barker (AMCLATTER-1). A CIA document in the early 1970's on Barker identified Ahrens as being AMKHAN-2. A-2 was a FI source in Cuba.
AMKHAN-3Unknown identity. A cable in June of 1965 described AMKHAN-3 as "a highly placed Cuban official who has provided documentary information which has been considered reliable since February 1964." [status: Unknown]
AMKIRK-1Maria Witoski, the estranged wife of Castro's personal physician Rene Vallejo.
AMKNOB-1Known as "the Swiss" (201-335958), Pedro Fedeli Medici. Had some close relationship with Guillermo Ruiz (201-335938 and 201-735296). Ruiz was a Cuban intelligence officer and married to the cousin of Antonio Veicana/AMSHALE-1. AMKNOB-1 was an asset of Win Scott in Mexico City during 1963. By 1966, the CIA called him a double agent. In an attempt to get consul Eusebio Azcue to defect, the "Swiss" passed on useful information to CIA informant LITAMIL-3 in September 1963. Ruiz fled to Cuba on 11/22/63. Two weeks later, AMKNOB-1 returned to the scene and communicated with Cuban consulate employees Silvia Duran and Raul Aparicio.
AMKNOCK-1Unknown identity. A dispatch on June 4, 1963, mentioned that the Mexico City station had recently been exposed to AMKNOCK-1, who had "been living deep 'in the entrails of the monster' in Oriente." [status: Unknown]
AMKNOTProgram to assist Cuban merchant mariners who have defected from their service.
AMLABEL-1Enrique Badias Val de Iglesias, footwear industry head in Cuba. If not him, his "boss". [status: Probable]
AMLACE-1Luis Bastian Pinto, Brazil's ambassador to Cuba.
AMLACE-2Wife of Luis Bastian Pinto, Brazil's ambassador to Cuba (AMLACE-1).
AMLAKAPre-Bay of Pigs infiltration operation into Cuba. [status: Probable]
AMLAMEAn anti-Castro government net of agents based in the Belgian embassy in Cuba's Las Villas province. In the center of the country.
AMLAME-1Arturo Sueiras, a Cuban exile with contacts in the exile community in both Miami and New York. In close touch with corporate leaders, particularly in the sugar industry.
AMLAME-4Unknown identity - arrested on 12/26/63 in roll-up of the AMLAME net in Las Villas province. Involved in Miguel Casas Saez's abrupt departure from the United States on 11/22/63. [status: Unknown]
AMLAME-5Luis Puig Tabares. AMLAME-5 was confirmed as Luis Puig Tabares in a January 1964 AMFAUNA Progress Report and a HSCA document in 1977.
AMLASHRolando Cubela Secades, a Cuban doctor and official who was recruited in 1963 for an assassination attempt on Castro. Suspicion remains that Cubela may have been acting as a dangle to the CIA by Castro, due to his lenient treatment after his conviction for treason. Reported to be an informant to the Cuban government in 1980.
AMLASH-2Jorge Carlos Robreno Marieguez aka "El Mago" (The Wizard)
AMLASH-3Alberto Blanco Ramirez aka "El Loco" (The Crazy One)
AMLAW-1Armando Hart, Cuban Minister of Education under Castro. [status: Probable]
AMLAW-3Carlos Lechuga Hevia, the diplomat at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico who became Cuba's Ambassador to the United Nations. Had an affair with Cuban embassy secretary Silvia Duran; this affair was used by the CIA by leaning on his wife in an effort to convince Lechuga and his family to defect.
AMLEGAn FI (foreign intelligence) operation using Cuban merchant seamen.
AMLEG-1Manuel Leveque Cajaraville. A cable in September, 1962, described AMLEG-1 as the chief coordinator of the naval resistance group of UR in Havana, and used the alias "Rodolfo." Other documents confirm that Cajaraville used the alias "Rodolfo" and was chief or national coordinator for the UR in Cuba.
AMLEG-29Unknown identity. Described as a "talented and well motivated agent." Had not defected to U.S. by April 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMLEG-4Alberto Gutierrez Barbero, first officer on the Bahia de Matanzas, where a sabotage-linked fire took place during May 1962. Gutierrez defected in October 1962.
AMLEMON-1Eric Marcos. A memorandum from Eric Marcos in April of 1963 had "Lemon-1" handwritten alongside his name. Therefore, it is possible that Marcos was AMLEMON-1. [status: Speculative]
AMLEO"An FI propaganda operation involving the exploitation of Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez (AMLEO-3), a high-level defector who escaped from Cuba in an INRA plane on 6 December 1962."
AMLEO-2Sister of AMLEO-3. Her name may be Dolores Rabel y Nunez. [status: Probable]
AMLEO-3Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez, "a high-level defector who escaped from Cuba in an INRA plane on 6 December 1962." Almost certainly a double agent run by the Castro government. Involved with David Morales and Tony Sforza in the days leading up to 11/22/63.
AMLEPTONProgram run jointly by Ted Shackley's Miami station known as JMWAVE and James Angleton's CI Branch. Aimed at spotting refugees in Miami area who could serve as intermediaries to reach and ultimately recruit persons in Cuba for counterintelligence purposes.
AMLEXRaider aspect of AMBIDDY-1 operations. A cable on May 20, 1963, mentioned that a IDEN crypt was being assigned for the above mentioned operations. Another cable on the same day stated IDEN was AMLEX.
AMLIE-1Ramon Cesar Cuenca Montoto, head of Cuban G-2 in Mexico. Neill Prew, a colleague of William K. Harvey, was notified of the contents of a February 1964 cable mentioning AMLIE-1.
AMLIGHT-1Huber Matos Benitez, important Cuban military leader in Camaguey province until his purge in 1959 for challenging Fidel Castro. Imprisoned until the 1970s.
AMLIKE-1Erasmo Espinosa Hernandez. The proposed AMLIKE operation in Ecuador itself appears to have run into problems and probably did not get established.
AMLILAC"Commando Groups" (Comandos Mambises and others) involved in infiltrations into Cuba.
AMLILAC-2Unknown identity. His 201 number is very close to that of the AMKNOB-1 figure - who in turn has a 201 number very close to who appears to be Guillermo Ruiz. [status: Unknown]
AMLILAC-22Unknown identity. A November 1967 CIA Information Report stated that AMLILAC-22 was associated with Rolando Masferrer Rojas. AMLILAC-22 apparently obtained information from Julio Aton Constanzo Palau. [status: Unknown]
AMLILAC-33Unknown identity. AMLILAC-33's information from two sources was the basis of a dispatch on AMWORLD in September 1964. It mentioned a planned infiltration mission whose apparent goal was the assassination of Fidel Castro. [status: Unknown]
AMLILAC-8Enrique Llanso Alzugaray. A dispatch in August 1965 stated that AMLILAC-8 had been fired a couple of years previously, around August 1963, and had been with Manuel Artime's (AMBIDDY-1) group since then. [status: Speculative]
AMLIME-1Julio Alonso Gonzalez, spelled in a variety of manners. A Cuban Revolutionary Navy Comandante. Captain of the JURE boat Venus in Puerto Rico as of early 1964. [status: Probable]
AMLINT-1Jose Gomez Rodriguez, aka "Cabezas" [status: Probable]
AMLION-1Heriberto Sardina Del Campo. A dispatch in March of 1963 stated that AMLION-1's 201 number was 201-328507. A memo in July, 1967, stated that Heriberto Sardina Del Campo's 201 number was 201-328507, matching AMLION-1's number.
AMLISP"A FI (foreign intelligence) project targeted against political and economic targets."
AMLITAINT-1Unknown identity. Was a long time friend of Jaime Varela Canosa, naval attache at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City until he defected in March 1960. (LITAG-1). [status: Unknown]
AMLOON-1Ricardo Rafael Sardinas Sanchez, aka Rafael Sardina Sanchez, active with the Cuban Association of Cane Growers and the FRD.
AMLOUT-1Raul Castro, brother of Fidel.
AMLUFF-1Unknown identity. AMLUFF-1 was handwritten at the bottom of a page in a file of Augustin Guitart, who was a physics professor at Xavier University, in New Orleans, in 1963 - Sylvia Odio's uncle and present at Oswald's court hearing in New Orleans. He may have also been Alfred Moran, used by the CIA as a spotter in other situations. [status: Unknown]
AMLUNCH-1Carlos A. Valdes-Fauli, an agent in Miami that reported Jack Ruby's alleged visits to Cuba during the 1962-63 period.
AMLUNT-1Alwin Odio Tamayo, a Cuban DSE agent infiltrated into the JMWAVE area in the early 1960s to become a double agent.
AMLUNT-2Duney Perez Alamo, aka Dunney Perez Alamo.
AMLYRIC-1Manuel Brana Chansuolme/Chansoulme, Juanita Castro's business partner, JMWAVE media/propaganda asset. Worked with AMCORE-2, AMRAZOR-1, and AMSTRUT-2.
AMMOP-1Unknown identity. A cable in January, 1965, stated that a POA was granted to subject refs on 26 January, 1965 (Jose Ignacio Rasco Rodriguez and Guido Ernesto Rodriguez Diaz). [status: Unknown]
AMMUG-1Cuban intelligence officer named Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez, who defected to U.S. via Canada in April 1964, and was interrogated about Oswald in addition to other matters. Later became known as SLANK-1.
AMNIP-1Miguel Roche Monroy - Cuban DGI defector.
AMNORM-1Higino Diaz, aka Nino Diaz.
AMNUBA-1Unknown identity. Commando and radio operator in AMLILAC group [status: Unknown]
AMNUBA-2Anibal Garcia Diaz.
AMOBESEJose Luis Posada Torres, Cuban Consul in Vera Cruz and Tampico. A cable in June, 1970, cited AMOBESE's 201 number as 201-334245. A CIA document in 1964 stated that Jose Luis Posada's 201 number was 201-334245, matching AMOBESE's.
AMOOZE-1Rogelio Montenegro Guasp, Cuban UN Delegate. A May 1964 debriefing report by Harold Swenson stated that he was a cousin of Ramon Vasquez Montenegro, a Cuban Intelligence staff officer. AMOOZE-1 said in late January 1967 that he was going to visit Ramon Vasquez in Cuba. [status: Speculative]
AMOTTeam of some 40 Cubans trained by David Morales during 1960-61 to be a new Cuban intelligence service once Castro had been ousted. It became a proprietary which produced economic and sociological reports in support of Cuban operations
AMOT-106Jose Casas [status: Speculative]
AMOT-11Benito Quevedo, Cuban officer working in the AMOT group, reporting on the leadership of the FRD and CRC. Based at Guantanamo Naval Base during 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-110This person may be Mario del Canal, member of RESCATE and right-hand man to Jose Miro Cardona. Or he may be Luis Balbuena. Also known as AMAPACHE-1. [status: Speculative]
AMOT-119Max Lesnick Menendez, aka Max Lesnik. Lesnick ran the radio show "Cuba Despierta" aka "Cuba Awakens", which originated in Miami and transmitted from the Dominican Republic 1962-1963. Editor of the small Miami newspaper "Replica", beginning in 1963 and continuing for many years afterwards.
AMOT-120Unknown identity. There are several possibilities. One is Eduardo Garcia, the shipping magnate, and owner of Garcia Lines. Another possibility is a member of the Babun family, such as Teofilo Babun. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-129Unknown identity. Reported on Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo and was a very old friend of Sergio Lopez Ruiz de Porras, Communications Chief for the SFNE in mid-1964. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-132Unknown identity. AMOT-132 spotted and recommended for recruitment AMDESK-1 (Ricardo Anibal Morales Navarrete, aka Monkey Morales). [status: Unknown]
AMOT-133Unknown identity. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-14Anti-Castro agent working with JMWAVE officer David Morales in Miami. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-15CIA source. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-16This agent and AMOT-4 were the controlled penetration agents within the AMOTS and the AMFASTS. Reporting on pro- and anti-Castro activity in the Miami area. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-161Unknown identity. AMOT-161 appears to have been described in a June, 1963, Report Cover Sheet and Information Report, as "a former member of Brigade 2506, who was a former Cuban aviation cadet." The information was allegedly from Rene Luis Pelly. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-166Unknown identity. Described as a spotter assessor in the New York area in a CIA cable of December 1963. A cable in November 1963, cited AMOT-166's 201 number as 201-355895. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-173Unknown identity. Reported from a source an alleged remark made by Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo on November 21, 1963, that "something very big would happen soon that would advance Cuban cause." [status: Unknown]
AMOT-174Dr. Marcus Rodriguez Menendez, an attorney and executive member of the Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC). [status: Speculative]
AMOT-186Rene L. Diaz Gonzalez. AMOT-186's 201 number was 201-726322. Carl Jenkins' debriefing report on Reinol Gonzalez Gonzalez in May 1979 mentioned the latter's cousin, Rene Diaz Gonzalez, whose 201 number was 201-726322, matching AMOT-186's.
AMOT-2Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo, also known as Joaquin Sanjenis, titular head of the AMOT organization circa 1961 prior to the Bay of Pigs landings and into 1962. His pseudonym was Carlos Blanco.
AMOT-20Orestes Puig Rios. A cable in 1965 stated that Puig was AMOT-20, with the 201 number of 201-311333.
AMOT-28Andres Eugenio Venegas Garcia. He was a heavy equipment operator in Cuba. His 201 number may have been 201-314932, if so it would match AMTRIGON-1. He was involved in the failed Operation Red Cross/Bayo-Pawley raid/Operation Tilt in June 1963. Later took part in Masferrer's planned uprising in Haiti and was arrested by U.S. Customs in early January 1967.
AMOT-3Vincente Rafael Zorrilla Zorrilla
AMOT-31Felix Gutierrez Fernandez, deputy to AMOT leader Joaquin Sanjenis. [status: Probable]
AMOT-32Orlando Gomez Gil. A CIA document in May of 1961 stated that AMOT-32 was Orlando Gomez Gil. Also, in Gil's files his C Number was 87355, which matched that of AMOT-32's.
AMOT-34George Nobregas aka Jorge Nobregas, in his role as contact with members of the Staybehind Net in Cuba, particularly AMIRE-1 (Emilio Americo Rodriguez), AMRYE-1 (Tony Sforza), and AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona). [status: Probable]
AMOT-4This agent and AMOT-16 were the controlled penetration agents within the AMOTS and the AMFASTS. Reporting on pro- and anti-Castro activity in the Miami area. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-46Eliser Flores. A report in June of 1961 stated that Eliser Flores was AMOT-46.
AMOT-48Unknown identity. A dispatch in May, 1961, stated that AMOT-48 was a source of operational intelligence in Oriente Province, and was in contact with the CIA via a cut out at the Guantanamo Naval Base. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-5Pedro Diaz Lanz, also known as QDBIAS and Oscar Diaz. David Morales helped exfiltrate him from Cuba in 1959, and used him as a source thereafter. Diaz had been head of the Cuban Air Force. [status: Speculative]
AMOT-53Julio Jane Argudia. An AMOT source used by the CIA Miami Station. Also seen recruiting Cubans in New Orleans in 1961. [status: Probable]
AMOT-57Manuel del Valle Caral. Captured at the end of December 1962 with Cameron Perez in Cuba.
AMOT-6Marcos Diaz Lanz. Brother of Cuban Air Force chief Pedro Diaz Lanz - both of them defected to US. Used as source by David Morales in 1961. Among the AMOTS, known as C-5. Previously known as QDCHAR, joined Minutemen by 1964. [status: Probable]
AMOT-62Cesar Rodriguez Pintado. A CIA document in May of 1961 stated that AMOT-62 was Cesar Rodriguez Pintado.
AMOT-63Possibly Col. Osvaldo Lopez. Full name: Osvaldo Jesus Lopez-Guerrero Chavez. A male source of intelligence reporting within Cuba. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-67Unknown identity. A CIA cable in early December 1963, stated that AMOT-67 from personal knowledge from Jesus Alvarez Amador acquired information about the plans of Comandos L. [status: Unknown]
AMOT-84Possibly Jose Caragol Aragon. Described as a Cuban businessman in a August 1962 CIA document. He was also a former classmate of Elio Mas in the Belen School. [status: Speculative]
AMOT-87Mercedes Maria de los Angeles Meana Comdina.
AMOT-99Julio Fernandez Gonzalez. Fernandez Gonzalez was employed by the Intelligence and Security Commission of the FRD (AMIRON/AMBRUSH) for about two months in 1961. He received POA on 10 May, 1961 for use as a member of AMOT Admin Staff.
AMOTEX-9Armando Alanis Angulo, personnel chief of JURE and a penetration agent of the CIA. AMOTEX-9 was formerly AMTAUP-2. [status: Probable]
AMOTIN-117Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue. A memorandum in March of 1968 stated that AMOTIN-117 was formerly AMSTALK-1, with a 201 number of 201-307337.
AMOURETTE-7Unsure of this person's identity. Traveled during April 1957 with Cuban ambassador Emilio Nunez Portunado. [status: Probable]
AMOURETTE-9Padre Enrique Osler, aka Enrique Osle, Jesuit priest. Spiritual advisor to the youth workers JOC (Juventad Obrera Catolica) and the labor group UTC (Union Trabajadorsa Cristianos). Father Osler worked with Reynoldo Gonzalez/AMCALL-1 both before and after his capture at the farm of Amador Odio in October 1961. [status: Probable]
AMOURETTE-ALa Asociacion Cubana Pro-Democracia, based in Havana, spearheaded a wide variety of anti-Communist propaganda campaigns. [status: Probable]
AMOURETTE-BThe Catholic Youth Workers, known as the JOC or the Joventud Obrera Catolica. This group ran a radio program operation that was designed to create an active body of anti-Communists within the Cuban labor movement.
AMOURETTE-XA project of developmental propaganda activities in the television field under the direction of the Havana Station. Supported by David Phillips under alias of Michael Choaden.
AMOZONAMOZON was probably a JMWAVE infiltration team of anti-Castro Cubans from 1963 until around 1966. [status: Probable]
AMPACAMedia outlet on Cuban news, using radio and print. [status: Probable]
AMPACA-1Eduardo Borrell Navarro. A cable in June 1964, stated that AMPACA-1 was a newspaper executive, who worked part-time at Editorial Navarro, which was the largest Mexican publishing house. [status: Speculative]
AMPACK-1Unknown identity. According to a 1962 Mexico City cable, Carlos Tepedino was a contact of Andrew Merton (Jack Stewart) through AMPACK-1. [status: Unknown]
AMPAD-1Source at the Havana Station up to 1960. A cable on October 20, 1960, stated that AMPAD-1 was known as "Rodriguez". [status: Unknown]
AMPAID-4Probably either Ramon Hernandez Cabrera or Bernardo Martinez. A January 1963 Contact Report by Lewis D. Nicklas stated that AMPAID-4 was instructed to continue his efforts in identifying G-2 agents and other intelligence agents in the Miami area. [status: Probable]
AMPAL-1Alec Resnick, also known as Abe Resnick. Havana station source. Old friend of Lino Hernandez. Used the alias Joe Anderson.
AMPAL-2Unknown identity. A cable in August, 1960, from AMPAL-2, reported that Ralph Diaz Hanscom (AMGLAD-1), a member of the AMBIDDY internal group, was arriving in Miami. Also, a cable in July, 1965, stated that AMPAL-2 had reported on Jose de la Paz Rodriguez's alleged departure from Miami on a raid in April, 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMPALMDescribed as the MDC/MRR complex circa 1960. An early effort, aided by CIA, to develop an organized anti-Castro united political front. The MDC, also known as the Christian Democrats.
AMPALM-1Oscar Echeverria y Salvat, Ministry of Commerce
AMPALM-10Angel Ros, national coordinator of the MRR
AMPALM-2Laureano Batista Falla, military chief for the MDC. JMWAVE gave US Army permission to use Batista in 1962. Batista then became head of training site in Lacombe, Louisiana, and told Garrison the trainees were going to Manuel Artime's base in Nicaragua. Also known as AMTOD-1.
AMPALM-26Salvador Diaz Verson, a newsman who became Cuban National Police chief in 1934, and then military intelligence chief during Carlos Prio's presidency from 1948 to 1952. After JFK was killed, he admitted that he was the source of a phony rumor that Oswald and Silvia Duran met with the Cuban ambassador to Mexico.
AMPALM-3Roberto Ortiz Batista Falla, aka "Roberto Ortiz Crabb". [status: Unknown]
AMPALM-4Angel Fernandez Varela, paramilitary leader of the MDC/MRR complex.
AMPALM-5Jose Ignacio Agusto Rasco Bermudez, aka Jose Rasco, head of the Christian Democratic Movement (MDC). In 1961, Chicago cop/Mafia man Richard Cain served as his bodyguard.
AMPALM-6Maria Rafael Calleja y Morales Lopez (201-272312). A cable in March 1960, stated that AMPALM-6 was Maria Rafael Calleja y Morales Lopez, and that she was studying electric engineering at the University of Havana.
AMPALM-7Ramon Dominguez y Sanchez (201-274066). A cable in March of 1960 stated that AMPALM-7 was Ramon Dominguez y Sanchez, and that he was a graduate of the University of Havana.
AMPALM-8Alberto Francisco Hidalgo Garcia (201-274067). A cable in March of 1960 stated that AMPALM-8 was Alberto Francisco Hidalgo Garcia, and that he studied chemical engineering.
AMPALM-9Otto Ernesto Lanz Ruano (201-274068). A cable in March 1960, stated that AMPALM-9 was Otto Ernesto Lanz Ruano, and that he was a fourth year student at the University of Havana.
AMPALP-1One of three net chiefs in Cuba involved in the "staybehind plan" - the ones organizing the resistance inside Cuba after U.S. interests were forced to leave. [status: Speculative]
AMPAN-1Jose Orta. Sabotage expert in Havana, active with the MAR group during November 1960. Brother of Juan Orta/AMDOFF-1, who worked as Fidel's secretary and tried to poison Fidel. Participated in "November 30th Group" bombings of electrical plants that blacked out one fifth of Havana for almost a full day during November, 1960.
AMPAN-12Unknown identity. A dispatch in July of 1962 described AMPAN-12 as "a former chief engineer of the Office of Airports, he was recruited by Havana Station in 1960, and has been corresponding with JMWAVE by S/W." [status: Unknown]
AMPAN-18Charles Rouse. AMSHED-1 may have been Glysson Lawrence Mitchell. The brother-in-law of AMSHED-1 was AMPAN-18, who may have been Charles Rouse. [status: Speculative]
AMPAN-19Raul Martinez, husband of Grethel Martinez. [status: Probable]
AMPAN-2Military coordinator and treasurer Roberto Vale, also known as Roberto Valdez and Roberto Suarez de Cardenas. A net chief inside Cuba during 1960; active with MRP and Comandos L, and provided financial assistance to groups. Defected to US on 3/21/61, days before the Bay of Pigs. [status: Probable]
AMPAN-20Unknown identity. A dispatch from Havana Station in December, 1960, stated that on December 23, 1960, AMPAN-20 requested documents on the UR be delivered to AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo) and the FRD as soon as possible. [status: Unknown]
AMPAN-22Jose Ignacio Zarraga Diez-Muro
AMPAN-3May have been Ramon Lorido, aka "Monchin", aka Ramon Agustin Pinedo Mejia, a treasurer like AMPAN-2/Roberto Vale. The two men were described as the "Gold Dust Twins." AMPAN-3 was in the shipping business. [status: Speculative]
AMPAN-4Eladio Bas Trespalacios. AMPAN-4's boat was used to exfiltrate notable anti-Castro Cubans figures, such as Manuel Ray and Ramon Padilla Perez, from Cuba to the United States. [status: Probable]
AMPANICOperations that ended with many of the participants killed or captured in the 1960-1961 period. Nature of the operations still unclear.
AMPANIC-1Jorge Eduardo Mallo Cardisi.
AMPANIC-13Armando Escoto Aloy, captured during air drop and executed on April 20, 1961.
AMPANIC-14Juan de Jesus Arbelo Zabaleta. A communications trainer. AMPANIC-14 was known to AMYUM-1 and AMRUNG-1 in 1960. Also, a dispatch in January, 1964, stated that A-14 had been exposed to AMAGREE-1 as a training instructor known as "Enrique."
AMPANIC-2Antonio Santiago Ruiz
AMPANIC-5Plinio Prieto, a chief in the Escambray insurrection and leader of the Autentico Party, shot at Las Campanas during October 1960 for his opposition to Fidel Castro.
AMPANIC-6Tulio Prieto Ruiz, based in Cuba and Mexico, a former US Air Force officer who provided CIA with information on individuals and groups who were candidates for an insurrection against Castro both before and after the Bay of Pigs. Joined the Alianza organization in 1960. [status: Probable]
AMPANIC-7Emilio Adolfo Rivero Caro, also known as Emilio Rivero Lopez, "Brand" and "Pancho". He was arrested in March or April 1961 and spent many years in Cuban prison.
AMPANIC-9Wilfredo H. Brito Cartaya, one of the founders of the UR. Son of an Sinclair attorney, and ran Sinclair's oil transport in Cuba. Head of UR's PW division. [status: Probable]
AMPARCEL-1Fernando Penabaz. A dispatch in November, 1963, stated that AMPARCEL-1 would be replaced as soon as a substitute has been found for him. Furthermore, a dispatch in February, 1964, stated that it had been hoped to replace Penabaz "with a less controversial and more responsive program manager." [status: Probable]
AMPARCH-1Warren E. Frank, AKA Edward D. Knapman
AMPASHA-1Unknown identity. A cable in March, 1961, on the arrest of AMIRE-1, named AMPASHA-1 as being among those who either knew the former or probably knew him. In addition, a cable on December 5, 1963, stated that the next letter AMPASHA-1 received signed Teresa would be a SW carbon. [status: Unknown]
AMPASSAlberto Roque Muller
AMPATRINMichael "Jack" Malone, Vice President of Czarnikow-Rionda, a major sugar company with its headquarters in New York City. Malone was an important CIA and FBI informant.
AMPATROLAMPATROL was an operation created in 1959-1960 with Edward Tichborn (aka Henry Preston Lopez) hired by the CIA as a "political organizer" to bring together the most promising anti-Castro groups. [status: Probable]
AMPATROL-1Jose Antonio Gomez Perez.
AMPEARL-1Adolfo Merino, UPI Miami representative. [status: Speculative]
AMPEEL-1Unknown identity. A dispatch in June, 1962, stated AMPEEL-1's 201 number was 201-311154. A CIA document on the UR stated that Francisco Cid Crespo's 201 number was 201-311157, which was very close to AMPEEL-1's number. [status: Unknown]
AMPHODARCHA net of agents providing coverage of political activities at the University of Havana led by case officer Ross Crozier who used the pseudonym Arthur G. Vaivada.
AMPINA-1Armando Lora Hernandez. A cable in August of 1960 stated that AMPINA-1 introduced Edward D. Knapman (probably pseudonym for Warren E. Frank) to Francisco Chaves Figueredo, an officer of the Cuban Ministry of Transportation until June, 1960. [status: Speculative]
AMPOLISH-1Unknown identity. A dispatch in October 1965 on the termination of AMRUG-5/Victor Paneque Batista stated that AMPOLISH-1 was the agent responsible for his dismissal, on instruction from Carl W. Jaenicken. [status: Unknown]
AMPOON-1Manuel Vega Perez, pseudonym "Marcos". High ranking Cuban intelligence official in Mexico City in late 1963.
AMPORTFRD Executive Committee; it was known as AMCIGAR until November 1960.
AMPUG-1Alfredo Izaguirre Revoi aka Alfredo Izaguirre de la Riva, Alfredo Izaguirre Rivas. Also used the alias Luis Ravelo. 201-273550.
AMPUTEE-1Unknown identity. A dispatch in May, 1961, stated that AMPUTEE-1 was to be used for general Cuban matters and would be retained "as a future technical asset for telephone tappings." [status: Unknown]
AMQUACKChe Guevera, guerrilla leader and minister in Castro's Cuba, killed in Bolivia in 1968. Aka AMQUACK-1.
AMQUAR-1Unknown identity. AMQUAR-1 worked with the CASAILOR network in 1963. According to a cable on November 6, 1963, CIA officer Nestor Sanchez was known to AMQUAR-1 as "David Salas." [status: Unknown]
AMQUIP-1Felipe Vidal Santiago [status: Probable]
AMQUIP-2Ivan Vidal Santiago, the son of Felipe Vidal Santiago, AMQUIP-1. [status: Speculative]
AMRAIL-1Enrique Carrillo. A dispatch in June, 1961, from Stanley R. Zamka (David S. Morales) stated AMRAIL-1 was Identity F. The same dispatch stated that Identity F was Enrique Carrillo.
AMRAIN-1Ing. Raul Esparza Sr. Among the attachments of a dispatch in June, 1966, were letters from AMRAIN-1 and AMFRAME-1. The following pages contained letters from Ing. Raul Esparza Sr. and Dr. Rafael Rivas Vasquez (AMFRAME-1). Therefore, Esparza was AMRAIN-1.
AMRANGEA foreign intelligence project targeting Fidel Castro and other high-level officials in the Ministry of Industry.
AMRAPTCIA proprietary company or asset in the media and/or publications field. A Church Commission document in 1976 stated that AMRAPT was a CIA proprietary company in the media and/or publications field.
AMRASPFRD (Democratic Revolutionary Front). This crypt was changed in December 1960 for security reasons.
AMRAVEL-1Unknown identity. A dispatch in June, 1962, cited AMRAVEL-1's 201 number as 201-291225. [status: Unknown]
AMRAYON-4Cecilio Argelio Martinez, member or ally of the 30th of November Movement
AMRAZOR-1Norman Diaz. WAVE source, a radio commentator, paid by the CRC, and "weather vane" in the Miami Cuban community in the 60s. [status: Probable]
AMRAZZ-1Joaquin Godoy y Solis. Informant, a leader within the MRP, associate of Antonio Veciana. Jack Stewart's penetration agent inside the MRP/Alpha-66/November 30 alliance from 1962-1966.
AMREEF-1Unknown identity. AMREEF-1 acted as a liaison between the CIA Havana Station and Manuel Ray Rivero in the latter part of 1960. AMREEF-1 was in contact with Woodrow Olien (probably James Noel) and Paula Thyfault of the Havana Station. [status: Unknown]
AMRIFT-1Ramon Sinobas.
AMRILL-1Unknown identity. AMRILL-1 was described in a July of 1960 cable as a Cuban Government official. [status: Unknown]
AMRIPE-1Referred to as "Maggie". Part of the exfiltration attempts of November, 1963 from Cuba.
AMRIPE-2"Jose": Involved in the attempt to exfiltrate AMCANOE-3 from Cuba on 11/22/63. Sent pouch to Mexico City on 11/21/63. [status: Unknown]
AMRIPE-3Raul Roa Kouri. In 1963, he was the Cuban ambassador to Brazil, son of Cuban foreign minister Raul Roa Garcia. Also known as Raulito Roa.
AMRIPE-4Unknown identity. AMRIPE-4 was referred to as "Helen." Was referred to as being part of the AMGLEN-9 group (along with AMRIPE-4 and A-9). [status: Unknown]
AMRODCIA program designed to split the Castro regime, with a special focus on the Soviet-aligned Vice Minister of Defense Joaquin Ordoqui.
AMROD-3Unknown identity. Cables on October 29, 1963, stated that the redacted identity was assigned the cryptonym AMROD-3 and the 201 number of 201-736493. [status: Unknown]
AMRUG-5Victor Paneque Batista, aka by the aliases "Comandante Diego", "Rene", and "Ricardo". MIRR coordinator answering to AMDITTO-23/Orlando Bosch during early sixties. Sent by his uncle, AMPALM-2/Laureano Batista, to set up the training camp in Lacombe, Louisiana in 1963.
AMRUM-1Jose Pepin Bosch. AMRUM-1 was a friend of Polo Miranda (Augusto Valdes Miranda). Miranda was in charge of Operation PEPE in 1962. [status: Probable]
AMRUNG-1Rogelio Gonzalez y Corso, code name "Francisco". Name also referred to as Corzo and Corcho. Head of the internal resistance in Cuba until his capture in March 1961.
AMRUSTYUnknown identity. In a cable on January 27, 1965, AMRUSTY was referred to as "the conservative element." AMRUSTY was some type of CIA anti-Castro propaganda organization/asset/program. [status: Unknown]
AMRYE-1Anthony “Tony” Sforza.
AMSAIL-1Carlos Fernandez Trujillo, also known as Carlos B. Fernandez. He was a Miami attorney and an agent for the CIA that frequently traveled between Miami and Mexico City.
AMSAKIAMSAKI was a JMWAVE paramilitary operation originally scheduled for around 24 November, 1963, but postponed until at least 17th December.
AMSALON-1Possibly Rolando Rodriguez, mixed up with the Bayo-Pawley operation and worked with Tico Herrera. AMSALON-1 was described as one of "several key AMWORLDERs" (along with AMHINT-27 and AMYUM-29) in a June 1964 CIA cable. [status: Speculative]
AMSANTAJoint FBI/CIA program to place willing FPCC members into Cuba to collect intelligence.
AMSAUCE-3Unknown identity. AMSAUCE-3 transmitted a series of SW messages in November and December of 1963. A cable on December 12, 1963, stated that Emilio Espejo and Eudalso (Ajo) Feria were contacts of AMSAUCE-3. [status: Unknown]
AMSCREAM-1AMSCREAM-1 may possibly have been Roberto Espin. AMSCREAM-1 was probably involved in the CIA's propaganda effort against the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro. [status: Speculative]
AMSCROLLUR, also known as Unidad Revolucionaria. Its organizing membership was described as impatient former members of the MRR, well-educated and with the skills needed to overthrow a government.
AMSEDGE-1Unknown identity. A January, 1963, Field Information Report described AMSEDGE-1 as a close relative of a Brigade leader. [status: Unknown]
AMSEED-3Unknown identity. Cuban exile who worked with Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria (AMDENIM-1) in 1964. Worked for the U.S. Army and had previously worked with Unidad Revolucionaria members. [status: Unknown]
AMSEELY-1Unknown identity. In January, 1963, AMSEELY-1 and AMSHAFT recruited Maria Juana Asuncion Comella (AMGLAD-1's widow), who worked in the underground in Cuba through 1961. [status: Unknown]
AMSERF-1Francisco (Frank) Bartes.
AMSESS-1Oscar Concepcion Mendoza
AMSEVER-2Double agent in Mexico City. Referred to as a "contract agent" and a "marginal agent". [status: Unknown]
AMSEVER-3Manuel Fernando Avila Aguirre, a double agent.
AMSHADY-1"Havana Rose", also known as Pepita Riera, a Cuban writer and broadcaster, who had a biweekly show on WMIE during 1963 where she discussed Cuban G-2 agents and informers.
AMSHAG-1Alberto Delbusto Hernandez, named as team leader by Clemente Inclan Werner in an 11/3/63 interview in Cuba following their capture in a Comando Mambises raid of 10/21/63. A cable on November 21, 1963, stated that AMSHAG-1 was in hospital in Havana, having sustained four bullet wounds. The slug AMGLOSSY identified the raid as being one carried out by the Comandos Mambises.
AMSHAG-3Franciso Fesser, a military colleague of Carlos Prio. According to a dispatch in early December, 1963, AMSHAG-3 was an old member of the Autentico Party, and he was friends with Carlos Prio Socarras. [status: Probable]
AMSHALE-1Antonia Veciana, leader of Cuban exile group ALPHA-66. Veciana told HSCA investigator Gaeton Fonzi that he had worked with a "Maurice Bishop" who Fonzi came to believe was CIA officer David Phillips. Also known as Victor Fernandez, Victor Orcarlos.
AMSHATTERAMSHATTER was a JMWAVE anti-Castro Cuban team originally connected to AMDENIM-1 (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria).
AMSHED-1Glysson Lawrence Mitchell. AMSHED-1 was the brother-in-law of AMPAN-18, associate of AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez), Mitchell Livingston WerBell III, and Adolis Cobo (AMBIG-3). [status: Speculative]
AMSHOT-1Irving Richard Poyle. At the time of JFK's death, the CIA was planning a meeting with him in Mexico regarding the AMROD operation with officer Oliver Fortson (probably Tony Sforza).
AMSHRUG-1Unknown identity. A cable in December, 1963, mentioned that AMSHRUG-1 acted as the interpreter for JMWAVE case officer Zickgraff during the latter's meeting with AMSHAG-3. AMSHRUG-1 knew Carlos Prio Socarras, and that the latter apparently thought AMSHAG-3 was a "tough cookie and a good leader." [status: Unknown]
AMSIGH-2Clemente Inclan Werner, prisoner released in 1970 and then used as intermediary between the Cuban government and imprisoned anti-Castro agents. Referred to as "Mente" after his capture in 1963.
AMSKIF-4Joaquin Bembibre (sometimes Membibre in documents) Vasquez. Documents 104-10077-10151 and 104-10075-10201 appear to show that there was a AMSKIF-5, and possibly an AMSKIF-6 as well (104-10193-10307). [status: Speculative]
AMSKIF-6Unknown identity. According to a dispatch in December of 1960, AMSKIF-6 was allegedly in contact with legendary Cuban guerrilla and peasant leader, Osvaldo Ramirez. AMSKIF-6 was apparently attempting to initiate a maritime operation on the south coast of Las Villas. [status: Unknown]
AMSKIRLS-1Andres Zayas, aka "Justo", a UR leader inside Cuba.
AMSKIRLS-2Jorge Zayas, the editor of Avance in Cuba. After leaving Cuba, he became active with the Inter-American Press Association. [status: Speculative]
AMSLAW-1Pedro Julio Martinez Fraga y Fernandez
AMSLOUCH-1Lauri Olavi Matikainen, businessman, trained in use of wireless telegraphy communications. Worked with CIA, may have become a double agent for Cuban intelligence. He was an honorary Finnish consul in Havana in the early sixties. Also known as VASLOUCH-1.
AMSLOUCH-6Rafael Mirabal Fernandez. A cable in July, 1971, mentioning AMMUG-1 and AMSLOUCH-6, cites two 201 numbers, AMMUG-1's (201-749651) and 201-812117, which appears to be AMSLOUCH-6's.
AMSMILE-1Ernesto Betancourt was a supporter and later influential staunch critic of Fidel Castro that worked for the Organization of American States.
AMSNAP-2Unknown identity. AMSNAP-3 was Eugenio Rolando Martinez Careaga (1922-2021), influential anti-Castro Cuban and future Watergate burglar. Was AMSNAP-2 personally connected to Martinez in any way, i.e. was he an associate? [status: Unknown]
AMSNAP-3Eugenio Rolando Martinez Careaga, one of the Watergate burglars.
AMSNEAKOperation either involving AMLASH-1 or planned around him in the mid-1960's. [status: Speculative]
AMSORREL-5AMSORREL-5 was Jose Nicolas Salado Mata. Cables in November and December of 1963 cited AMSORREL-5's 201 number as 201-311334. Cables in June, 1964, stated that Nicolas Salado had a 201 number of 201-311334.
AMSOURAn operation based in Pinar del Rio province, utilizing the American rancher Lawrence K. Lunt. Collection of military, political and economic intelligence. [status: Probable]
AMSOUR-1Lawrence Kirby Lunt.
AMSOUR-2Juan Gomez Blanco, working with Larry Lunt in Pinar del Rio, Cuba in the early 1960s. [status: Probable]
AMSPAN-12Emile Hierrezuelo Lao. Recruited in November 1962, and terminated in April 1966. [status: Unknown]
AMSPAN-32Jose Antonio Rodriguez Sosa. A dispatch in November, 1962, on the cancellation of Operational Clearances included Jose Antonio Rodriguez Sosa, whose 201 number was 201-314484. This matches the 201 number of AMSPAN-32, as seen in a dispatch in May of 1967.
AMSPELLThe Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil, or DRE (Cuban Student Directorate). DRE delegate Carlos Bringuier had the famous altercation with Lee Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, and DRE members quickly spread information about Oswald after JFK's assassination.
AMSPICE-1Geraldine Shamma de Carrera aka Geraldine Shamman de Carrera, close colleague of Manuel Artime in 1960.
AMSPILLProject centered around a Cuban intelligence source (AMSPILL-1) who provided political and economic intelligence. The intelligence AMSPILL-1 provided "...dealt with Soviet personnel activity, Cuban military activity, shipping and health-related information."
AMSPORT-1Bichi Bernal, Cuban military attache in Japan who was recruited by the CIA and then defected. His cryptonym by 1965 was QUSPORT.
AMSPRAWL-2A male official used by Mexico City Station to penetrate G-2 operations (Cuban Intelligence apparatus in Mexico) with "good access to Cuban Embassy personnel in Mexico City." [status: Probable]
AMSTAFFDGI (Direccion General de Inteligencia, also known as the General Directorate of Intelligence), Cuba's foreign intelligence service. [status: Probable]
AMSTALK-1Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue
AMSTANDUnknown identity. A cable in January of 1965 from JMWAVE included AMSTAND as a slug, along with AMSWIRL-1 (Cesar Diosdado). [status: Unknown]
AMSTASH-1Manuel Viera Rodriguez, war name "Mario", head of action and sabotage unit in Havana in 1961-1962. Exfiltrated during August 1962.
AMSTAYAMSTAY was the cryptonym used in the late 1960's for JMWAVE. A cable in June of 1968 stated that AMSTAY was the identity for JMWAVE.
AMSTEM-1Rupert Alonza Alexander Gill
AMSTET-1Jose Antonio "Nico" Garcia Lara, commercial attache in the Cuban embassy during 1962-63. A source of great value on the defection and recruitment front regarding Cubans.
AMSTOKE-1Lucas Roig, aka Pedro Lucas Roig Ortega, assistant commercial attache at the Cuban embassy in Mexico City who defected during June 1962. [status: Probable]
AMSTONE-1Ms. Valdes Hernandez, first name unknown. Daughter of Luis and Julia Valdes Hernandez. A Cuban double agent, trusted by the Castro regime.
AMSTOW-1Unknown identity. Referred to in one CIA document as "Filipe." Was the principal agent of the AMRYE-1 (Tony Sforza) stay behind net in Cuba in 1961. [status: Unknown]
AMSTRAW-1DGI officer, Jose Miguel Fernandez Roa (also known as Miguel Roa). A cable in November of 1964 stated that Mexico City station wanted JMWAVE to send AMMUG-1 to the former to make an attempted defection attempt on AMSTRAW-1.
AMSTRUTThe operation and net of assets involved in the defection and recruitment of AMSTRUT-2 and, subsequently, her anti-Castro radio broadcasts.
AMSTRUT-1Virginia Vasco Leitao da Cunha, wife of the Brazilian Ambassador to Cuba.
AMSTRUT-2Juana de la Caridad Castro Ruz, sister of Fidel and Raul, who ran a radio program against her brothers' regime.
AMSTRUT-8Unknown identity. AMSTRUT-8 was part of the AMSTRUT operation. A cable in September 1971 stated that AMSTRUT-8 was the owner of Perforaciones S.A. [status: Unknown]
AMSTUFF-1Unknown identity. Associated with AMSTOW-1. Wrote a report following the arrest of Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso, AKA "Pancho," AKA "Paco," (AMCONCERT-1), in October 1961. [status: Unknown]
AMSTY-3Unknown identity. A cable in October 1963 stated that AMSAIL-1 (Carlos Fernandez Trujillo) had a high personal regard for AMSTY-3. In the same dispatch, AMSTY-3 was accused with Joaquin Blanco Perez, of being involved in a racket in Merida, Mexico, involving the sale of food and clothing intended for the refugees. The accusations against AMSTY-3 were noted to be significantly weaker in substance that those made against Blanco. [status: Unknown]
AMSUMNaval resistance group in Cuba during the first years of the Cuban Revolution. In 1962, became associated with UR in the United States.
AMSUM-1Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado. Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) asset. Brother-in-law of AMSUM-2, Antonio Ordonez Hernandez. [status: Probable]
AMSUM-2Antonio Ordonez Hernandez, brother-in-law of AMSUM-1, Juan Francisco Castellvi Prado. A dispatch in July, 1962, stated that Ordonez's 201 number was 201-323934. Also, a dispatch in March, 1963, stated that AMSUM-2's 201 number was 201-323934, matching Ordonez's.
AMSUM-3Possibly Guillermo Alvarez Boucle, born in September 1933 in Cienfuegos, Cuba. AMSUM-3 was formerly a chief petty officer in the Cuban Navy, and was employed with the merchant marine. [status: Speculative]
AMSUM-4Luis Carlos Pino Couto. Head of the AMSUM group in Cuba.
AMSUMACOperation to ransom the Orozco brothers, AMTABBY-15 and AMTABBY-23. [status: Probable]
AMSUPER-1Dimas Domingo Figueredo Fernandez, CRC representative in Mexico City. [status: Probable]
AMSWEEPA foreign intelligence operation concerned with the collection of Cuban military and political information via shortwave and OWVL (one way voice link). AMSWEEP-1 was Jose Pujol Roca and his wife was Maria Caridad Aurelia Buch Y Rodriguez.
AMSWIRL-1Customs agent Cesar Diosdado.
AMTABBYA major paramilitary operation consisting of numerous sabotage operations against on-island targets. At least some of these operations were reviewed and approved by the Special Group (Augmented).
AMTABBY-10Used the alias Garcia. Unknown identity. [status: Unknown]
AMTABBY-15Miguel Angel Orozco Crespo
AMTABBY-16Ramon Orozco Crespo, brother of Miguel Orozco. [status: Speculative]
AMTABBY-23Pedro Vera Ortiz [status: Probable]
AMTABBY-27An executive pilot with the IRD (Interrogation Research Division) number C-87513. Probably Rafael Garcia Pujol. Another possibility is Ramon Escarda Rubio. Both Garcia and Escarda were pilots. [status: Speculative]
AMTABBY-61Alfredo Fernandez Martinez. A CIA document in November, 1964, stated that Alfredo Fernandez Martinez had a C-Number of 737177. A dispatch in April, 1966, stated that AMTABBY-61's 201 number was 201-737177.
AMTABBY-64Luis Alberto Crespo del Valle (Luis Crespo). AMTABBY-64 was assigned the cryptonym, and 201-738537, in early December 1963. [status: Speculative]
AMTABBY-7Unknown identity. AMTABBY-7 was part of an AMTABBY cache team in December 1963. In addition, a dispatch in April 1966 noted that AMTABBY-7 had recently sold an FAL rifle to Herminio Diaz. [status: Unknown]
AMTAFFY-1Unknown identity. Possibly a female journalist/reporter. One candidate who may have been AMTAFFY-1 was Mary Louise Wilkinson, Miami News reporter in the 1960's. [status: Unknown]
AMTAUPA CIA mole operation inside JURE, focusing on anti-CIA activities. [status: Probable]
AMTAUP-1Dr. Ernesto Alanis Angulo. [status: Probable]
AMTAUP-10Juan Bautista Perez Luis, chief gardener at the naval base in Cuba. Arrested as part of an CIA espionage net in 1965.
AMTAUP-2Armando Alanis Angulo, personnel chief of JURE and a penetration agent of the CIA. [status: Probable]
AMTEASE-1Heriberto Corona Mendez, the CRC representative in Panama. Provided support to AMBARBS.
AMTEE-1Unknown identity. AMTEE-1 was JMWAVE's contact with Raul F. Herrero Morales. AMTEE-1 was also a contact of Captain Edwin P. Le May, a Miami yacht broker. [status: Unknown]
AMTEE-5Captain Edwin P. Le May. AMTEE-5 was described in a November of 1964 cable as a "competent American observer and yachtsman with good contacts in fishing circles." Le May was described in a cable in July, 1961, as a "yacht broker", and JMWAVE traces revealed he was in contact with AMTEE-1 and AMCASK-1. [status: Speculative]
AMTERRY-1Unknown identity. JMWAVE instructor, terminated in late 1967 due to budgetary considerations. AMTERRY-1 became AMOTIN-116 in 1968. [status: Unknown]
AMTHEO-1Manuel Suarez Carreno
AMTHIGHA political action/propaganda operation using WRUL - the radio station owned by the Mormon Church - to sponsor anti-Castro broadcasts aimed at Cuba.
AMTHORN-1Unknown identity. It appears from two cables in November of 1962 that Oliver Fortson, Counterintelligence (CI), was the case officer of AMTHORN-1. Fortson was probably a pseudonym used by Tony Sforza. [status: Unknown]
AMTHRILL-1Julio Kouri Barreto, diplomat and brother-in-law of Cuban foreign minister Raul Roa Garcia.
AMTHROB-9Ramon Cubenas Conde. Member of UR, MDC, and latterly Comandos L. Died on October 27, 1964, in an apparent accident at sea near Key West. [status: Probable]
AMTHUGFidel Castro, the Cuban leader who took power in 1959 and whose demise the U.S. began unsuccessfully plotting soon thereafter. 201-97456.
AMTIKI-1Believed to be Juan A. Paula Baez. The Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation states that his true name was Manuel F. Goudie.
AMTOAD-1Julian Arias Prado, 1960 defector from Cuba after a stint as consul at the embassy in Los Angeles. Lee Oswald visited this embassy during Arias' stint while stationed at EL Toro in 1959. He originally used the crypt LITAINT-5 until his cover was blown in 1960; when he moved to Brazil, he used the name Angel Aparicio Laurencio.
AMTOBY-13Unknown identity. AMTOBY-13 was a source on and a member of Comandos L. Long time friend of Comandos L member Francisco Illas Gonzalez (a 1965 CIA cable stated they had been friends for 15 years - since around 1950). [status: Unknown]
AMTOD-1Laureano Batista Falla, also known as AMPALM-2.. Described here as a young Cuban exile trained in intelligence collection. The CIA described his reporting as "accurate but lacking depth". [status: Probable]
AMTOKEN-1Jose C. Fernandez Martin. He and the other AMTOKENs served under Captain Ernesto Despaigne as the CRC military staff. In September 1962 AMTOKEN-1 was being considered for advanced U.S. Army training. [status: Unknown]
AMTOPIC-2Luis Fernandez-Rocha. Secretary General of the Revolutionary Student Directorate (DRE). Was also AMHINT-53.
AMTORRIDOne of the two CIA assault teams that Bill Harvey sent into Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. [status: Probable]
AMTORRID-4Unknown identity. Luis Balbuena was a contact of AMTORRID-4 at Guantanamo Naval Base in 1961. Moreover, in January, 1963, AMTORRID-4 reported on Julio Aton Constanzo Palau in New York City, and his threats to commit sabotage. [status: Unknown]
AMTOUT-1Mario Lazo y Guiral. Mario Lazo was a Havana lawyer who had strong links to US interests in Cuba prior to Castro's seizure of power in January of 1959. Lazo was the author in 1968 of Dagger in the Heart: American Policy Failures in Cuba. [status: Probable]
AMTRIBE-5AMTRIBE-5 was Marcelino Martinez Tapia. A cable on November 29, 1963, stated that IDEN A was AMTRIBE-5. A cable on November 30, 1963, mentioned that IDEN A was Marcelino Martinez Tapia.
AMTRIBE-7Dr. Augusto Gallardo. A cable on November 29, 1963, stated that IDEN B was AMTRIBE-7. A cable on November 30, 1963, mentioned that IDEN B was Dr. Augusto Gallardo.
AMTRIGON-1Argimino Fonseca Fernandez, aka Argimiro Fonseca Fernandez.
AMTRIGON-2Probably Roberto Herrera, aka Tico Herrera, a guerrilla leader in the Escambray during 1960-1961 before he arrived in the US. AMTRIGON-2 was the team leader of the infiltration team aboard the Villaro vessel in May 1962. In 1963 AMTRIGON-2 was working for Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria (AMDENIM-1). [status: Probable]
AMTRIGON-8Miguel de los Santos Delgado Martinez, anti-Castro Cuban and member of the Villaro crew.
AMTRUNKOperation for military overthrow of Castro's government in 1963, promoted within White House circles but distrusted by CIA. Also known as Plan Leonardo.
AMTRUNK-1George Volsky aka Jorge Volsky. His name was originally Jerzy Stanislaw Ajbuszyc when he served in the Polish military under the British operational command during World War II. Volsky was his grandmother's name.
AMTRUNK-10AMTRUNK-10 was Ramon Tomas Guin Diaz.
AMTRUNK-11AMTRUNK-11 was Carlos Pedraza Aguilar. Pedraza was arrested in December 1965, then tried for alleged CIA activities, and given a 30 year prison sentence.
AMTRUNK-12Unknown identity. Candidates to be AMTRUNK-12 might include Daniel and Norberto Gonzalez Carmenate, and Adolfina Suarez More. A cable in December 1963 stated that Julio Calderon Justiz, Rafael Suarez More and Clodoaldo Gonzalez Carmenate (all with a Cuban Naval background) were friends of AMSTY-3 in Cuba. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-13Unknown identity. Close friend of AMTRUNK-19 (probably Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue, cousin of Miguel Diaz Isalgue) [AMICE-14/AMSTALK-1], and Cubana pilot). [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-14Unknown identity. A cable on 31 October, 1963, stated that AMICE-14 believed AMTRUNK-14 was under the influence of AMICE-27. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-15Pedro LNU. AMTRUNK-15 was also known as "Horacio" in a S/W message. May have been Pedro Diaz Torres, an unemployed fisherman born in Marti, Cuba and living in Miami.
AMTRUNK-16Unknown identity. AMTRUNK-16 was a team guide, fisherman, and long-time friend of Frank Fundora Fraga. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-18Unknown identity. AMTRUNK-18 was arrested for counter-revolutionary activity during early 1966. AMTRUNK-18 was a fisherman and was known as "Valentin" in a S/W message. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-19Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue, cousin of Miguel Diaz Isalgue (AMICE-14/AMSTALK-1), and Cubana pilot. [status: Probable]
AMTRUNK-2Enrique Cayado Rivera, aka Enrique Javier Cavado Rivera.
AMTRUNK-20Unknown identity. AMTRUNK-20 was a coastal guide who was terminated/resigned on January 15, 1965. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-21Unknown identity. A POA was approved for AMTRUNK-21 on February 12, 1965, and A-21 was assigned the 201 number of 201-300063. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-3Antonio Garcia Perez.
AMTRUNK-4A fisherman who defected to the US during Feb. 1963 and was used as a maritime guide. Identity unknown. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-5Unknown identity. A cable in January 1965 stated that AMTRUNK-5 was a former guide, who was terminated in the middle of 1963. In addition, in a cable in February 1965, AMSWIRL-1 reported on January 29, 1965, that AMTRUNK-5 had been executed. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-7AMTRUNK-7 was Pedro Diaz Torres, a fisherman and member of the Second National Front of the Escambray (SNFE). Used alias Carlos Menendez. A coastal guide with extensive maritime and weapons training.
AMTRUNK-8Used aliases Tomas Rodriguez and Rodrigo Fernandez Lopez. A cable in December 1963 stated that recent information from friends and family of AMTRUNK-7 and -8 indicated that AMTRUNK-8's father was in jail for helping Juan Milian. It added that AMTRUNK-8's father and Milian knew A-8 was infiltrated into Cuba in September 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMTRUNK-9AMTRUNK-9 was Modesto Orlando Orozco Basulto, aka Bebo. AMTRUNK-9 was described in a dispatch in September, 1963, as a former Commandante in the Rebel Army.
AMTURVYAn operation "designed for the purpose of conducting sabotage operations against Cuba. It consisted of a net of 13 AMTURVY assets whose primary function, apart from sabotage, was the preparation of target studies and analysis of sabotage operations."
AMTURVY-1Arturo Maria Jesus Varona Alonso, brother of AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso). AMTURVY-1 was described as "a minor Cuban Government official and member of the militia who travels frequently in western Cuba." Also known as Cuquito.
AMTURVY-13Mario Salabarria Aguiar. A document in 1977 stated that Mario Salabarria Aguiar was AMTURVY-13 and his 201 number was 201-738504.
AMTURVY-2Unknown identity. AMTURVY-2 was described in a cable on November 22, 1963, as "a skilled Cuban communications technician whose government employment gives him normal access to information about Cuban communication networks." [status: Unknown]
AMTURVY-4Julio Salabarria Aquiar. His pseudonym or alias was Enrique Diaz Fernandez.
AMTYKE-10Manuel Dobal Mendez. A cable on November 28, 1963, mentioned that Manuel Dobal Mendez's 201 number was 201-337090. In addition, a cable on December 6, 1963, stated that AMTYKE-10's 201 number was 201-337090, matching Dobal's.
AMTYKE-7Manuel A. Rivero Coloma. A memo on November 16, 1961, stated that Rivero's 201 number was 201-291734. A dispatch in April of 1966 mentioned that AMTYKE-7's 201 number was 201-291734, matching Rivero's.
AMULARMost likely candidate is Alberto Diaz-Masvidal Garcia, an attorney with the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC between 1960-62. The second most likely candidate is David Morales, who at least twice delivered messages between Cuba to William Pawley (QDDALE) and the CIA station in Miami in 1960. [status: Speculative]
AMULLA-1Owner of Havana TV station. Probably Goar Mestre, owner of CMQ TV. [status: Probable]
AMUPAS-1Viola June Cobb, who informed for CIA under crypt AMUPAS-1 while working for Castro, and played a role in the Elena Garro de Paz story, with Mexican crypt LICOOKY-1.
AMVALUE-2Luis Amado Blanco. A cable in March, 1965, noted that Luis Amado Blanco had a 201 number of 201-276972. A cable in August of 1971 mentioned that AMVALUE-2's 201 number was 201-276972.
AMVANG-1Miguel Angel Quevedo, Cuban exile and owner and editor of the Bohemia Libre magazine in the 1960's. A cable on March 25, 1964 described AMVANG-1 as apparently acting as an "unofficial Manuel Ray representative" in Caracas. [status: Probable]
AMVANG-2Francisco Saralegui. A cable in March of 1961 stated that AMVANG-2 was a Cuban journalist. Saralegui worked closely with Miguel Angel Quevedo on the Bohemia Libre magazine in the 1960's. Also known as Bebo. [status: Speculative]
AMWAILAgrapucion Montecristi. Changed to AMJAG after breach of security in December 1960.
AMWAIL-1Justo Carrillo Hernandez, leader of Agrupacion Montecristi and a founding member of the Frente Civico Revolucionario (FRD), forerunner of the CRC.
AMWAIL-2Probably Amalio Fiallo, a key organizer of the FRD in 1960. A cable in October of 1960 stated that Miro Cardona (AMBUD-1), Pepin Bosch (AMRUM-1), Benito Quevedo (publisher of Bohemia Libre), AMCHIRP-1 (Ramon Barquin Lopez) and AMWAIL-2 were the most prominent supporters of AMRASP/FRD. [status: Probable]
AMWAIL-3Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo, also known as Joaquin Sanjenis. He also had the cryptonym of AMOT-2, and was the leader of the AMOTs. Was with Agrupacion Montecrist during 1960.
AMWAIL-5Manuel F. Goudie, also known as Juan Paula/AMTIKI-1.
AMWAIL-9Orlando Ray Rivero,brother of Manuel Ray Rivero, leader of JURE. AMWAIL-9 became AMJAG-8.
AMWARMA foreign intelligence operation that targeted Cubana Airlines and provided intelligence on travelers, negotiations, flight traffic, scheduled flights, and personnel at Rancho Boyeros Airport in Cuba.
AMWARM-1An on-island asset that investigated whether Castro played any role in the JFK assassination as well as any plots to assassinate Castro. A civilian aviation expert who is affiliated with the Ministry of Transportation and who has been trained for intelligence work. [status: Unknown]
AMWASP-1Gilberto R. Alemany, Cuban trade counsellor in Tokyo, who defected to the U.S. in August, 1965.
AMWAX-1Oscar Fernandez Viega. Interviewed in July 1964 by the FBI over a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro. Denied any knowledge of or participation in any plan to assassinate Castro.
AMWEECzech sources and entities in Cuba. [status: Probable]
AMWEE-1Bohumil Jirkal, chauffeur at Czech Embassy, Mexico City, in 1963. [status: Speculative]
AMWEE-2Zbynek Samonil. [status: Probable]
AMWEST-1Unknown identity. In a June 1965 CIA cable AMWEST-1 admitted his involvement with the AMLASH group in Cuba. Furthermore, AMWEST-1 was described in a March 1966 cable as an intimate friend of Rolando Cubela Secades. [status: Unknown]
AMWHIP-1Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez, a Cuban exile living in the U.S. who was a "long-time friend" of Rolando Cubela (AMLASH). AMWHIP-1 arranged the 1961 meeting between a CIA case officer and Cubela, who was recruited to attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.
AMWHIP-2Juan Ventura Valner, Cuban exile who owned a jewelry shop and lived in Geneva. Made infrequent business trips to Rome.
AMWOO-1Jose Enrique Dausa Alvarez. Member of the Directional Committee of the MRR. [status: Probable]
AMWORD-1Possibly an employee with Pepsi-Cola or Czarnikow-Rionda, the sugar brokers, working with UR. [status: Speculative]
AMWORD-3Mario Seiglie Montoro, interim secretary general of the Unidad Revolucionaria (AMSCROLL) at the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
AMWORLDAlso known as Second Naval Guerilla. Designed to support and unite several Cuban exile groups under the leadership of Manuel Artime (AMBIDDY-1). The overall mission of AMWORLD was to foment a popular uprising in Cuba that would cause Castro's downfall.
AMWORLD-2Sixto R. Mesa Aloma. Friend of Orlando Piedra, a leading Batistiano. Ally of Manuel Artime, a public accountant and the MRR Treasurer as of early 1964. A memo in 1973 which mentioned him included his 201 number in brackets (201-727405), along with "AMWORLD-2."
AMWORM-1Miguel Angel Leon, aka Miguel de Leon Rojas, aka "Cuco", former Cuban senator and aide to Manuel Artime. Used the alias of Domingo Beltard when he helped Tony Sforza and other CIA officers escape from Cuba in the wake of the Bay of Pigs.
AMWORRY-1Appears to be another cryptonym for Raul Roa, Jr., the Cuban Ambassador to Brazil, during the fall of 1963.
AMWREN-1Unknown identity. A memo in September 1961 from the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division, J.C. King, stated that AMWREN-1 was the "principal agent" of what remained of the CIA's intelligence net in Cuba. [status: Unknown]
AMYEAST-19Hans Tanner. AMYEAST-19 was a Swiss national, who in April 1961 was being used by the MDC as a courier to Cuba. [status: Probable]
AMYELL-1Ira I. Wolfer, an American businessman and anti-Castro activist, with links to Manuel Ray and Paul Bethel. A cable in November, 1960, on the plan to sabotage the main power plant in Havana, seemed to indicate that AMYELL-1 was an "American businessman with opposition contacts." [status: Speculative]
AMYUMMRR - Revolutionary Recovery Movement.
AMYUM-1Lino Bernabe Fernandez Martinez, psychiatrist from Sagua la Grande and MRR leader outside of Cuba. Also known as Ojeda.
AMYUM-14Probably Laureano Batista Falla. The documents state that "a brother of AMYUM-14" was a member of the Miami delegation of the Movimiento Democratica Cristiano (MDC, Christian Democratic Movement) in May 1965 - probably a reference to Victor Paneque Batista (AMRUG-5). [status: Probable]
AMYUM-17Unknown identity. Described as a (Government of Cuba) "GOC controlled agent" in a cable in December of 1963. [status: Unknown]
AMYUM-19Cesar Baro Esteva. Until he had a falling out with Manuel Artime/AMBIDDY-1, Baro was the number three man on the AMWORLD project. He had previously been head of the MRR.
AMYUM-29Unknown identity. Was described along with AMHINT/27 and AMSALON/1 as one of "several key AMWORLDERs." [status: Unknown]

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