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Formation of the Warren Commission

With the release of Lyndon Johnson's taped phone calls and other records, there is a much better understanding of how the Warren Commission was put together. This walkthrough presents the relevant phone calls and some memos which together convey that story, and give glimpses of the political needs which drove the creation of the Commission.

Warren Commission Executive Sessions

The executive sessions of the Warren Commissions, originally stamped Top Secret but declassified after legal battles, provide a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the Commission, reveal its political motivations and constraints, and provide clues to some of the mysteries of the JFK assassination.

Vietnam in Late 1963

This document walkthrough presents some of the more important and interesting documents related to Vietnam policy in the second half of 1963. The documents come from Defense Department files declassified in 1997, State Department FRUS volumes, and Church Committee files.

About Walkthroughs

These walkthroughs present a structured, often chronological, collection of documents and other materials from the MFF Archive. These topic-based walkthroughs showcase documents organized around a particular topic.

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