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Video Clips - Malcolm Blunt

Malcolm Blunt is known in the assassination research community for his encyclopedic knowledge of the JFK records held at the National Archives II in College Park, MD. The Mary Ferrell Foundation interviewed him at the Washington-based AARC conference in November 2005.


Malcolm Blunt: Missing in NARA

Malcolm Blunt on the idea that it's not necessarily what's in NARA that's interesting - but what's missing.

Running time: 1 min 30 sec

Source: Mary Ferrell Foundation, 18 Nov 2005

Malcolm Blunt: Evidence Possession

Malcolm Blunt on the chain of possession of assassination evidence from Dallas to Washington D.C., including the original discovery, now corroborated, that the evidence was shipped to the FBI on the evening of November 22nd.

Running time: 2 min 22 sec

Source: Mary Ferrell Foundation, 18 Nov 2005

For more information: Evidence

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