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Unredacted Episode 7: Interview with Larry Hancock

Welcome to Unredacted, the MFF's interview show featuring authors and experts on the Kennedy assassination and related topics. This episode features an interview with Larry Hancock, author of the 2006 book Someone Would Have Talked. Larry is also active with Debra Conway in JFK Lancer, and organizes the annual November in Dallas conferences in Dallas.

Larry's book starts with the premise that someone indeed would have talked about the assassination, and with this starting point he looks for those individuals who expressed knowledge they shouldn't have had or made credible confessions of involvement in the JFK assassination. He focuses on John Martino, David Morales, John Roselli, David Phillips, and other names familiar to researchers of the assassination.

In this interview, Larry Hancock discusses various topics from the book and his extensive research, and offers commentary on some of the newer stories to appear since publication. Also touched upon is Larry's current research on the RFK and MLK assassinations.

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About Someone Would Have Talked

Book Page on

Someone Would Have Talked: The Website

Someone Would Have Talked has an impressive website to accompany it -

The website features:

This website turns the book into an ongoing research site and provides source material for interested readers.

On is a 12-page PDF file written by John Martino's son Edward written in 2006, corroborating his father's story and adding many new details.

Other Works by Larry Hancock

CD-ROM: Research of Larry Hancock. This research CD contains documents related to John Martino, Richard Case Nagell, the 112th Army Intelligence Group, and more.

November Patriots, by Larry Hancock and Constance Kritzberg. A novel about romance and patriotism around the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, with non-fiction supporting documents.

Video Clips of Larry Hancock

The MFF Multimedia Archive contains a page of short video clips of Larry Hancock, discussing the JFK assassination and some persons of interest.

Essays by Larry Hancock

The Man in the Middle, in Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Volume 5, Issue 4.

Mysteries of the 112th Intelligence Group, in Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Volume 7, Issue 4.

History at Your Fingertips: The Russ Holmes Work File, in Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Volume 8, Issue 3.

Related Starting Points

John Martino's Confessions

David Morales - We Took Care of That SOB

The Odio Incident

Richard Case Nagell - The Man Who Knew Too Much

Homer_Echevarria - Taking Care of Kennedy

About Larry Hancock

Larry Hancock is a well-respected independent researcher whose book, Someone Would Have Talked, has a wealth of new information gleaned from a study of declassified documents. The book's website,, has a wealth of supporting photos, documents, and other information. Larry is also active with JFK Lancer and organizes the annual November in Dallas conferences in Dallas.

About the Book

Someone Would Have Talked
Larry Hancock
JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, 2006

From the Dust Jacket

"Unlike most books on this topic, Someone Would Have Talked bases its analysis of the Kennedy assassination on clear evidence of facts contained in direct conversations with those involved in the plot and documents containing evidence of what really took place. Assumpations, speculation and fantasy have allowed the truth to elude the American public.

Someone Would Have Talked pulls back the curtain on these far-fetched theories with unfettered access and clear and convincing evidence never discussed before. Someone Would Have Talked ignores the fiction of past books on the subject and provides nothing more than what America has been seeking for 40 years...the TRUTH! Those that deny a conspiracy scoff, stating if there was a conspiracy someone would have talked after all this time.


The records have been released, people have talked, and witnesses have finally revealed the elements of both the conspiracy and the cover-up. The real history is here, in Someone Would Have Talked."

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