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Unredacted Episode 11: Interview with Jefferson Morley

Welcome to Unredacted, the MFF's interview show featuring authors and experts on the Kennedy assassination and related topics. This episode features an interview with Jefferson Morley, author of the new book Our Man in Mexico, a biography of Mexico City CIA Station Chief Win Scott.

The interview includes discussion of the book, with emphasis on what Scott knew about Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico City, and how Scott's version of events is at odds with the official CIA account. This is followed by an update on Morley's lawsuit with the CIA over release of records of deceased officer George Joannides.

Listen to the interview: (29 min)           Read Interview Transcript

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Our Man In Mexico home page. Contains reviews, a blog, and pertinent documents. Also a link to buy the book.

Chapter from Win Scott's Manuscript. Read chapter XXIV of "The Foul Foe" by "Ian Maxwell (Scott). This is the chapter which presents Scott's version of Oswald's visit to the embassies in Mexico City.

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About Jefferson Morley

Jefferson Morley is a former writer for Washington Post Online, and now National Editorial Director for the Center for Independent Media. He is the author of the new book Our Man in Mexico, a biography of Win Scott, the CIA station chief in Mexico City at the time of the Oswald visit there prior to the Kennedy assassination.

Morley is also the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the CIA, demanding the release of records pertaining to CIA officer George Joannides. Joannides' role as liaison to the 1970s House Committee is questionable given what has been revealed about his role with the Cuban exile group DRE, whose members had dealings with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963.

About the Book

Our Man in Mexico
Jefferson Morley
University Press of Kansas

From the Dust Jacket

"Mexico City was the Casablanca of the Cold War - a hotbed of spies, revolutionaries, and assassins. The CIA's station there was the front line of the United States' fight against international communism, as important for Latin America as Berlin was for Europe. And its undisputed spymaster was Winston MacKinley Scott.

Chief of the Mexico City station from 1956 to 1969, Win Scott occupied a key position in the founding generation of Central Intelligence, but until now has remained a shadowy figure. Investigative reporter Jefferson Morley traces Scott's remarkable career from his humble origins in rural Alabama, to wartime G-man, to OSS London operative (and close friend of the notorious Kim Philby), to right-hand man of CIA Director Allen Dulles, to his remarkabler reign for more than a decade as virtual proconsul in Mexico.


Morley reveals the previously unknown scope of the agency's interest in Oswald in lae 1963, identifying for the first time the code names of Scott's surveillance programs that monitored Oswald's movements. He shows that CIA headquarters cut Scott out of the loop on the agency's latest reporting on Oswald before Kennedy was killed. He documents why Scott came to reject a key finding of the Warren Report on the assassination and how his disillusionment with the agency came to worry his longtime friend James Jesus Angleton, legendary chief of CIA counterintelligence.


Interweaving Win Scott's personal and professional lives, Morley has crafted a real-life thriller of Cold War intrigue - a compelling saga of espionage that uncovers another chapter in the CIA's history."

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