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Theories and Perspectives

Pieta, by Mark Balma
Pieta, a historical painting that captures a never-photographed moment at Parkland Hospital.
Painting by artist Mark Balma. Courtesy www.markbalma.com.

After more than 40 years, hundreds of books, and millions of pages of declassified records, where are we now? Are experts of the case converging on any consensus view of what happened? What are the major theories of the assassination--who killed JFK? Besides that question, what other perspectives help frame the event and our subsequent history?

JFK Assassination Quotes by Government Officials - Supplies some surprising statements by high level officials on the Kennedy assassination.

Cover-Up - Explores the topic of the government's failure to adequately investigate President Kennedy's murder.

Freeing the JFK Files - Tells the history of the citizen effort to disclose government records related to the JFK assassination.



Where Are We Now?, by Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr.

JFK: How the Media Assassinated the Real Story, by Robert Hennelly and Jerry Policoff.

We Know the Truth, by Gaeton Fonzi.

An Open Letter to Assassination Researchers, by Christopher Sharrett, PhD.

Bringing it All Together: The New Releases and How They Help Us Converge on the Heart of the Case, by Peter Dale Scott.

The Guns of Dallas, by Fletcher L. Prouty.

Perfect Cover: A Theory of the JFK Assassination, by George Michael Evica.

The Plot's Vertical Convergence With U.S. Policy Divisions, by Peter Dale Scott.

Three Shots in Three Seconds: How the Nation's Press Misleads the American People, by James H. Fetzer, PhD.

"False Mystery" and the Transparent Conspiracy, by William E. Kelly, Jr.

Kennedy and the Cold Warriors: The Case for a "Big" Conspiracy, by Tim Howells.

The Assassinations of the 1960s as "Deep Events", by Peter Dale Scott.

A Conspiracy Too Big?, by Fred Litwin.


Essays (Continued)

The Waters of Knowledge versus The Waters of Uncertainty, by E. Martin Schotz.

Oliver Stone vs. The Historical Establishment, by James DiEugenio.

The Tale Told by Two Tapes, by Vincent Salandria.

Thinking About Conspiracy, by John McAdams.

Goodbye To All That, by Dr. James R. Black and Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr.

Current Significance of Making Robert Kennedy A Fall Guy in JFK Assassination, by Vincent J. Salandria.

A Letter to the American People (and Myself in Particular) on the Unspeakable, by James W. Douglass.

20 Questions: Loose Ends in the JFK Assassination, by Jerry Rose.

The Kennedy Assassination: The Nixon-Bush Connection, by Paul Kangas.

Santayana Gets the Last Laugh - Again, by Charles Drago.

Assassination as a Tool of Fascism, by John Judge.

The 81 Promises: Contexts of the Crime, by George Michael Evica.

Amnesty: The Initiative's Origins, by George Michael Evica.

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