The Fourteen Minute Gap

Part I of II

Part II of II

November 23, 1963. 10:01AM.

Less than 24 hours earlier, President John F. Kennedy was murdered in the streets of Dallas.

As a nation reels with shock and confusion, President Lyndon Johnson

receives a telephone call from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, updating

him on the progress of the investigation. The recording of that conversation would later be destroyed. Only a transcript survives.

A story of cover-up and denial that continues to this day, The Fourteen Minute Gap explores researcher Rex Bradford’s discovery of the erasure,

the shocking revelations of that call, and his attempt to get that discovery out to the national media.

More information on this story can be found in the essays and other Resources below, particularly The Fourteen Minute Gap, and The Fourteen Minute Gap: An Update. See also the Related Starting Points in the sidebar to the right.

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The Fourteen Minute Gap, by Rex Bradford.

The Fourteen Minute Gap: An Update, by Rex Bradford.

Mexico City: A New Analysis, by John Newman.

More Mexico Mysteries, by Rex Bradford.

Other Links

Tape: Call on JFK Wasn't Oswald - AP story by Deb Reichmann of 21 Nov 1999, on JFK Lancer.



Transcript of Phone Call of 23 Nov 1963 between LBJ and Hoover.
The taped conversation between LBJ and Hoover, now erased, which contains a brief discussion of the Oswald imposter.

11-23 memo from FBI to Secret Service reporting the Oswald imposter. This memo also went to the White House. See also Lopez Report, addendum to footnote 614.

Cutting Corp. Memo of 21 Jan 1999. This memo was enclosed by a cover letter of 19 Aug 2002, from LBJ Library Senior Archivist Claudia Anderson to Rex Bradford. The Cutting Corp.'s audio engineering report confirms the erasure of the magnetic belt which contained the LBJ-Hoover call of 23 Nov 1963.

Transcript of LBJ-Russell call of 29 Nov 1963, 8:55 PM. Johnson warned Russell that "we've got to take this out of the arena where they're testifying that Khrushchev and Castro did this and did that and kick us into a war that can kill 40 million Americans in an hour..."

Warren Commission Document 347. This CIA memo to the Warren Commission discussed the Oswald trip to Mexico City, including a frightening passage about the Soviet Kostikov and "Department 13." It omitted any mention of the "second person" impersonating Oswald.

Katzenbach Memo. This 25 Mov 1963 memo to Bill Moyers of the White House stated that "The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial."


Related Starting Points


(Erased audio of) LBJ-Hoover call of 23 Nov 1963, 10:01 AM

LBJ-Russell call of 29 Nov 1963, 8:55 PM

Rex Bradford interviewed on WSMN, Nashua NH. This 11 Dec 2006 interview, discussing the erased Johnson call and its implications, was conducted by Woody Woodland.

Running time: 21:36

Books of Interest

    The Kennedy Assassination Tapes
Max Holland
Alfred A. Knopf, 2004
    Oswald. Mexico, and Deep Politics: Revelations from CIA Records on the Assassination of JFK
Peter Dale Scott
Skyhorse Publishing, 2013
    Taking Charge: The Johnson White House Tapes, 1963-1964
Michael R. Beschloss, ed.
Simon & Schuster, 1997
    Oswald and the CIA (1995 Edition)
John Newman
Carroll and Graf Publishers, Inc., 1995

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