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Starting Points

JFK Assassination

Martin Luther King Assassination

Robert Kennedy Assassination


Post-Watergate Intelligence Investigations

JFK Assassination

      Warren Commission
      Garrison Investigation
      Rockefeller Commission
      Church Committee
      House Select Committee on Assassinations
      Assassination Records Review Board

      Dealey Plaza
      Medical Evidence
         Single Bullet Theory
         The Moving Head Wounds
         Autopsy Photos and X-Rays
         Body Alteration
         Connally Wounding
         ARRB Medical Testimony
         The Missing Physician
      Ballistics Evidence
      Photos and Films
      Acoustics Evidence
      Evidence Tampering
      The Case Against Oswald

   Events and Stories
      Foreknowledge of the Assassination?
         Predictions of Joseph Milteer
         The Odio Incident
         Rose Cherami
         Allegations of PFC Eugene Dinkin
         Homer Echevarria - Taking Care of Kennedy
         Richard Case Nagell - The Man Who Knew Too Much
         Confession of Howard Hunt
         John Martino's Confessions
         David Morales - We Took Care of That SOB
         Santos Trafficante - It Should Have Been Bobby
      Oswald in Mexico City
         The Fourteen Minute Gap
         Oswald's Visits to the Cuban and Soviet Embassies
         The Mexico City Tapes
         Valeriy Kostikov and Comrade Kostin
         Photo Surveillance and the Mystery Man
         Stories of Communist Conspiracy in Mexico City
            Sylvia Duran's Interrogation
            Gilberto Alvarado Allegation
            Elena Garro de Paz Allegation
            Pedro Gutierrez Valencia Allegation
            Luisa Calderon Foreknowledge Allegation

   Theories and Perspectives
      JFK Assassination Quotes by Government Officials
         Katzenbach Memo
         Destruction of the Oswald Note
         Destruction of Records
      Freeing the JFK Files

      Lee Harvey Oswald
      Jack Ruby
      Government Officials

      The CIA and the JFK Assassination

   Kennedy Presidency
      Kennedy and Cuba
         Bay of Pigs
         Operation Mongoose
         Operation Northwoods
         Cuban Missile Crisis
         Two Tracks on Cuba
         Cuba Timeline
         Cuba and the Kennedy Assassination
      Kennedy and Vietnam
         1963 Vietnam Withdrawal Plans
         Kennedy-Johnson Transition in Vietnam Policy
         Gulf of Tonkin Incident
         Vietnam War Timeline
      Height of the Cold War
      Kennedy Domestic Policy
      Kennedy-Nixon Debates

   Other Assassinations and Plots
      Martin Luther King Assassination
      Robert Kennedy Assassination
      Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
      Castro Assassination Plots


      JFK Assassination Documents
         2017/2018 JFK Documents
         2021 JFK Documents
         2022 JFK Documents
         2023 JFK Documents
         Warren Commission
         Garrison Investigation
         Rockefeller Commission
         Church Committee
         House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)
         Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB)
         Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
         Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
         Department of Defense
         Office of Naval Intelligence
         State Department
         Dallas Police
         Other Agencies and Committees
         Congressional Reports
         Public Papers of the Presidents
         National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
         Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
         Gerald R. Ford Library
         Jack Ruby Trial Transcripts
         Private Document Collections
      MLK Assassination Documents
         HSCA Final Report
         HSCA MLK Appendix Volumes
         FBI MURKIN Files
      RFK Assassination Documents
         Trial of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan
         Appeal Documents
         FBI LAFO Files
         Special Unit Senator LAPD Collection
      Watergate Documents
         Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities
         Hearings Before the House Committee on the Judiciary
         Watergate Recording Transcripts
      Post-Watergate Intelligence Investigations Documents
      Wallace Assassination Attempt FBI Documents
      Iran-Contra Documents

      Photo Archive
         JFK Library Photos
         NARA Evidence Photos
         HSCA Public Hearings Exhibits
         HSCA "Mugbook"
         Warren Commission Document Photos
         RFK Grand Jury Request Exhibits
         RFK Assassination Photos
      Video Archive
         MFF Productions
            Withheld In Full
            Authors and Experts
         JFK Video
            Motorcade Films
            Archival Footage
            Interviews & News Items
         MLK Video
         RFK Video
      Audio Archive
         Unredacted Episodes
         ARRB Audio
         HSCA Audio
         LBJ Phone Calls
         Other Audio

      JFK Books
      MLK Books
      RFK Books
      Intelligence Books
      Org. Crime Books
      Cuba Books
      Vietnam Books
      LBJ Books
      Watergate Books
      Iran-Contra Books

      JFK Essays
      MLK Essays
      RFK Essays

      Kennedy Assassination Chronicles
      The Third Decade
      The Fourth Decade
      Dealey Plaza Echo


      Mary Ferrell Database
      Mary Ferrell Chronologies
      CIA Cryptonyms
      CIA Pseudonyms & Aliases
      Dealey Plaza Witness Database
      JFK Database Explorer
      2017 Document Releases

      Formation of the Warren Commission
      Warren Commission Executive Sessions
      Vietnam in Late 1963

   Book Resources
      Book Previews
      Hear No Evil
      The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend
      State Secret
      Inside the ARRB
      Legacy of Secrecy
      The War Conspiracy
      The Last Investigation
      Oswald in New Orleans
      Ultimate Sacrifice
      Tipping Point
      Uncovering Popov's Mole

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