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The Mary Ferrell Foundation showcases special projects which further research into the JFK assassination and related matters. These are often interactive projects, and there are plans for future participatory projects as well.

Mary Ferrell Database

Over the decades Mary Ferrell collected a vast amount of information on persons and organizations relevant to the study of the Kennedy assassination. She produced a DOS-based computer program which facilitated lookup of names, dates, and facts contained in this highly useful database. The Mary Ferrell Foundation has extracted the contents of this database (removing phone numbers and addresses for reasons of privacy), and reformatted it for access via the Internet.

Mary Ferrell Chronologies

Mary Ferrell developed this set of detailed chronologies covering the life of Lee Harvey Oswald as well as many details relevant to the assassination of President Kennedy. Individual chronologies cover the periods before 1959 and each year from 1959 to 1963. The weekend in Dallas is covered hour by hour, event by event. Mary's incredible attention to detail produced this treasure trove of information for serious researchers.

CIA Cryptonyms

CIA records are peppered with "cryptonyms" like AMBIDDY-1, AEDONOR, LILYRIC, ZRRIFLE, and hundreds more. This handy page includes brief definitions of many of these crypts, along with source references which back up the definition and provide context. This is a participatory project - use your knowledge and the MFF's search engine to help us build a more complete list of cryptonyms.

CIA Pseudonyms & Aliases

This sister project to the CIA Cryptonyms provides similar public documentation of the "pseudonyms" used internally in CIA files and also "aliases" used in public as false identities. Each pseudonym or alias provides a definition with discussion and links to relevant source documents.

Dealey Plaza Witness Database

Stewart Galanor, author of Cover-Up, created the Dealey Plaza Witness Database, originally hosted on the History Matters website and now enhanced here. This interactive tool presents 216 witnesses who were in Dealey Plaza. It shows the location of each person at the time of the shooting, summarizes their statements in the aftermath, and provides direct links to the reports containing those statements. Did witnesses hear gunfire from the Grassy Knoll? How many shots were heard? See for yourself.

JFK Database Explorer

Browse, search, and filter this copy of the National Archives' JFK Collection database. Over 300,000 records of metadata about documents in the JFK Collection is at your fingertips. For about 30% of them, click straight through to read the document online here at MFF.

JFK Act Releases

The JFK Records Act mandated full release of JFK records by October 26, 2017, barring specific Presidential authorization. Since 2017 documents have been released, though thousands of them remain redacted and the process has not followed the JFK Act's mandate. This page provides access to the released documents, the status of the declassification process, and issues and anomalies in the accounting of the records.

About Projects

The MFF wants to showcase innovative and interactive projects on this page. If you know of a project we should include here, please email us at info@maryferrell.org.

More projects are coming soon!

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