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Our Contributors

The Mary Ferrell Foundation thanks everyone who has helped supply us with documents, or aided us in other ways. Some of our major contributors include:

The Assassination Archives and Research Center has made available hundreds of thousands of pages of scanned documents, including Church Committee reports and transcripts, transcripts from the Garrison investigation, voluminous FBI and CIA files, and more.

History Matters
History Matters has donated approximately 40,000 pages of scanned documents, including the Warren Report and 26 volumes, HSCA Report and 12 Appendices, and more. In addition, several books were donated.

JFK Lancer Productions and Publications
JFK Lancer has made available all 8 years of back issues of Kennedy Assassination Chronicles - see the Journal Archive.

Dealey Plaza UK
Dealey Plaza UK provides back issues of Dealey Plaza Echo - see the Journal Archive.

Files of Mary Ferrell
Mary Ferrell was an avid collector of books, documents, journals, newspaper clippings, and much more. Some of the documents and many of the books in the archive come from her collection. Mary also provided two key projects - the renowned Mary Ferrell Database and her detailed Chronologies.

Researchers & Members
Key documents have been provided by members of the research community. Many authors and experts have also been generous enough to supply taped interviews, essays for publication, and other forms of help. Thank you!

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