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Oswald in New Orleans

Oswald in New Orleans: Case for Conspiracy with the CIA

by Harold Weisberg

Publisher: Mary Ferrell Foundation Press

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The Mary Ferrell Foundation is republishing Oswald in New Orleans and other books by Harold Weisberg, including Whitewash, Whitewash II, and Photographic Whitewash (see sidebar). This page presents additional resources related to the book.

1. Documentary Appendix and "Live" Index

The MFF edition of this book includes an Index which was omitted from the Canyon Books edition published in 1967. Not present in either edition is a 308-page documentary appendix Weisberg prepared. The vastly detailed index includes entries for both the book and the documentary appendix.

The Oswald in New Orleans documentary appendix is only available online.

The Index is printed in the book, but is also available online. In the online edition, every reference to a page in the documentary appendix is a direct link to that document page.

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2. Highlights from the Documentary Appendix

These documents are contained in the 308-page Oswald in New Orleans Documentary Appendix.

Dean Andrews. Lawyer Andrews told the FBI that he had been called on the day after the assassination by a "Clay Bertrand," who told him to go to Dallas to represent Oswald.

Clay Shaw and Ramsey Clark. Attorney General Ramsey Clark told the press on 2 Mar 1967 that Shaw, who had been arrested in New Orleans the previous day, had been investigated in 1963 and was "checked out and found clear." This statement was later disavowed.

Carlos Bringuier. Carlos Bringuier was an anti-Castro activist who was approached by Oswald and later had a public scuffle with him. Bringuier's Cuban Student Directorate went public with Oswald's purported Castro connections on the afternoon of the assassination.

Bolton Ford Dealership. Oscar DeSlatte told the FBI three days after the JFK assassination that he had been approached in 1961 by members of Friends of Democratic Cuba about buying trucks, and had created a bid form in the name given to him: Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald was in the Soviet Union at this time.

Sylvia Odio. Sylvia Odio is the woman who told the Warren Commission of three visitors in late September 1963, one of whom was a "Leon Oswald," at a time when the Commission put Oswald on a bus to Mexico. Odio said that one of the other men called her the next day to say that Oswald said JFK should have been assassinated after the Bay of Pigs. The files contain some new twists on this story:

Loran Hall, Lawrence Howard, and William Seymour. The FBI, based on Hall's statement, told the Warren Commission that these three men were Sylvia Odio's visitors. This occurred right before the Warren Report was issued. Subsequently Howard and Seymour disputed the story and Hall retracted. The Warren Commission by then was no longer in existence.

The False Oswald. Weisberg points out some of the appearances of what he terms "the false Oswald."

Francis Martello. When Oswald was arrested in the summer of 1963 in New Orleans during the scuffle with Carlos Bringuier, he was interviewed by Police Lieutenant Francis Martello.

David Ferrie. David Ferrie was a prime witness/suspect for Jim Garrison until his mysterious death early in the Garrison investigation. Ferrie was a pilot who had been under investigation in the days immediately after the assassination. He had also been a leader in the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans - in the early 1990s a photo would finally surface featuring both Ferrie and a teenage Oswald in it.

Ruth Paine. Ruth Paine was housing Marina and her child at the time of the assassination, and it was in her garage that Oswald's rifle had allegedly been stored prior to the assassination.

Hands Off Cuba. Oswald distributed handbills marked "Hands Off Cuba!" in front of the International Trade Mart on 16 Aug 1963; this was televised locally. Clay Shaw, the man arrested by New Orleans DA Jim Garrison for the murder of Kennedy, was managing director of the Trade Mart.

3. General Resources

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About the Book

Oswald in New Orleans was written in the early days of the Garrison investigation, and the book exudes hope that, a few years after the Warren Report, the verdict of that body would be reversed. That was not to be. But Harold Weisberg has written an invaluable guide to the chararacters, events, and echoes of cover-up that inhabit the New Orleans branch of the Kennedy assassination saga.

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