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News Archive - Nov 2007

Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden Going Public

Nov 27, 2007: Abraham Bolden, the first black Secret Service Agent assigned to White House detail, has a book coming out next March, entitled The Echo from Dealey Plaza: The true story of the first African American on the White House Secret Service detail and his quest for justice after the assassination of JFK. Bolden, whose story received modest attention in 1964, recently told CNN about his knowlege of a plot to kill JFK in Chicago in early November 1963, and his subsequent framing on bribery charges when he tried to tell the Warren Commission of this and lax behavior on the part of other agents. Bolden's story received renewed attention in Lamar Waldron's Ultimate Sacrifice, which also provides information on JFK assassination plots in Chicago and Tampa prior to the fateful trip to Dallas.

Senate Pursues Justice Dept. on Bullet Lead Analysis

Nov 26, 2007: A 60 Minutes story and a recent expose in the Washington Post have catapulted recent revelations about bullet lead analysis onto the national stage. Senator Patrick Leahy's Judiciary Committee is demanding that the Justice Department "turn over to Congress all cases involving the FBI lab's use of a now-discredited bullet-matching forensic test and criticized the department for failing to alert defendants whose convictions were affected by the flawed science," according to the Washington Post. The 60 Minutes story notes that the 40-year use of bullet lead analysis by the FBI Crime Lab began with its use in the investigation of the Kennedy assassination in 1963. The HSCA used this technique as a linchpin in its support of the otherwise-battered "single bullet theory."

Warren Report Republished With a Twist

Nov 21, 2007: A version of the Warren Report with a foreword by Gerald Ford got coverage on Fox News today, with its publisher highlighting the publisher's claim that, in the book, Gerald Ford discusses CIA document destruction and coverup in the JFK assassination. See a piece in the Raw Story, which includes a clip of the Fox story. Left unsaid in the Fox interview is that the book, A Presidential Legacy and the Warren Commission was published earlier this year (see this April 18 press release), and in it Ford gives a ringing endorsement of the Warren Report. Indeed, Ford's writing is limited to a foreward - the bulk of the book is a reprint of the original Warren Report.

George Michael Evica Dies at 79

Nov 14, 2007: George Michael Evica, author and assassination researcher and radio commentator, died November 10 at the age of 79. See his obituary in the Hartford Courant. Evica was the author of two books on the JFK assassination: And We Are All Mortal in 1978 and A Certain Arrogance in 2006. He discussed topics from his second book with the Mary Ferrell Foundation in a video interview conducted last year. Ed McKeon, who hosts a radio show on the same station Evica did, had this to say about George Michael: "I think it's very easy to go along your merry way in life and not have skepticism for what's presented to us, what's laid before us as the truth. I think that's the one thing I learned from him: You always ought to question authority, question what someone is trying to convince you is the truth. Truth is slippery, but for the good of ourselves, we need to pursue it."

Norman Mailer Dies at 84

Nov 13, 2007: Literary giant Norman Mailer, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, died November 10 at the age of 84. See obituaries in the New York Times and the New Yorker. Mailer had a longtime interest in the Kennedy assassination, and among his more than 30 works was Oswald's Tale, which Mailer traveled to the former Soviet Union to research.

Arthur Bremer Released From Prison

Nov 12, 2007: Arthur Bremer, who went to prison for the shooting of Gov. George Wallace in 1972, has been released. See the AP story on Yahoo. For some of the evidence indicating that the Wallace shooting was more than "just another lone nut," see Lisa Pease's article Bremer & Wallace: It's Deja Vu All Over Again on her Real History Blog. Lisa is scheduled to be on the radio this week on the Woody Woodland show (WSMN 1950 on Monday at 8:35 am EST) and Black Op Radio (Thursday at 10 pm EST).

JFK Assassination Conferences in Dallas

Nov 6, 2007: Two conferences commemorating and presenting research on the JFK assassination will be held in Dallas this month, on separate weekends.

The JFK Lancer conference, November in Dallas 2007, will be held on Nov 16-18, at the Radisson hotel at Love Field in Dallas (new location). Confirmed speakers include Larry Hancock, Lamar Waldron, Burton Hersh, John Kelin, Michael Cain, Rex Bradford, and others. There will be significant discussion of the RFK assassination as well. Visit the JFK Lancer website for more information.

The Committee for an Open Archives (COPA) conference will be held at the Hotel Lawrence (877-396-0334) in Dallas, on Nov 22-25. Confirmed speakers include Judge Joe Brown, Dick Gregory, Robert Groden, Chris Pike, and others. See the new COPA website for more details.

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