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News Archive - Nov 2006

BBC Report on CIA Officers at RFK Shooting Site

Nov 27, 2006: On Nov 20, BBC Newsnight aired a piece about the possible presence of 3 CIA officers in the Ambassador Hotel on the night Robert Kennedy was shot and killed. The Guardian ran a story the same day entitled "Did the CIA Kill Bobby Kennedy?" The basis of the story is the tentative identification of George Joannides (possibly pictured at left), Gordon Campbell, and David Morales in film taken that evening. All three were high-ranking officers in 1963 in the CIA's Miami-based JMWAVE facility - Morales was Operations Chief, Campbell was Chief of Maritime Operations, and Joannides was Chief of Psychological Warfare. Joannides was brought out of retirement in 1978 to serve as liaison to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and access to his records is being litigated. Those questioning the photo identifications (supplied by Bradley Ayers, Edwin Lopez, and Wayne Smith) include Lisa Pease on her Real History Blog.

New LBJ Phone Calls Released

Nov 21, 2006: On Nov 17, the LBJ Library in Austin announced the availability of 58 new hours of recordings and transcripts of phone calls between August and December 1966. Audio recordings are available from the Library on CD for $8.00 per disc, and transcripts are available at 25 cents per page. A story in the American-Statesman contains highlights from a few of the calls. Vietnam war conversations are prevalent of course, along with discussion of wiretaps, Congressional elections, Supreme Court appointments, and more personal conversations including the marriage of LBJ's daughter Luci. Highlights of the calls appear on the website of the LBJ Library.

''Investigating History'' JFK Assassination Episode

Nov 13, 2006: The History Channel's Investigating History series looks at the JFK assassination on Monday Nov 13 at 6 PM. The focus is on scientific controversies including the acoustics, authenticity of autopsy X-rays, and the "magic bullet."

New Book: ''Someone Would Have Talked''

Nov 6, 2006: Larry Hancock's 2003 research publication, Someone Would Have Talked, has been updated and published in hardcover form by JFK Lancer. The book traces the contours of a JFK murder conspiracy involving Cuban exiles and CIA personnel disgruntled with Kennedy's Cuba policies. Hancock contends that people did talk and said some very interesting things; these anecdotes are fleshed out by extensive documentary research using the declassified files. Accompanying the book is the website www.larry-hancock.com, featuring photos, documents, and other exhibits from the book.

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