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An overview of our mission.

About Mary Ferrell
Learn more about the woman who inspired this website.

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The Mary Ferrell Foundation thanks everyone who has helped supply us with documents, or aided us in other ways.

Mary Ferrell Foundation Press
The Mary Ferrell Foundation Press publishes, in paperback form, classic works on the JFK assassination and hard-to-find government reports.

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About the Archive
Learn more about the MFF Archive, what it contains, and how it's built.

Document Archive FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the document archive.

How to Read an FBI File
Contains invaluable information in making sense of FBI records.

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A quick guide to the entire site.

MFF Policies
Provides details on how personal information may be used. Our policy on membership refunds is that generally they are non-refundable, but exceptions will handled on a case-by-case basis. Please email info@maryferrell.org to inquire about a refund.

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"The Mary Ferrell website is a national historical resource. Easy to navigate for beginners and scholars alike, the site's unparalleled collection of records on the assassination of John F. Kennedy is the perfect antidote to the secrecy and confusion that still enshrouds the worst U.S. intelligence failure between Pearl Harbor and September 11."

- Jefferson Morley, author "Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA"

"The full resources of the Mary Ferrell site are nothing less than indispensable. If you have an interest in Cold War-era history and want to work from facts, from original sources - then there is simply no comparable alternative. You will be far better served by this collection of real documents than by the morass of information (and misinformation) found on the Internet and even in many books. If you are serious, you need to be using this resource."

- Larry Hancock, author "Someone Would Have Talked"

"When doing history, there is no substitute for digging into the primary sources. And this is especially true when studying the iconic contentious issue - the Kennedy assassination. The Mary Ferrell Archive is a huge boon to research and teaching about the assassination. Before we got it, research was vastly more cumbersome and less efficient. It has a very large proportion of the most important documents about the assassination (and closely related issues) as well as excellent search tools. My students and I use it extensively. It's absolutely invaluable.

- John McAdams, Associate Professor, Political Science, Marquette University

"The Mary Ferrell website is simply invaluable. I use it often, and I'm always amazed at the new discoveries that await. I can't imagine doing research without it."

- Lamar Waldron, author "Ultimate Sacrifice" and "Legacy of Secrecy"

"The MFF site is the best resource online for research into the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. After forty years, the trial transcripts and LAPD and FBI investigation files are finally online and the compelling reasons to reopen the case are clearly detailed for all to see."

- Shane O'Sullivan, Writer/Director "RFK Must Die" and author "Who Killed Bobby?"

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