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The Mary Ferrell Foundation Press in 2007 began to bring classic works on the JFK assassination and hard-to-find government reports back into print form. The reports are still available from MFF Press; the book rights have since been transferred to Skyhorse Publishing. See the MFF Store for information on ordering these titles.

These reports are available in print form:

Click any image to read the report online:

HSCA Final Report Lopez Report Church Committee Assassinations Report Schweiker-Hart Report Covert Action in Chile

The following books were brought back into print by the MFF, or in two cases originally published by us. They are all now available from Skyhorse Publishing:

MFF Press also published Larry Hancock's Tipping Point:

Click any image to see details about the book:

Hear No Evil The Last Investigation The War Conspiracy Deep Politics II Accessories After the Fact

Post Mortem Never Again Oswald in New Orleans Frame-Up Whitewash Whitewash II Whitewash III Whitewash IV

Tipping Point

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Our Publishing Partners

Skyhorse Publishing in 2013 republished the 13 book titles shown on this page, making them available to a wider reading audience than the MFF was able to reach.

The works of Harold Weisberg and Sylvia Meagher were made available thanks to an agreement with Hood College of Frederick, Maryland, holder of the copyright on these titles. Hood College also houses the collection of documents formerly maintained by Weisberg, who died in 2002. Special thanks to Clay Ogilvie for helping make this project a reality.

Thanks also to the authors of these works, both the living - Peter Dale Scott and Don Thomas - and those no longer with us - Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Meagher, and Gaeton Fonzi.

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