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MLK Assassination Documents

HSCA Final Report

The House Select Committee on Assassinations investigated the murders of Kennedy and Martin Luther King in the late 1970s. In the MLK case, it found the "likelihood" of a conspiracy.

HSCA Volumes

The House Select Committee on Assassinations issued 13 appendix volumes. These reports include transcripts of public hearings, transcripts of interviews with James Earl Ray, and evidence analysis.


These volumes come from the FBI's "MURKIN" (MURder of KINg) investigation. Most of them relate to the identification of and subsequent search for James Earl Ray, who eluded authorities for two months following the King assassination.

FBI Files Related to King Investigation

These FBI sets of documents are from FBI File 62-117290, and relate to the House Select Committee on Assassination's late 1970s investigation into the King assassination.

Other MLK Files

After Action Report, Civil Disorder Operation: LANTERN SPIKE, 28 March - 12 April 1968

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