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Withheld in Full

Withheld In Full

Withheld in Full is a series of documentary shorts which tell stories found in the MFF Archive.

Other Documentaries

The Fourteen Minute Gap

Running time - 14:23

Based on the research of Rex Bradford, this short documentary details his discovery of the erasure of a Lyndon Johnson Presidential telephone call from the day after JFK's assassination, and the story of his attempt to get this discovery out to the national media.

Authors and Experts

Unredacted - The Video Interviews

Unredacted - The Video Interviews is a new series created specifically for the MFF's YouTube Channel and features short interviews with renowned authors and experts on the Kennedy assassination.

Authors and Experts

These short video clips feature various authors and experts offering commentary on numerous aspects of the case. They are accompanied by links to pages which provide additional information.

Promotional Videos

Online Research & You

Running time - 2:46

A short promotional film detailing how the Foundation's vast archive and digital resources can be of use to researchers, historians, and universities.

"The Last Investigation" Book Trailer

Running time - 0:55

Gaeton Fonzi's masterful retelling of his work reinvestigating the Kennedy assassination for two Congressional committees is required reading for students of the assassination and the subsequent failure of the government to solve the crime. The Last Investigation is a compelling post mortem on the House Select Committee on Assassinations, as well as a riveting account of Fonzi's pursuit of leads indicating involvement by officers of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mary Ferrell Tribute

Ian Griggs, Lamar Waldron, Larry Hancock, William Law, and Andy Winiarczyk share their memories of Mary Ferrell.

play video (running time: 2:01)

Dealey Plaza Echo

Dealey Plaza UK co-founder Ian Griggs discusses the organization and the many people who have joined it out of a common interest in the tragedy of Dallas.

play video (running time: 2:21)

About MFF Productions

These short films, produced by Tyler Weaver of the Mary Ferrell Foundation, cover a wide variety of topics ranging from pieces about Mary Ferrell and the Foundation, to short documentaries detailing multiple facets of the JFK assassination.

Reviews of The Fourteen Minute Gap

• "There are now only a few recalcitrant believers who continue to adhere to the Warren Report. The Fourteen Minute Gap should demonstrate clearly, even to them, that there are active forces determined to suppress the actual truth of what happened in 1963."
- Peter Dale Scott, author Deep Politics & the Death of JFK

• "This film brings much-needed attention to still more material related to JFK's murder that is missing or which the government admits has been destroyed."
- Lamar Waldron, author Ultimate Sacrifice

MFF Productions on YouTube

MFF Productions now has a home on YouTube. Stay tuned to both YouTube and this page for a new series of documentary shorts - Withheld In Full: Stories From the Mary Ferrell Foundation Archive - coming in early 2008!

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