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Kennedy Assassination Chronicles

Kennedy Assassination Chronicles was produced by Lancer Productions and Publications in paper form from 1995 through 2002. It became an electronic journal afterwards, hosted on the JFK Lancer website. All 32 issues over the 8-year period are present here in electronic form. Back issues are available in paper form directly from JFK Lancer at www.jfklancer.com/Chronicles.html.

The KAC journal features articles by a host of experts including George Michael Evica, David Lifton, Peter Kornbluh, Ian Griggs, Stewart Galanor, Rex Bradford, Brad Parker, and many others. The issues also contain special features, interesting news items, obituaries, and special announcements.

The Third Decade

The Third Decade, edited by Jerry Rose, was the longest-running and perhaps the finest of the journals devoted to the study of the assassination of President Kennedy. Its first issue came out in November of 1984, and it ran through September of 1993, at that point continuing on under the new moniker The Fourth Decade.

The Third Decade contains essays by Jerry Rose, Gaeton Fonzi, Phil Melanson, Ed Tatro, Patricia Lambert, Paul Hoch, Anthony Marsh, Timothy Cwiek, Martin Shackelford, Richard Trask, Emory Brown, Harrison Livingstone, Scott Van Wynsberghe, Richard Sprague, Jan Stevens, Vince Palamara, David Perry, Jack White, Bill Kelly, Dennis Ford, Peter Whitmey, Sheldon Inkol, G. J. Rowell, Jim Lesar, Sylvia Meagher, Mary Ferrell, and others.

The Fourth Decade

This well-respected journal, edited by Jerry Rose, continued on where The Third Decade left off. It ran 6 issues per year from 1993 through 2000, with the last issue appearing in January 2001.

The Fourth Decade contains essays by Jerry Rose, Peter Whitmey, Gary Mack, Martin Shackleford, Peter Dale Scott, Jack White, Milicent Cranor, Dennis Ford, Ian Griggs, James Folliard, Richard Bartholomew, Christopher Sharrett, William Weston, Hal Verb, Hugh Murray, Vince Palamara, Barbara LaMonica, John J. Johnson, Harrison Livingstone, Bill Kelly, and many other contributors.

Fair Play

Fair Play was an online magazine running from 1994 to 2001, in the early days of the world wide web. There are 36 issues in all.

Fair Play covered the Dallas conferences at their heyday in the late 1990s, as well as the document releases coming out of the Assassination Records Review Board. It published essays by Vincent Salandria, Penn Jones, John Kelin, Joseph Backes, Gary Aguilar, Ian Griggs, Martin Schotz, Christopher Sharrett, Brad Parker, Vince Palamara, Harold Feldman, John Armstrong, Charles Drago, Richard Bartholomew, David Wrone, and many other contributors.

Dealey Plaza Echo

Dealey Plaza Echo is published by Dealey Plaza UK, a British-based group of researchers. The organization's website is www.dealeyplazauk.co.uk. The Dealey Plaza Echo journal was launched in 1996 and is still being produced in 2006. All issues through the spring of 2006 are online. For membership inquiries or to receive a paper subscription to the journal, see www.dealeyplazauk.co.uk/membership.htm.

Dealey Plaza Echo features articles from such experts as retired detective Ian Griggs, Russell Kent, Hal Verb, Bill Drenas, Russ Shearer, and many more.

About Dealey Plaza UK

Dealey Plaza UK co-founder Ian Griggs discusses the organization and the many people who have joined it out of a common interest in the tragedy of Dallas.
(running time: 2:21)

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