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JFK Video

Motorcade Films

The Zapruder film is the most famous film of the motorcade in Dealey Plaza, but many other films were taken as well. These films have all been uploaded to YouTube; this MFF page provides a gateway to them.


Several documentaries covering a wide variety of subjects relating to the JFK assassination. Includes The Men Who Killed Kennedy and Conspiracy Test - The RFK Assassination.

Archival Footage

These archival footage clips range from Kennedy's Inaugural Address to coverage of the assassination.

Interviews & News Items

Television interviews with journalists, authors, experts on the assassination, Kennedy administration officials, and others.

About the Video Archive

The videos in MFF Productions are videos produced by the Mary Ferrell Foundation. Other videos presented in this portion of the Archive exist on other websites, mainly YouTube but also other places like C-Span and the JFK Library.

Links on these other websites are constantly changing. Rather than try to maintain working links to specific YouTube video segments, the clickable links herein mostly run searches to find matching videos. This is much less prone to "link-rot."

To find your own videos of interest, these sites are go-to places:

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