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JFK Records Lawsuit

Latest developments in the case: On March 9, 2023 the Mary Ferrell Foundation filed its reply brief in opposition to the Justice Dept.'s Feb. 6 Motion to Dismiss. The reply recounts the language and intent of the JFK Records Act, and states in its Introduction that "If the court adopts the cramped interpretation of the Act proferred by the Defendants, Plaintiffs and the American people will have no "enforceable" or "accountable" mechanism to assure full public disclosure."

After noting that one of the 2022 releases revealed the name of the author of a memo about a secretive CIA investigation conducted in Miami in the aftermath of the assassination - only after the author's death in 2017 - the brief emphasizes the urgency of disclosure. "The remaining witnesses to this historical event are now in their 80s or 90s. With each passing year, the facts that they could add to the nation's understanding of this tragic event are gone forever."

Also filed were supporting declarations from Daniel Alcorn, Rex Bradford, Lawrence Schnapf, and William Simpich.

MFF Files Lawsuit Over JFK Records

On October 19, 2022, the Mary Ferrell Foundation, a non-profit archive with the internet's largest collection of searchable JFK records, filed a lawsuit against President Biden and the National Archives for failing to implement the 1992 JFK Records Act. These failures have resulted in confusion, gaps in the records, over-classification, and outright denial of thousands of assassination-related files, five years after the law's deadline for full disclosure.

Latest Developments in MFF v. Biden et al

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