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Inside the Assassination Records Review Board

Inside the Assassination Records Review Board

by Douglas P. Horne
(self published)

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The long-awaited result of over a decade of research and writing following Doug Horne's tenure on the Assassination Records Review Board, this five-volume book lays out the case for a far-reaching medical cover-up in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Government's Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK is a detailed insider's account of the amazing revelations related to JFK's autopsy which the Board uncovered, and his analysis of what those revelations mean.

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This page contains links to additional resources for those interested in the book and its author's work. It also includes links to portions of the book which may be read online here at the Mary Ferrell Foundation website.

Read Excerpts of the Book Online

Read the Preface and Chapter One here online:

Preface: Why Do I Care? - Doug Horne explains his passion for uncovering the truth in the JFK assassination and how he came to work at the Assassination Records Review Board.

Chapter 1: Epiphanies - Highlights from the amazing medical testimony and evidence collected by the ARRB.

Documentary Appendix to the Book

The Appendices to Inside the ARRB consists of important documents with key selections marked by the author. This appendix is not in the print version and is only available here online at the MFF.

Douglas Horne's blog: insidethearrb

For ongoing commentary by the author, see Doug Horne's blog insidethearrb. Some articles posted there include:

Studying Zapruder Film Anomalies: Clarifying the Record (Jan 20, 2010).

Dr Malcolm O. Perry, Key Parkland Hospital Witness to JFK's Wounds, Dies (Dec 8, 2009).

RFK Was Working With LIFE Magazine to "Take Down" LBJ in November of 1963 (Nov 11, 2009).

Reviews and Information About the Book

Doug Horne - 20 Questions - Q & A with Doug Horne on William Kelly's JFKCountercoup website.

Review of Volume 1 by Jim DiEugenio on the CTKA website.

Review of Volume 4 by David Mantik on the Assassination Science website.

Expanded Table of Contents of Inside the ARRB, also on the JFK Countercoup website.

Interviews with the Author

Black Op Radio, interview with Len Osanic, Dec 10, 2009:

Black Op Radio, interview with Len Osanic, Jan 28, 2010:

Research Memos Written by Douglas Horne

Doug Horne wrote several lengthy articles in the form of research memos while on the staff of the ARRB. Some key memos, available for reading here online, are listed below:

Chain-of-Custody Discrepancy Re: Original Copy of President John F. Kennedy's Autopsy Protocol. See also Part Two. In this two-part article, Horne traces two distinct chains of custody for President Kennedy's autopsy report. One appears to have disappeared while under Robert Kennedy's control; the version in the National Archives first appeared in the record in 1967 with no prior chain of custody.

Chain-of-Custody Study of Autopsy Photographs and X-Rays. Horne similarly analyzed anomalies in the chain of custody of autopsy photographs and X-rays.

Questions Regarding Supplementary Brain Examination(s) Following the Autopsy on President John F. Kennedy. This memo laid the groundwork for Horne's theory that there were two separate examinations of two different brains following JFK's autopsy, and that extant photographs are not of JFK's brain. The Washington Post covered this story.

Unanswered Questions Raised by the HSCA's Analysis and Conclusions Regarding the Camera Identified by the Navy and the Department of Defense as the Camera Used at President Kennedy's Autopsy. Horne discusses memos left behind by the HSCA which show that it learned that the Navy camera and lens said to have taken the JFK autopsy photos did not in fact match the photos. The HSCA concealed this result and the working papers from those tests are now missing.

About the Book

(from the back cover)

Douglas Horne served on the staff of the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) during the final three years of its four-year lifespan, from 1995 to 1998, and is the first U.S. government official involved with the medical evidence to allege a coverup in President Kennedy's autopsy, and in the creation of the autopsy photographs and x-rays.

This book, the product of over 13 years of writing and research, provides the best explanation yet offered of the true nature of the medical coverup in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and does so in meticulous detail, with scrupulous use of primary source material. It incorporates the latest information---much of it new evidence not revealed elsewhere---gleaned from the ARRB's depositions and interviews of medical witnesses, conducted from 1996 to 1998.

With precise accuracy, and with a relentless focus on the massive fraud uncovered in the official records of the 35th President's assassination, Horne presents a persuasive case that the assassination of JFK was an "inside job," a true coup d'etat in America, that was ruthlessly and brazenly covered up by those who 'broke the back of the American century' in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

About Douglas Horne

Doug Horne

Doug Horne served as Chief Analyst for Military Records on the staff of the Assassination Records Review Board during the 1990s; the ARRB was responsible for the declassification of a great many of the files on this website. Horne played a major role in the Review Board's work on the medical evidence in the JFK assassination, preparing questions for depositions and helping elicit some stunning testimony from medical witnesses and writing several important internal research memos on the issues raised.

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